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Love on the way!

It is up to you. It is all to you not others . May others push you away but finally you are going to make the final decision.  However you are not alone anymore. His Spirit lead you home. Guide you to a new… Continue Reading “Love on the way!”

Obey and take the land.

“ The Lord your God Himself will fight for you” these are the words Moses was saying to Israel.  In chapter 3 of Deuteronomy Moses pour out his heart and it was a long time to wait and see the promised land which God… Continue Reading “Obey and take the land.”

Why am I attending Church

If you have these questions : (Are you tired of church? does the church not treating you well? There is thousands reason why I am not going to church?) If you have facing those questions I am here to help you. I am here… Continue Reading “Why am I attending Church”