Ready for 12km RunWest Challenge!

Only 4 days left to our big running event. This is my first time , I am part of this running event. It is one of the big one in the Western Sydney area. My plan is to go for 12km run at this event. For this very reason and others , I have done a rehearsal run for 16km.

After Sydney heavy rainfall

💥16km , 1 hour and 44 mins. 23 March 2021.

RunWest event : 28 March 2021

After heavy rainfall for a week , It is a beautiful day today in Sydney. A clear blue sky as sun dancing and shining throughout the streets. Thank God , we much needed sun. I missed it, our Sunny days.

💛Repeat this after me :
👉RISE , I rise  , I  am focused ! I choose to finish the line. I I am called , I choose to  be me , to be healthier! I win the race , I am the child of most high ! I CAN  , I make a difference . I choose to run , harder and better . I face the toughness , I am a disciple,  a soldier of Heaven. I keep the peace , I am a peace maker , I create , I love , I care , I run; faster and stronger ! My name is Vicorty , Grace reciever by my Father in Heaven.

I am a listener !

I am a follower !

Peace and Love

Dariush Youkhaneh

Relax and Promote Your Blog!

Although , I am humble to call my fellow bloggers to get more attention and introducing your blog with others , with one line comment.

Not only that , a lot of you I know by someone else did a promotion on their blog and I finally found out how beautiful your blog is. Do you allow my little blog be warmed by your comment and love? I am ready to check your blog , Other friends are ready to check out your content. Tell me what’s motivate you to start blogging , perhaps heaps of you guys had started blogging earlier then me, I am an ear right now to know and learn more about you and your blog.

Not less but more! Not a few but countless. We are not bunch of rescued people gathered here in the name of Blog. We are motivated to get more of Life. We are enthusiastic of a beautiful future ahead , not better but getting the best of it. I am missioned to encourage you here. I am motivated to inspire you , where right you are now. You and your blog – let shine and be a guidance in a darkness places.  When the dark colour came we know there is a bright colour waiting for us. I know that FAITH works. I believe that Love conquers. It is the only matter of time. Because My God Saves!

dog-3829473_1920 (1)

I have mission to introduce your kindness to others. Here you go – it is your turn. 

Blog is a page of your inside heart. Share it. I am going to be touched.

– Dariush Youkhaneh

This is Dariush Youkhaneh , Heads Held High Blog , inspiring new generation. 19/12/2018

I already love your blog already 🙂