the Time

Should this be a time of glory and praise or just a time of frustration and nothing ? As God do not fit in our time and place. But He is pretty well known as time-keeper who knows what’s the best time for us to be helped and rescued. We are living auch an unprecedented […]

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Eagle’s Wings

Oh , how I miss you guys. Life is so fast and short. Time is flying and everyday is a new door , waiting to be opened by us. Sometimes trying to cathup the time and pause a moment to share what’s happened. Here, in my blog I am pausing to reflect my heart. Our […]

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Weeks after Weeks

Like a deer thirst for the water , my soul is thirst weeks after weeks for your presence ,oh Lord. I am thanking God , our Father , for your faith in Him. That you continue grow and be mature in his Love. Like I am sharing to you now , your heart is soften […]

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