I am amazed to this whatever we use sometimes.” We all sometimes stick to “‘whatever life ‘ “. I am spending a few days in Canberra , the capital of Australia where most people come to visit the parliament house. This is a really cool city with quite street often a few people pass through. This is the second day and I reached to read the book of Titus which Paul is going to give advice to young Titus. In chapter 3 of book of Titus verse 1-11  says ” Be ready to do whatever is good ” . What does “whatever” means to us? “Whatever” covers everything good.  stick to what is good everyday, be away of whatever is bad! in another word stick to whatever is useful, healthy and good for your soul and body.

The next verse he continues ; to be peaceable and considerate. God wants your whatever be good for you. He wants to give you useful and healthy moments . Does not matter where you are, All the earth be created by God  and he is everywhere.  Our hope is eternal , it is not perishable by anything or will be by anyone.

We need to devote ourselves to do whatever is good, this is not only good for ourselves  also are excellent and profitable for everyone!

Our fight is not against whatever is Bad. But to do whatever is good. we know that the foolish fight for the flesh are unprofitable and useless; so why  am I going to waste my time to invest the things that is useless and unprofitable for my eternity. We already been in foolish , disobedient and deceived by thought of this world. when we came to him , He naked all our distrust and covered us with trust and wisdom. He wore us with whatever is good. Time is gold. If the world takes you to an unknown place, you job is shine for him to whatever you do and wherever you go.

Canberra, Australia


I love to show true humility toward all human with all my weaknesses. I know the glory of true God will be revealed when I turn whatever to ” whatever is good”. I encourage you do good . stick to the things please your God in heaven, if you do something and your conscience and heart are not in peace ; avoid to do that so. Let peace of Jesus rule in your heart; Do it with harmony and grace of God.

Titus 3 : 1-11

“Be obedient

Be ready to do whatever is good.

Be peaceable and considerate.

Show true humility toward all human. ”

The obedience brings peace , peace produces patience and patience gives you strength to stand firm in the hurry of this world.

Written by Dariush Youkhaneh

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This is really in my heart to share with you my dear friends. As these days I am reading a new book called ” qualified ” by Tony Cooke . As this book really guiding me toward my new book about the serving. I am investigating, Experiencing several years of Serving God . Reading many Books as putting the Bible my main source.

I am talking to Pastors , Mentors , experienced and dedicated God’s people and also out of church environment to get  the real definition of Serving. But all of that I Learnt you have to experience it itself.

Serving is not about a qualified person to do the Specific task , it is other way around a specific task would be done with  a not-qualified person in the eyes of this world. ( Serving the living God By Dariush Youkhaneh)

Love can empowers it. keep you and your family and relationship healthy during this serving. This all comes from The Holy Spirit. Let Him Qualified you for a great commission. It has been rightly said : ” God Does not call the qualified , He qualifies the called . ”

I am writing because I love to write. I serve because I love to serve. Am I trying to get something out of my serving ! No , Never . otherwise you can not call it serving. If my serving not going to be with heart and soul , I am wasting my whole time to satisfy myself and get what I want from God.  Jesus Says ” …I choose you, I appointed you to go and produce lasting fruit..”(John 15:16)


He appointed you to bear fruit , He choses you. He did not call you only, He chosen you to serve his people. He choses you to carry his cross. He choses you as his son and daughter. what would be better then this! You are chosen. He chosen and sent you to filed . It means he will never leave or forsaken you.  He Looks at your Heart. Your heart can not handle all burden of this world , indeed no body by the help of him can handle it. would you allow Him to come and show you the way? The way of serving others is the way of loving him.

Today everything will change if you effectively accept to serve him.

Written By Dariush Youkhaneh



Saadi of Shiraz

Human beings are members of a whole,
In creation of one essence and soul.

If one member is afflicted with pain,
Other members uneasy will remain.

If you have no sympathy for human pain,
The name of human you cannot retain.

