​Enter the rest

The good things about rest is, you will be refreshed and full energised. It says live life like a butterfly. Take rest. But never forget How to fly. So busy to rest – so ‘do-nothing’ life to rest. What ever side we are today we need to enter the rest and fresh our souls somehow. I am doing this through the word of God. That works for me. But certainly the only way to reach to favour of God truly is true this way. I am not saying that because I am a Christian or call my self a Christian – I am saying because we need Jesus to enter the real rest and a safe place to camp. I am reading book of Hebrews. I hope you are with me and these words not going to be bored for you. I want you be with me and even correct me in your dairy and walk with me to a great rest of God. I wont you to miss this rest. May there is thousands short way to rest. Bible says our rest starts with our faith[ HBW 4 :3]. So what is faith – it is to believe and trust in unseen things. Hope for a future we cannot predict. Butterflies can not cry – they just fly- sit on beauties. So by faith you can fly. By faith you can enter to the rest. If God need rest we need rest too. Therefore, There is choice also to enter the rest – we need to choose between obedience and disobedience. About those words millions of people have talked and debated.
But not a worry – I am here to show you the way. Right point to Jesus. Bible says God designates a certain day as ” TODAY “. Today is the day me and you need to enter the rest of God with all chaos in the world and around us. Today is the day we want choose to be us and rely on unseen God and have hope because He is with us. Why do I need harden my heart? When he is my provider why I need to be worried ? When I can not change a single moment – Birds are born , babies are born , love has made , my next door house built. Can I stop them? No. He is in control , I am a watcher – need to seat belt on and let He got me to other side of red sea. I am making these statements to make you comfort – give joy to your heart. Let’s make every effort to enter to that rest. Not a short one but an everlasting one. If our rest depends to word of God so we can conclude this that the word of has power  , it is living , active and sharp. Not only that It is able to judge the heart’s thoughts and intentions.
Bible says ” No creature is hidden from it , but rather everything naked and exposed to the eyes of the one to whom we have to give an answer ” [ HBW 4 : 13 ]. With this in mind and heart that we are going to answer him in any aspect of our behaviour in this life. That gives us a relief. Let’s hold the truth with two hands. Let’s lay down with confidence and peace of his Spirit. Our God , is high priest who is Jesus , God’s Son. We can sympathise with our weaknesses. I can say this with great confident until Christ’s return we need his spirit to rest, we need his presence to fill us. We need Him to change us inside out. If thousands and millions of people behind us needed it – if our 10 generations back they needed – we need him today as clear as it is. 

Finally . Choose Love above all – because by love you are seating next to Him and He knows you as his child.

Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

Hebrews 4    



  1. Thanks for your insight Bro. Dariush… Yes rest is so vital in our walk.. When we are going through a valley of death we can rest. When we are busy with things even such things as serving God we must rest. Not only rest from physical work but give our spirit and soul rest in the Lord..”Be still and know that I am God ” ( Rest, be still, be quiet, do not be distracted and acknowledge, become aware that God is God.)
    GOD Bless you Dariush.. Your posts when i do read them they give me some things to think about 🙂


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