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I will be with You

God is always with you. He said, ” as I was with Moses, I will be with You “. 👉When God is with you there are three areas to remind yourselves 🙌And God is not limited to a location. It means wherever we are… Continue Reading “I will be with You”

Ziba ( a true story , p3)

This is the last time Ziba is found in old testament. 2 Samuel 19 : 24-30. Here , Mephibosheth is the first player of the game. Now he shoved his face and washed his clothes to meet the king. But King expected to meet… Continue Reading “Ziba ( a true story , p3)”

Ziba ( a true story, p2)

Now , Ziba was looking for a position to get the heart of King’s David. Not totally to show respect to King but somehow for the land and the goods. Although , the scripture do not straight talked about he does something under table .… Continue Reading “Ziba ( a true story, p2)”