Ready for 12km RunWest Challenge!

Only 4 days left to our big running event. This is my first time , I am part of this running event. It is one of the big one in the Western Sydney area. My plan is to go for 12km run at this event. For this very reason and others , I have done a rehearsal run for 16km.

After Sydney heavy rainfall

💥16km , 1 hour and 44 mins. 23 March 2021.

RunWest event : 28 March 2021

After heavy rainfall for a week , It is a beautiful day today in Sydney. A clear blue sky as sun dancing and shining throughout the streets. Thank God , we much needed sun. I missed it, our Sunny days.

💛Repeat this after me :
👉RISE , I rise  , I  am focused ! I choose to finish the line. I I am called , I choose to  be me , to be healthier! I win the race , I am the child of most high ! I CAN  , I make a difference . I choose to run , harder and better . I face the toughness , I am a disciple,  a soldier of Heaven. I keep the peace , I am a peace maker , I create , I love , I care , I run; faster and stronger ! My name is Vicorty , Grace reciever by my Father in Heaven.

I am a listener !

I am a follower !

Peace and Love

Dariush Youkhaneh

Beauty in ordinary life

It is not expensive to see the beauty ! Capture the beauty in simple things , in the ordinary life style. And be in this masterpiece of love , beauty and nature. We can see with our eyes open wide and be aware of our creator made all in and out  for us.
#beauty in your heart , in your home.

You are beautiful ! You made this beauty more beautiful. God blessed Your presence , your being is a huge love for this world. Keep flying with the dreams.

God made you wonderful. He made us to be here for each other. Oh such a short-long life ! Beauty inside out. Beauty in you and things all made by Him and for Him. I am just a witness of this #beauty.


Dariush Youkhaneh

International Women’s Day

Why Women’s day is important ?

It is important because they are God’s kids. If we have everything right now it is by their sacrifices. One of the hero in my life as I mentioned in other sites is my Mum. She is truly a strong and brave woman. She raised 7 kids with all tough challenges ahead. Oh, I am telling to my self ” hey man , I am struggling to find one woman ” How can I look after 8 others people added to my life under one roof? God’s been good. Women are beautiful human beings. They are darling and flowers. As a man , we need to always look after them as they are running the house and keep the house warm. Their smiles makes every human heart melt.


I can not deny mother’s warmest love. Who can deny it honestly? Their story such huge inspiration in my life. Jesus also loved his earthly mum. Mary was the only One for Jesus. She gave birth him, she raised him , she loved him. All over the bible there are women whom were great inspiration. They are never less. They have a special place in all history. Their presence soften heart’s man although the golden apple was given by a woman to man.

So God created mankind in his own image,
    in the image of God he created them;
    male and female he created them.[ Genesis 1:27]

God equally created male and female in his own image.  It is not about the body mostly it is about God’s spirit made them alive. Women are beautiful inside out. They are here to be comforter , helper – lover of all. When you are around them , you feel the warm love of their kindness and caring heart. it seems they came from Vensus. They are sensible, compassionate and empathetic. Beautiful souls flying in every corner of this broken earth. Although , you feel they are from another planet, but they are really fit perfectly on this earth. Grace to their heart. I am thanking God for them that they continue be a blessing for their family and society.  I respect women , I love them .

BillyGraham said it well in his blog ( encouraging you check this in his blog here)

Society doesn’t determine your worth.

You were created for a purpose.

Grace was meant for you, too.

Don’t be afraid to persist in prayer. 

You aren’t called to juggle everything.

All above are truth about you, You are daughter of Most high, you are loved and belong to him, leave all criticism behind and know that you are worthy. You are in right place right now.

Happy your day dear.

You meant to smile and shine.


Written By

Dariush Youkhaneh


Day 179

There are 186 days remaining this year. Almost half of our 2018’s year gone. Today is day 179 for us. Right in the middle of winter and the foggy nights.  I am about 4 months into my new job and about 6 to 7 years going to same church. I’ve moved couple of houses and now about 1 year static in one house which I love it so much. Okay this was very short stats of this year! Let’s go eight into heart of God.

Last night again I met such pure humans in the streets. They do streets outreach and humbly serving the Lord with their hearts. They sacrifice their time and heart to God – not because of their comfort and desire but because God’s passion fired in them. I love the way they serve – I love the way – they love disadvantage people , those they are weak in spirit- Those they need a little bit more attention in our society.

