Psalm 119 : 73

Your hands made me and formed me;
    give me understanding to learn your commands. ( Psalm 119 : 73).

God’s hand made us to His image. We are not made to any other power or divinity or by any other thing you can think or traditions says. Psalmist says His hands made me and formed me. In Genesis we read :

Then the Lord God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being. ( Genesis 2 : 7 ).

When God formed you, He breathed into your life , with his breath you became a living being. God did miracle instantly , He made something out of nothing. Don’t you think that His hands can protect you too?

We see the Lord never forsaken you, because you are made in His image by His hands for His purpose . If you are tired he Knows you are human because he made and formed you. If you are worry he knows still you have emotions and everything must be in order for you so He cares about you all you need is lean on Him like a new born baby and sleep sweetly!

Look at this . He gives you understanding and wisdom to hold on his truth. In the visible world you need his power to go forward, He knows you need his understanding to perceive what is good , what is right an what is sweet for your soul. That’s why David says in here that : “give me understanding to learn your commands “.


By learning God’s love you understand of His plan in your life.  Let your heart be completed in His presence . When God made you He gave you also purpose . He gave you wisdom . He gave you a weapon( love)  to fight a good fight of faith for Him. He formed you with Love , Because God is love. He formed you strong , because He is strong.

Live a life of fun and free in Him. You are no like others. You are YOU. Nobody be like you. because you are made like Him. You are The Lord hands made. You are smelling special for Him because you are His child forever. Does not matter what you’ve done or what you are doing you are still belong to Him. You can have a relationship with Him right now and let Him be your Lord forever. He never forget you . You are like a baby sweet for Him. Father , Love you a lot .

We can not measure your hands power . We cannot comprehend your awesomeness Lord.

Father Thank you for your love and grace , thank you that your hand made and formed us .Thank you that there is power in your presence Lord , We love you not because you gave us wisdom and understanding because you loved and love us who we are . Thank you for you presence , thank you for what we have now   , thank you  for what we do not have ( because there is a wisdom) . Thank you Jesus for your great love for us. Thank you Holy Spirit that you speak to us every moment . Thank you for our country , our city , our friends , our family our neighbours. In Jesus Name Amen.


Written by Dariush Youkhaneh





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