No n Now

Today’s morning I was reading the book of Ephesians chapter four and five. I am going to encourage you read with me the book of the Ephesians as it said making most of every opportunity , because the days are evil.

It’s my practice, Before having my brekky , Saying ‘ hey’ to my creator. We believe our God is alive God , our God is a person . This person has emotion , heart and mind. This is a problem for most of us to not believing who he is. We are human like to see ‘ the seen’ things and everything unseen things is hard for us to believe and know is exist. We have soul and body.

Let me share to you my this morning devotion , I believe will bless you and touch you:

In our ordinary life whether we want or Not there is something we need to say No and there is something to say Yes. A bride in her wedding day says ‘ Yes I do ‘. In an good oppurtuinity of Job , Marriage … if it is in our benefit we say Yes. Opposite of that if something going to hurt us or not in our benefit we say No.

In this chapter of book; Paul writes to the member of his church in Ephesus. He call them as dearly loved children. He wants to teach them that to say ‘ yes ‘ to something and say ‘No’ to something else. He guides them and shown them be obedient to God.  The way they are think and looking to things are weird and not right to God.  There are some sexual immorality and impurity in the people of God which the mention of that is shameful. Paul knows they are need to be made new in the attitude of their mind.


He says get rid of all your old self which is corrupted by its deceitful desires. You created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness. The word of ‘light’ mentioned several time in these two chapters. Paul is playing a beautiful sound of warning and teaching for us. He is obviously saying ‘ hey guys open your eyes ‘ , you are God’s holy people.

You are forgiven in Him. Now you need to forgive each other.

As I am reading verses in this chapters , I went to take some notes which some parts the Holy Spirit more emphasis for me ( for you may Holy spirit shows another view).

My conclusion is going to be this :

NO :

  • More foolish talk
  • More empty words
  • Disobedient
  • Unwise


  • You are light( the fruit of light is goodness , righteousness and truth )
  • Live a life of love
  • Live as children of light
  • Live as wise
  • Understand what the Lord’s will is
  • Be filled with Spirit
  • Sing and music in your heart for the Lord
  • Always giving thanks to God
  • Serve each other in love

wear all ‘ NOW ‘ principle that will build you up and others.

Written by Dariush Youkhaneh

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Expect the unexpected

Be Holy! Be prepared. Prepare your minds for action. Peter says in his scripture(1 Peter 1 : 13). Preparing your minds for action means be expected that you will receive the unexpected. it means you have to be equip by the power of the Holy Spirit. When you are going to watch a soccer match you are expecting the unexpected that your team will win the game, you are not predicting you are expecting.

The miracles when happens , when you set your hope fully on the grace of God.

This is not your ability , this the above strength you lean on him. Both your faith and hope are in God. They are working in harmony to reach in his presence . You love each other deeply, from the heart. Although you are born in sinful nature , but in Christ you are born again and He has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

There is no Luck! Not even an optimistic.


This is a grace. This is the word of God.

Obeying the truth, the precious blood of Christ.

Looking for the unexpected? Be like newborn baby, crave pure spiritual milk.

Praise, Praise be to the God. This is a great mercy. Rejoice in Him.

The unexpected real definition :
Anything is possible for God, He can do impossible. Believe in Him, He is Faithfull in all he do.
The unexpected fake definition :
Anything is possible for men, He can do impossible by his effort.

You see there is a significant beauty by whom rely on God. they are God’s favourite people, believe in him. These kind of people , Mighty God is their wonderful counsellor.

The Vikitionary Definition :

Expected the unexpected
To not be Surprised  by an unusual event. Anything could happen, and probably will.

An unusual miracles will happen to those they put their trust in Him. New things coming for you just keep believing.


Written by Dariush Youkhaneh

Sources :

1 Peter 1 : 13 ( the Holy Bible )

Photo from :magheralin.org


Balak n Balaam (Part 1)

Who is Balak?