Day 179 is about ‘ The Coming Messiah ‘. Almost I could not believe it , Yet Isaiah , hundreds of years before Christ  was born , predicts that a virgin would conceive and bear a son.  He is our Wonderful counselor , Mighty God , Eternal Father and Prince of Peace. The worries of today will disappear into His goodness , In this 21 century – which everything pushing you to be fast and fast . We need to stop a moment and consider what is our really priorities. Our Gratitude’s are not lay down in material worlds. Our real joy and peace is beautifully sleeping in Jesus’s arms . Not only we can experience His presence here now- Also we are asking of returning of our Messiah.


One  side of World are in Peace but the worries  never ended as another side of the world in War and terrified. I am asking to Jesus . When would it be ended? Kings and Queens comes and goes but the poor and the riches  are still there- The Son of God came to give us life more than we can imagine and believe. Still people out there wont believe this simple truth of God – They feel miserable, alone and lost in the carnal world. They could come but they harden their hearts. They would confess but deny to follow Jesus. They said the earth age is 4.5 billion years but we look like 10 years old – Still understanding what is going on around us?  Hey! I am here to open up my heart to you and have a simple conversation. How was your 179 days ago. How are you today?

You are more than conqueror. Victory is everyday in your life already. Isaiah 26 : 3 says ” You Lord , give perfect peace to those who keep their purpose firm and put their trust in you”.

Three elements we need more today :

Perfect Peace

Firm Purpose


It does not matter where we are now – we need perfect peace which is find in Christ. No other way around.

Firm Purpose : “But I have raised you up for this very purpose, that I might show you my power and that my name might be proclaimed in all the earth” (Exodus 9:16). This purpose never fades and will never ever grow weary.

Trust- That is a skeleton of our faith – believe in unseen things. Hold on to a life to come and brings hope to a dry bone.

Let’s keep going – Let’s try more – Let’s be light and salt even with some mistakes. Let’s pray and follow – Let’s obey and trust have a perfect peace in the middle of chaos.



Tell me how is your day 179 is going?



Written By Dariush Youkhaneh



You are altogether beautiful!

“Beautiful is a sunset, or the rain, or being in love. Beautiful is singing in the shower, running at night, and laughing out-loud. Beautiful is the way a flower smells, or the feel of their skin.” Some people defined like that.

Solomon in his Song of Solomon says (4:7) “You are altogether beautiful, my love; there is no flaw in you. “  You are wonderfully made . such a beauty not only outward appearance , the fountain is inside , your soul and heart is beautiful if you fears the Lord . In proverbs 31 : 30 we read “Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. “  You will be praised , because you are in God’s family and all of God’s children are beautiful and incredible.


And my soul knows that very well . Wonderful are my God’s works .

Yes sometimes life is harsh and challenging , But it does not reduce your beauty in any way . It never can. Your beauty stay forever in God’s eyes. Do you know that God made everything beautiful in its time? He has put eternity in your heart. He has done everything for you .  God love is a beautiful rose for you which that never be fade , its smells never be go away . Look at that, you are God’s love. You are an apple in his eyes. You are saying you never know what I go through right now or what I’ve done ! wait a minute. That’s correct . I do not know what you are going through . But He knows what is happening in your life. He is saying you are still same beautiful and incredible for me oh my little kid. I  love  you. Why are you worry about anything ? rest on my shoulders . rest and relax I am with you , I made you and I never forsake you.

“The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever.” Isaiah 40 : 8 .

His word will stand forever in your life. What he says will be done. He said and there was light. God created us in his image. He is beautiful , so we are. Because we are made in his image. “Behold, you are beautiful, my love, behold, you are beautiful! Your eyes are doves behind your veil”( Song of  Solomon 4:1-2). Your beauty is like God’s beauty . You are his holy nation , you are his only one.

How great is his goodness and how great is His beauty. My friend you are beautiful already , have no doubt about it. It means you are valued and you are loved. No need to be approved by human . You are approved by His love . Be hold , be strong and do not be afraid , you are not defined by others , you are defined by Him .  Jesus said “ I came you may have life in me , more abundantly.” ( John 10 : 10 ).



Written By Dariush Youkhaneh