At Blackmores Sydney Running Festival Australia 🇦🇺

What a fantastic day for my very first-time half-marathon ⏲️ .

I was well ahead of my expected time, and suddenly exactly a kilometer before finishing the race, my right calf muscle got cramped and it slowed me down. However long story short I managed to finish the line and I am proud of my result.

In one hour and 51 minutes and 11 seconds finished my half-marathon (21.1km). The path wasn’t hilly as I expected. The warm-up before the event is the 🔑 , which I know neglected to do it properly. I can say good shoes also helps, My new blue running shoes did the job. I say dodon’tesitate If you are thinking to do a half-marathon. That would be the best experience of your sports life.
I hope I can manage to do a full marathon next year  I hope which needs a lot of runs.

Hope this post encourages some of my friends that they can lace up and have a run.

Here are some photos for this event keeping in my insta Facebook photo book.

What inspired me at the event?

A lady running with a pram, running faster than most people.

A man in a wheelchair, participating in a full marathon.

Grandpa 70+ finished his full marathon

65+ ladies finished a 10km run in an hour and 19 minutes.

Cheers to running more… be kind always✨️

Your friend

Dariush Y



      1. It certainly is true that doing a full marathon is possible—if you can run a half. At your pace, you would likely be under four hours. Go for it, brother! I’ve run two full marathons and it was an awesome experience. 4:01.34 is my best, so far.


    1. Thanks so much Lisa , your comment encouraged me. Yes ,the calf muscle cramp still hurting , hope it’ll get better. It was a half-marathon, hope I can do the full soon. 😍🙂

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