God’s love = ∞

Most of us do not have patience enough in our life. We scare to face the mountain of the problems and looking for a way to scape and we all have some situations in our life somehow could not be bothered. Not only that it is like a trigger , if again something like that happened we are not there.  When Adam and Eve they sinned against the command of God, they could not stay and they fled from presence of God. They could not face their issue. because the disobedience was greater than forgiveness for them.

The reason we can not solve the problem because we are fleeing from them. God want us to be still see how wonderfully he acts.

Do not flee from your problems , stay and know there is a God. Have faith. Even you are feeling the pain of the issues breaking you down. Stay till end because victory has been given you already , do not you know that Jesus said ” I have overcome the world” . Be strong. God is faithful. Does not matter what test or trail comes on your way his unfailing love never be changed , never be shaken. His promises are greater than any problems you are facing, His presence is holy than any other presences. Meditate on his decrees. Cry at his feet, it is okay.

David says : ” My comfort in my suffering is this : Your promises preserves my life .”(Psalm 119:50)

2016-01-15 16.39.49

He knows our fainting hearts but we won the battle. What we do? seeking his face. We seek his face oh He is a good God , a loving Father, a king who served us. Let us face whatever  our obstacle is and in reality of His presence we live a life of legacy , a life of peace, a life of purpose and a life of hope.

Do not be scared what is or what would be your problem, Do not focus on it. Greater is His love. You have an eternal life in Him. Do not you know this life is only temporarily. Do not you know you are a citizen of heaven.

” My soul faint with longing for your salvation,


I have put my hope in your word.

My eyes fail, looking for your promise. ”

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path. There is nothing in this world greater than His love. greater than his Love. I hate wrong path. I gain understanding from your precepts.

I Meditate on your precepts.

Love of God is infinite toward you regardless of your mistakes. God did not mistake , He created you in His image. Turn way your face from issue to his face , you will see better who you are in Him. When we realised that than:

God’s love = ∞

the issue = empty set –> {}

Nothing compares to his infinite love.

We are waiting for a better life in Him- An eternal life with Him. You are temple of His. You are carrying his image. So If you fix your eyes to Him,  than your problem and issue will be eliminated and see it is nothing at all. Our biggest sin is washed by blood of Christ.

Don’t you know you are not your own?For you have been bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body. This land even is not yours. This problem is not yours so why you are bothering yourself. This house is not yours. This car , stuff on this earth are not yours. This money is not yours. But the love of your Father is Yours. His arms is yours. His hope and plan is yours. His kindness and greatness and peace is yours. His presence is yours. His home is yours.

written by Dariush Youkhaneh


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