Be Strong and take Heart, Memories Strong Bible Verses 2022

We had the series of “Great Memories Bible Verses” before. It is in my heart to start a new series of memorising the Bible Verses. The word dropped in my soul is STRONG. Please be with me and let our soul, body, and mind get Stronger in the Lord.

This world desires to make us weaker and weaker. It gives a good taste for a short time but its goal is to keep us here happy, in the sinful world. But there is good news, we can grab and turn to choose to be Strong in the Lord. Strong not into temporary things, Strong not into seen things but the Lord himself first and the most. For now, we start seven days to memories Strong Bible Verses, let’s hold and store them in our minds, hearts, and souls. Are you ready for day one? Here we go :

Memories Strong Bible Verses 2022

Be Strong ,

Take Heart,

Have hope in the Lord.

Meditate on above verse today.

Talk to you tomorrow.

Your friend

Dariush Youkhaneh


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