A king from Moab – a land in Jordan today.

Who is Balaam?

A prophet , a non-Israelite.

I am going to share a real story which has been written 1450-1410 B.C by Moses. This long time story help us today to realise that the same God , Still do the same act in our life. He is the same yesterday , today and tomorrow . Now we are the chosen people of God by faith in Christ Jesus. There is no need to sacrifice the blood of animals for forgiveness of the sin. Now we have Jesus. God today can brought us out of our Egypt life. He promised today give us eternal life with him. Lets together go through the story of the king Balak and Balaam.


All happened at the east of the Jorden- the nation of God already defeated 2 kings -Sihon, king of the Amorites , and Og , king of Bashan. They need to cross the highway of the King Balak and He is not pleased to let people pass through their lands even they received officially a letter from Israelite . As Moses is old and his right hand Aaron is dead.  The number of israleite seems to be huge as the king of Moab, Balak and his people terrified and was filled with dread. Who is going to stop them? We need to turn their blessings to a curse as the King Balak and his older councel was thinking about this.

It seems Israelites are in Good position now. They are proud to defeat their enemies. Their Head held high. The King Balak smells this smoke of defeatness and now he is going to do soething about it. He heard how misrebly 2 kings bowed down in front of them.

In this mid-time he had one choice p; to curse them. He prepared his messanger to bring the one and only one of his time prophet ;  Balaam son of Beor.

They brought him this message from Balak:(1) “I want you to know that a whole nation has come from Egypt; its people are spreading out everywhere and threatening to take over our land. They outnumber us, so please come and put a curse on them for me. Then perhaps we will be able to defeat them and drive them out of the land. I know that when you pronounce a blessing, people are blessed, and when you pronounce a curse, they are placed under a curse.”

Balak knew about Balaam, He completely was aware of the ability of the God of Balaam. In his short letter to Balaam , we obviously see the fear of the King and seeking to come and put a curse on Israelites. He already searched about their army and had a check from top of the mountain that how huge they are in number. He sent his elder and princes with the messenger to Balaam.

Balaam went to presence of God to find out. Interestingly ,God came to Balaam and asked , ” Who are these men with you? ”

That’s a really good question , although God knew who are they, But He is asking Balaam who are they? God wanted to hear from the mouth of Balaam. And we see Balaam is telling all story to God. ( God knows what is going on in our life , But we need to tell Him and expect to have an answer from Him) . So God answered to Balaam : ” Do no go with them …” .



In the first time , Balaam rejected to go with the messenger.

In the second time, Balak sent more princes to Balaam and more money to him. But he rejected all. Balaam was sure about the answer of God and knows how his God is faithful always.

Although Balaam knew about his God, again he went to presence of God to ask Him, ” Can I go with them?” God already answered Balaam, instead of this he has doubt about it , He said to the Messenger that” let me find out what else the Lord will tell me ” .  Balaam went to The Lord and ask Him again . It is like this Balaam pushing the Lord to do what is needed to be done from human prospective . The Lord said ” hmm, seems this child of mine wants to go , since these men have come to summon you, go with them, but do only what I tell you.”

In the next part I will tell you about Balaam’s donkey and how God stop Balaam going with the messenger.

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Dariush Youkhaneh



My Portion

Do not allow anyone look down because you don’t have life experience. Those they think they are smart they themselves will fall down to learn the life. They are thinking they are wise, but they do not know anything. Let God bless you when you are young , Keep yourself pure and right. Do what is good. Do not lean on your own understanding.

Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.( 1 Timothy 4 : 12 )

Enjoy when you are young!

The same God who helped us daily , Himself will cleanse our consciences from acts that lead to death.  So that we may serve him joyfully. Now you are free in Him , The act of Holy Spirit lead you to a better place. A place of joy and peace. Are you trusting him in your youth! Are you remembering him when you are young or you are drawn in your pleasure. The Lord will judge his people.

