Relax and Promote Your Blog!

Although , I am humble to call my fellow bloggers to get more attention and introducing your blog with others , with one line comment.

Not only that , a lot of you I know by someone else did a promotion on their blog and I finally found out how beautiful your blog is. Do you allow my little blog be warmed by your comment and love? I am ready to check your blog , Other friends are ready to check out your content. Tell me what’s motivate you to start blogging , perhaps heaps of you guys had started blogging earlier then me, I am an ear right now to know and learn more about you and your blog.

Not less but more! Not a few but countless. We are not bunch of rescued people gathered here in the name of Blog. We are motivated to get more of Life. We are enthusiastic of a beautiful future ahead , not better but getting the best of it. I am missioned to encourage you here. I am motivated to inspire you , where right you are now. You and your blog – let shine and be a guidance in a darkness places.  When the dark colour came we know there is a bright colour waiting for us. I know that FAITH works. I believe that Love conquers. It is the only matter of time. Because My God Saves!

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I have mission to introduce your kindness to others. Here you go – it is your turn. 

Blog is a page of your inside heart. Share it. I am going to be touched.

– Dariush Youkhaneh

This is Dariush Youkhaneh , Heads Held High Blog , inspiring new generation. 19/12/2018

I already love your blog already 🙂



      1. I actually have 2 blogs. The first one is “Racheal’s Novels” (Racheal is me). I post my stories on there for everyone to enjoy. Currently, my only stories on there is this trilogy which I call the Zion trilogy, but once I finish that, I will post other stories of mine on there as well. Here’s the link:
        My second blog is called “miscellaneousoddity”. On there, I discuss evolution and creation and see which one holds up under scrutiny. I also do reviews of books, movies, and tv series, talk about politics and whatever else I feel like.
        Here’s the link:

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      2. Great, I didnt know you have two blogs, here we go then. Thanks for letting us know. It seems you are well active in blogging, that’s awesome. I’ll definitely check your second blog. Thanks for sharing. Your frist blog is easy to follow and read. Peace and love

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  1. I have been blogging since 2012, but just recently started getting serious about posting something daily. I enjy reading other people’s blogs. Good luck with your efforts. I see you have over 600 followers. That IS awesome!

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  2. Thank you for the encouragement brother! My sole motivation for blogging is spreading the Gospel and helping people come to know Jesus. He is the King of kings and Lord of lords and I live to serve Him. My blog is a place of hope, mercy, forgiveness, love, and new beginnings! Love reading your blog brother, God bless you!

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    1. Dear beloved Ryan, you have an awesome blog and such a blessing for all of us. I am honoured to know you. Thank you for sharing. Thank you that not giving up., I am sure many will be blessed as your reward stored in Heaven. Please keep sharing the Good news of redemption and love. There is a Power in it. A freedom for all. Peace and Love

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  3. Hi brother, thanks for the opportunity to share my blog, Watching Daily At Wisdom’s Gates, a quote from Proverbs. I was inspired to write by a friend, but have only really been blogging in earnest this year, sharing devotionals from my daily reading Bible. I pray you are blessed as you read 🙂

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  4. A year and a half ago, I just felt led to start one. I didn’t know what it was going to be or where it was going to go. I just follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and blog what is in my heart and mind! Blessings to you!

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  5. Thanks Dariush, really like your blog. My blog is for posting notes and summaries of books I read, personal development, goal setting, and sharing how God is working in my life and growing me.

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    1. That’s great to know you and your son, pray for the complete healing. Thanks for being brave enough to share your family story I am sure many will be touched and inspired. Please keep writing, keep sharing your heart. Much love

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    1. It is beautiful fashion blog, thanks for sharing, great photo inspiration there. Thank you for visiting, I encourage everyone to have a look at the above blog specially for ladies.
      God bless you. Keep writing

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  6. Hi and thanks for your follow on my Your post today made me smile, your words are uplifting so thank you for that nice start to my day. I must get back to bringing my writing up to date, got loads done just not put it out there yet.
    Have a good day and best wishes from me – Teri

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    1. Hi, thank you Teri for your kind and inspiring comment. I am blessed with it. I am glad my post made you smile. Please continue visit here, as I am truly encouraged by your comment and likes and visiting. Peace and love


    1. Thanks Mish for sharing, great to see you in the world of bloggers. Awesome journey ahaed. Nice second post. Would like to know more. Peace and love with you. If you like this blog would be great to have you as friend here. Just click on follow.


    1. I’ve checked your blog , it’s amazing Malise , thanks for sharing here. You got a huge opportunity in front and I believe with your commitment and dedication plus having Faith in Christ , you can achieve it. Let not anyone bring down what you believe . God Loves you.

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  7. @hhhigh: you’ve given so much energy and enthusiasm to so many. I appreciate what you are doing and the platform you have created. I pray that you will continue to push forward and achieve great success. Always cheering you on.

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