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Hey Dear Friends
I am so excited that I can bring this news to you.
Yes I am running to you. Big day eventually arrived ! My new eBook will be ready to inspire us.
Title : Hope in Corona Time
Release date : 23/07/2020
Genre : non-fiction inspirational
Words: 12000
Stay tuned.

“The Power of Love” book review by Bishop Michael B. Curry

First I have been introduced to Bishop Curry by Watching his sermon at Royal Wedding Ceremony. His words cached my attention that the only thing our broken world needs right now is the way of love. Love is the answer of our soul the way how Jesus loved us.  But seriously, look around how our world miserably looking for one love like that. I am not taking off my eyes from Jesus. His love is sufficient and beautiful. What I am learning personally that how can I love others unconditionally. I look to Jesus then I look to others , then I look to Him , I look to others . A bit a bit learning to grow like a baby.

I have never read book like ” The Power of Love ” Book(except bible). I am amazed of the simplicity of the words in the chapters. Honestly I can say that one read is not enough for this book. This book is special and unique and not to be missed. Bishop Curry speaks to your heart . He is great to pull down the power of the love in our every day language.  This book which is included  The Royal Wedding Sermon catches your attention. There is something strongly in his words which I personally believe it is not Bishop Curry words but His creator. I love when He said ” there is an old song that may help it says ,

I got my hand on the gospel plow

Wouldn’t take nothin’ for my journey 


Keep your eyes on the prize

Hold on, hold on

Keep your eyes on the prize

Hold on



He beautifully said in another page (page 70) :

” I really believe that why I am a Christian, better yet why I’m a follower of Jesus. A very faulty one, by the way, but a follower nonetheless. But I am because I believe Jesus was right.. The way to life is the way of love. Love the Lord your God. Love you neighbour . And while you are at it, love yourself. That’s the key.”

It is one of those rare well honest book written. They are based on his sermon. The Design of the book it is a bit girly , purple written ” The Power of Love ” , and other words are golden colour by cream colour background. It is a very nice gift , to give your loved ones.

When Love is the way, the earth will be a sanctuary.  – Bishop Michael B. Curry

This book will put you higher. It teaches you how to love without expectation. It will touch your heart if you let it be. It will be a book to remember. It is first Corinthians chapter 13 book. It will challenge you to love everyone – not really in words but indeed love them and serve them like Jesus. No matter where they came from – Love does not sperate people but stick them together. The kind of love that redeem us from our selfish and self-centred way. My heart hurts when I see people ignoring this love, but then again I look to Jesus and my strength back to me.

This is a MUST read book.

My rate to this book is 4.7 / 5.


Love is the way.

Much Love

Dariush Youkhan