Fresh Free Soul!

Finally Free! A fresh free soul ! It is like the Spring rain on flowers, cuddling each other in the parallel of love and acceptance. A spirit of kindness in the midst of pandemic. Can we step into this white and shiny season boldly? Can we love each other without returning some!

” Truly my soul finds rest in God;

my salvation comes from him.” Psalms 62 : 1

I continue enjoy in the little things. The things matter less! The things which sometimes have purpose in my life. I learnt having a fresh free soul means be joyful in small things , satisfied in whatever i am in. If I am on the mountaintop , or even I am on my knees having a full mouth of thankfulness.

I learnt in whatever choice I’ve made , keep God forward. In whatever mistake I’ve made know that God still loves me. A fresh fresh soul needs contentment. A fresh breath of love and true freedom will be found in the testimony of our kindness and humbleness.

Jesus shown his freshness during his ministry and experienced his ultimate free soul on the cross and forever. How can we keep this fresh free soul spirit in our life every often ? Be pleased with our life , as a gift from him and do whatever he is asking us to do. Be brave in unknown. As Jesus was . And i know some of you are so brave in whatever you are going to face. Let us keep this fresh free soul up , the new season of freedom and love is here.

Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

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If I love you more would you love me less?

These were the word of an experienced and a law man. Whom found many church’s including a church in Corinth. The hero of our story, who said ” So I will very gladly spend for you everything I have and expend myself as well. If I love you more, will you love me less?”

How much are we willing spending ourselves to others ? Willing to sacrifice our time and effort to rescue someone? Paul whom even was not among chosen 12 disciples of Christ presents his everything to the Church , to the believers , to those even may not know personally but he is willing to love them more. But asking them would you love me less ? Would you even dare after i ve done all things for you. It seems Paul bringing a new culture and injecting this to the body of Christ. That is willing to love more each other. Every single day.

He knows himself as a parent , parent of church. A verse before that He said ” after all, children should not save up for their parents but parents for their children” . He is mature enough now, he passed broken boats and healed many and founded many churches himself. We are here to invest to the new generations of believers. We need to save up for them. Me and you , whom been through many troubles and hardship and know what’s right and whats not. We can inject this to the body of Christ. We dont need to be a church leader to do that. We can do it in our circle of people. In our community , in our schools , in our workplace , you name it.

If I love them more, would they love me less? Where are we in our city? Can we Love someone ? Can we improve this life of ours by loving more ? I am sure we can , I am sure we are made for this ..

Written By

Dariush Youkhaneh