You are Unique

Is anyone the best! Is anyone unique? Is anyone wonderful in the whole world? Is anyone like you in the whole universe? Who can be such a great-awesome person which can have a life- fully with a fabulous plan and purpose of God? Pure and diamond, marvelous and smart. It is You! Your every cell has been made special for a purpose, perhaps there is no one like you! You are beautiful, more beautiful than a sunrise or sunset! more beautiful than the mystery of the galaxy!

You are a blue sky with no clouds appearing in it. Capturing any heart, a candle at night and a pretty house on the hill! I am wondering how can I describe you! Just looking how God sees you. Your heart is gorgeous and your soul knows that well! You are a world for God. No longer any ugliness and badness attached to you. Don’t listen to your physical mirror – listen to God’s whispers saying ” You are beautiful”.

You are a new creation, a new river of love , the love of heaven on earth! You are who called to be, a soul of kindness, a view of the ocean. You are the branch, connected to the vine and rooted to the living water. Who can be like You?

You are not the copy! Believe it or not, You are the main actor.

I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well. ( Psalm 139 :14 ) 

You are a fruitful tree, planted near the stream of water! You are always green , covered with beauty like a Christmas tree. You are strong. Keep believing God.

Your friend
Dariush Y


  1. Thank you, Dariush! This spoke to my heart and blessed my spirit. I read it twice, feeling it coming from God’s heart to me. I know He brought me to this today, and also in confirmation of the audio devo that I just shared a few hours ago, it goes with it in such a flow, I am grateful!

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    1. Hi Jennifer, I am so glad it blessed your heart as mine while I was writing this post. Amazingly this is only the 1% beauty I described. Imagine that if we know how truly we are unique one day! What would be our reaction?

      Thanks so much for your encouraging comment. It inspired me. Thank You.

      Please continue to visit as more heart-to-heart posts are on the way🙂


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