Our awesome and beautiful God Who satisfies your years with good things, So that your youth is renewed like the eagle. (Psalm 103 : 5). Your reward is fulfilling with good stuff . Like the eagle you will fly , Like the eagle you will hunt and move.

Be example in Faith , in doing good . No one is perfect but be in spirit. Believe God can do impossible. Believe that your dreams will come true if you stay faithful to him. You are not belong to world , The world will reward you much more and more. But for a short time- when you truly stay in his love.

“Do not go by your head go by your heart. Your faith frightened the enemy .God is on the throne ” ( Reinhard Bonnke), He knows all your going and coming. Every details of your life is in his hands. Ask Him to recreate you onto his image that may you reflect his image.

He is here to restore your soul by the power of the Holy Spirit. Make dream , Big dream .You will see vision and a huge favour of Him. You are blessed . You are gifted. You are talented. If you have any gift from him use it for his kingdom. A glorious future is waiting for you . If in your young age waiting for Him.  Make difference today , and Let the Holy Spirit sit upon you and his presence change everything.

Dariush Youkhaneh

Speak; Not Strike

Number 20: 1- 13
There were a while the nation of God (Israel) been out of the Egypt. There is been no more slavery but still there is been the lack of trust and honesty. The people of God walked long distance , they are tired , They are hungry and thirsty. But when they left their head up, there is only desert and rock and stone. No clean water Not even a tree fruit. All there is been their confusion and asking themselves : what will be our future. As we read this story in Numbers’ book. They see a dead body; their beloved Miriam died and they just buried her. Trouble behind trouble; there was no water for the community. People are complaining; their basic needs been missing.

God brought us out of trouble and we are still need him to be involved , We need him today as we needed him yesterday.

People looking for answer , here more question comes up to Moses and Aaron. And they couldn’t answer people. People are asking them why did you bring us up out of Egypt? Although they were slave but at least they had fruit to eat , they had water to drink. There is been so much complaining to Moses and Aaron.
This life encounter us with so many question, we are not able to understand and answer all.
Moses and Aaron went facedown to presence of God to get the answer from God. We need to do the same. We are not skilled to understand everything in this world, But all we know going to his presence and get all answers. Are we looking confused around? The answer is going to his presence. Are you thirsty? Just go to his presence as Moses and Aaron did it. They went, the Lord said :
“SPEAK to that rock before their eyes and it will pour out its water…” (Number 20: 8 )
If God told you sit, please don’t jump. If God told you move please don’t stay. If God told you to ; When you get your answer and heard from him , please do what exactly He told you to do. Don’t try modify the answer or try to show you’ve done with your ability.
Moses and Aaron they heard the Lord’s voice but they did not listen. They went to do the magic. Moses took his staff. As he went probably thinking if I only talk to that rock, what people will think about it? Or maybe it is not going to work. They thought there is a risk in this magic as they saw all work from the almighty one.
With all in their mind – instead of Moses raise his hand to worship God , He raised his arm(Nm 20 : 11) and Struck the rock twice with his staff. God told Moses speak to that rock don’t strike. God is telling me and you speak to your life what word I gave you , don’t try by your own understanding.
We see there is a lack of trust. We need to trust him. He is faithful, nothing is impossible for him.

God is telling you do magic as I told you.

When you struck your rock of life it means you dishonest the ability of God in your life. It means you don’t trust God and his ability in your life.
When you speak to that rock of your life it means you are trusting God’s word , It means you are brave enough to honour Him as Holy.
That was the reason God punished Moses and Aaron and the never entered to that promised land. What we can learn :
Try not to do the things by our own ability . Put any doubt away. Listen to him not only hear from him. Do what he told us to do , then he will be exalted ; honoured and treated God as Holy. Therefore you are able to speak to that obstacle and rock of your life , Not strike it twice to bring the answers.
God is looking to give us the solutions. When he said to you speak to that rock speak Not strike.
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