Over what? Power! Position? Money? God is in Control

It was one of those fantastic days yesterday! During our street ministry on Thursday met someone from Tonga – two beautiful souls who hunger for the Lord. They talked about a very tough Tsunami that recently damaged all things but did not claim any life; their small ‘Friendly Island.’ were protected by the hands of Jesus. I haven’t heard about this country until now- if you see the map, it is a dot in the middle of the ocean! But such love and protection of God have been over this Island for many years. The majority of people in Tonga are Christians, and the population is under 120 thousand according to the 2021 census. 

Such a small country has a huge favour of God over and over. I was thinking about it- It does not matter where we are, in the minor planet on earth or galaxy. God is thinking about us; He sees us and tells us that I know your story. I know where you are. From the farthest country to the biggest city – I got you and thinking about you. 

 Earlier that day, I had just finished the work and rushed to the badminton court. It has been a while haven’t played this game with three other friends- an hour to test, have fun and learn. Stop by going to a place to eat and straight back to the street and join others to have a prayer fellowship and serve. There isn’t a day that I won’t think or pray about people in Ukraine – My heart can not ignore those Children, women and men of all ages who are suffering because of nothing – a political game or a game of system, power and ambition. Is God ignoring that? Certainly not, If the people in power are misusing their ability to kill the innocent and weak – it does not mean God is not in control! He is patient towards humanity; He is not us- even He is not misusing his power toward us but kindly loves us more to be like him. Unfurtuanlty, we, as humans, are not like that – we broke hearts, we hurt people knowingly or unknowingly to reach whatever is our ambition is.

One definition of power is ‘possession of control, authority, or influence over others‘ as Merriam webster dictionary defined it. Is it all for power?- to influence over them- Influence by force not going to the correct destination? But If we influence rightly with such kindness and truth without hurting and killing others will be the best possible impact on a nation and others. We are not brainless – God gave us a brain to think and act accordingly and leave in peace alongside each other- although history has shown the opposite. When the pain of sin came into the world, we were still fighting over each other- over a piece of land, position, power, and money. 

But honestly, We are all nothing without God. We came to the world naked, and we leave the world as. Can a visitor stay in the owner’s house forever? Without the permission of the owner! 

God saves us from this plague to rescue those who urgently need a firm hand for help. 


Who needs to hear war? When daily news is full of painful stories.

I know, I know.

But think a moment, we far from those stories unfolding every day – where is my helping hands? We all are busy with life and things around and are full of programs. 

Who knows? May the God of the universe, which one He sent his son, hears you and me and see the cry out of human and rescue. 

I know we can do it- as patiently waiting for Jesus to return.

Your friend

Dariush Youkhaneh


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