” Already” But ” Not Yet “

There is an old proverb says ” A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step ” . Every day is a millennium and millennium tiny step to reach our destiny. What is destiny? A predetermined journey of our life which is written on God’s hands. Our falling and raising can not wipe it out. Our bad and good things cannot scratch it out. That is why saint Paul has written in his letter ” you are chosen people “. And saint Peter continued ” But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood , a holy nation. His own special people..”( 1 Pet.2:9).

David K.Naugle in his ” powered Love , Reordered Lives ” book explained beautifully about the Kingdom of God as both present and future. He said the kingdom of God in present is like university break – like God’s kingdom in Christ right now in the midst of the semester of history, and we have a lot to look forward to. It is not done yet – but already we are experiencing it. We are waiting patiently for Christ’s final victory. That is why as a young man trying to devote my self to God with all weaknesses because I am looking forward to a better place. We have to be thankful what God provides- is for our present and future. George E.Ladd illustrates those aspects of God’s kingdom:

” Our Central thesis is that the kingdom of God is the redemptive reign of God dynamically active to establish His rule among human beings, and that His kingdom which will appear as an apocalyptic act at the end of the age, has already come into human history in the person and mission of Jesus to overcome evil, to deliver people from its power, and to bring them into the blessings of God’s reign . The kingdom of God involves two great moments : fulfilment within history [ already ] , and consummation at the end of history [ not yet ].”

notyetWe are already there, but not yet.

 We are between these two awesome moments : Fulfilment and Consummation. We are striving , We are going , We are coming , We are passing without noticing , We do life , We’ll be upset , We’ll be happy … But the Kingdom of God remains our destiny whether we be on this flesh or we leave it.. One day we know that death will have no power as had not power on Christ’s mission on the earth [ Already]. Do not worry – God is with us until that ” not yet ” – Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you ( John 14 : 27 ). May this life and world and evil slap us with its power. May the theory of evaluation – the big bang try to convince us. They never answered the injustice of this world – they never answered the out of nothing debate. Life and its beauty never dies and love never fails with all bizarre things happing around me. Am I going to lose it ? Never. I would be strong in my faith because I know I am not there yet. I am proclaiming that I am His people and He is my light , my good father. K.Naugle continued we live at the ” hyphen” or “dash” between the ” already” but ” not yet”. We are renewed by the Holy Spirit. The battle have not finished yet..

We are in the water – still not drown yet. We are half way – still not whole way. We received the victory – but not the crown yet. We are in the world, but not of it.

We need his freshness complete us – His spirit to fill us and his blood to wash us over everyday. In that ” not yet ” – there is everlasting life , it is the crown of life waiting for us- that is why saint Paul says in his letter to Romans ” I Consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed [ not yet ] in us. Let His love surrounds us till that day. Let His goodness and kindness cover us. Let us pray with endurance and fruit of his presence fill us. Let us not quit. Let us run till the end.

Written By Dariush Youkhaneh


Heart in Heaven – Live on Earth

You are a child of God , You are made in His image . Close every past-door of Condemnation and enter to His glorious presence. There is a heart beating for you, there is a mind thinking of You, There is a Holy-heavenly-presence wants to touch you. Would you be alright during your earthly life?  All you need to do is lean on Him and cast your mind to Him.

We have a strong City;

God makes Salvation

Its walls and ramparts.

Open the gates. ( Isaiah 26 )


We are living in a good world which has gone wrong! Now , In this world we can not see the good things around. The suffering starts from us till to end of the earth. You are not alone and you are not the only person experienced all sorrows in your life. Everyone somehow , less or more have this on. We all on our journey. If we have been living in Heaven now , probably i would not starts this blog to inspire you today. We are needy people and we need each other. we need to love each other because still we are far away from the source although the source is very close , but till that day we are going to live with the source we need to cry , push , fight , try and live-on life.

 You are so close to ‘the source’,  In fact , ‘ the source ‘ is within you.

May you are on a process now. May you are feeling it . May you have passed it on , May you are only 1-inch gap to have a breakthrough or may you are so close to source and everyday having a vision and living in the dream. Whatever you are in. DO NOT FEEL ALONE. We all been there, even Jesus been there. Yes , Jesus was there too. A night before right He is going to die for us , He was on so much pressure and stress. But He never give up . He prayed and confessed to His Father.

Trust in the Lord, Trust Him in your way , Trust him when messed up , Trust Him and keep going , do not frame yourself to an idea or a situation. The Circumstances are not allowed impact your future , because you are a child of God. When there is no answer , trust Him more, When there is nothing around trust Him. Walk and talk to Him. His spirit is in You. You are His beauty forever.

You are beautiful enough even with your mistakes.

When two people are in  love. They are really in love , They love each other even with mistakes . Even when one of them make horrible mistakes ,Still the True-love will forgive. It is the same the love of Jesus for you. Does not matter how horrible you have been far away from Him. Does not matter How hard the life beat you , Does not matter What you done , His TRUE_LOVE and GRACE will cover it. I am pointing to you , because you need to be reminded , I am telling to you because i am urged to tell you so. In fact not me, but the Spirit in me , says You are child of God. ” O Lord , You are my God ” ” I will exalt you and praise your name , you are my life , Thank you for laying down your life for me that i can live today “.

Not only live, I can be light in this world.

You are the light of this dark world , Be single-minded not Narrow-minded. Be determined and a believer . A follower of ‘ whom died for you, and rose again ‘.

When you are weak His is Strong. When you are falling He is pulling you up , When you are lost , He is looking for you. What you do instead? Loving Him.


Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

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God is still faithful in any way. The world do not listen to us and we are not belong to World.  God is still on your side even the world arrest you for your righteousness. For your truth .

They arrest Jesus.

They arrest Paul.

They arrest Peter.

They arrest John.

And they will arrest you. But still God is faithful and you are going to be a witness for His glory. In all above examples:

When they arrested Jesus , the law was fulfilled and Jesus saved the world .

When they arrested Paul , the gospel went through like a swore till Rome.

When they arrested Peter and John the number of believers went up very fast , grew to about five thousand ( Acts 4 :4 ) .


If there is a pain in your life  , use it as a tool to glorify Him. He knows your pain as he knew the pain of Christ on the cross but the result of being patient is fantastic and you will be rewarded the crown of life.

Your outcome more important than your Pain. Your purpose is in more priority of Your sorrow.

This will be found in Paul’s journey . He put first His saviour than His plan. This is that Paul before was following  and  killing believers.

In Matthew 26 : 47 – 56 Jesus was arrested in the garden at gethsemane. Relationship restored and The hope aroused.

In Acts 21 : 27-37  Paul was arrested in the temple. The gospel went to Asia and far around.

In Acts 4 Peter and John been was arrested in the town. The outcome 5 thousands believed.

In Acts 29 YOU and ME will be arrested by the world because of our faith.  The result is crown of life.

The world wont be able give you eternal joy. Buy in Him is complete Joy and Hope. Come still if you are in doubt and fear , come still if you are hurt , come still if you are broken. His message is love and grace for you. His presence fulfil your all need . His endurance covers your impatience mind. His wounds will heal you inside out.

God is still Faithful even we are not. God is Love even we are not. God is Kind even we are not. God is same , today , tomorrow and forever.  In your middle of darkness and confusion God is still faithful Just trust in Him.


Written by Dariush Youkhaneh