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‘Untapped Light’ directs you to a New-Path of Love. These short memorable stories bringing Light into your Life. These stories are Simple and Powerful. You need not be super spiritual to know God’s Love. But, by applying His Love in your everyday activity you can change the battlefield to a victory! Youkhaneh wrote his heart to you. By allowing God to be a centre of your story, you will be a better person. Youkhaneh’ stories can place a new perspective of love in your heart. Let’s begin..


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Read  ” Heads Held High “, You can buy it now by clicking the below link:


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7 Things For Your Soul‘  Christmas ‘Vaccination- Released NOW .  On 23rd December 2016 Buy HERE

Did you ever have a vaccine for your soul? Do you know that your soul needs one? So, what is the benefit of this? Before I explain to you why. We need to look at what is our condition now. Parents bring their child to a medical centre to vaccinate them. Probably, we have all had a vaccine in a certain time of our life. At this, we reach to question why? Simply, because to prevent diseases. Like that way , your soul needs too. There are so many diseases they want to bring your soul down. How do you stop them? Do not worry , you are not alone; you have a heavenly Father within you. You have someone bigger than any diseases in and out of this world. ‘The 7 things for your soul’ helps to know what vaccine you need to apply? Why do you need them? Make your soul fresh and prepare your heart for a great things that God has stored for you.



Order ‘ serving the living God ‘ ebook now.

This short book boost up your serving enthusiasm everyday. Your service for others are precise and vital. You are made to serve others. That is not something you have to do or you have to be! rather it is something you want to, you like to ! Your service changes peoples life , meet their needs and there is a huge blessing for you alone. Let this book inspire you in this way.

This is a series of ‘ the living God’ Book.


 Buy ‘ the 48 ‘ ebook now. ( In Persian Language )

The 48 is a Christian ebook for Persian-Christian people. You are chosen people, a holy nation whom called to be his sons and daughters. It does not matter what mistake you made , the matter is God still loves you and he is not looking what other people thinking about you. God loves you more than anything else , so much love even He has given his only son. He cares about you so much. This book encourages you , motivates you and put a heart of praise to your God. I encourage  you read the book and let Holy spirit work in you through His will. are you ready for this journey?
چهل هشت ، بلاک های کوچک من است. این کتاب بر اساس ایمان و رازگاهان شخصی نویسنده نوشته شده است. این حاصل سال های اندوخته و یادگیری نویسنده از خدا،نوشته شده است. این کتاب دارای چهل و هشت عنوان است و هر عنوان با عنوان دیگر فرق می کند. نویسنده از حرف های قلب خود سخن می گوید و در جایی دیگر شما را تشویق می کند. چهل و هشت دومین اثر نویسنده از سری نوشته های کوچک من است. اخیرا کتابی به زبان انگلیسی به عنوان “خدمتی به خدا زنده از همین نویسنده منتشر شده است.


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