The Wisdom House

I brought seven pillars of a wisdom house in my ebook. In the book, we said that the wisdom house surrendered by Faith and in every pillar would be the taste of agape love. We talked about understanding, Humility, Peace, Obedience, Forgiveness, Purity and Self-Control.
These pillars inspired by king Solomon, which you’ve read in his book of proverbs, speak about it openly. At the end of each pillar, I brought a simple and powerful prayer that helped to seal that pillar in our hearts. This short ebook can be read in less than an hour, and it will be a source of encouragement and inspiration for you! You can read it for FREE. Why are you waiting for? Below is the instruction on how to download your desired format.

Here, You can download the PDF format of “the Wisdom House” for Free :

the-wisdom-house-Dariush Youkhaneh Download

For a mobile-friendly reading experience please download it from your phone online book store for free, then below you can download it if you can.

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Please let me know if this ebook blessed and inspired you.

Your friend,

Dariush Youkhaneh

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