Why am I attending Church

If you have these questions :

(Are you tired of church? does the church not treating you well? There is thousands reason why I am not going to church?)

If you have facing those questions I am here to help you. I am here to care about you individually. Please do not blame God for it . Please , Please , Please

Also  I am going to find out why am I attending Church. There is so much benefits going to church rather than not going. You were been stopped on humps. Let not stop God’s dream in you life.

There is a lot reason why I am going to attend a church service . I am going to bring a few reasons. But this is not enough . some they have their own reasons why they are going to church, but most believers have a some same belief about this which I am going to point them out here.

You are not a religion person when you are attending a church but you show that you are adoring your creator.

This writing is only my prospective of mine please be relax and lean read till end. There is no offend to those are not going to church. This is only my opinion why am I going to church is important for every believers. Please keep aside if you are victim of church attenders or you have been hurt directly/indirectly by the Church. I love you and respect your opinion.

We all know that for the 1st century believers, we did not have a building church or/and an organisation which we call church. It was been totally different meaning for first believers. Every place in everywhere 2 or 3 believers gathers they are church. By passing time and a lot of history came which I skipped fast on it and going to tell you the main point. Church meant meeting together. In Hebrew 10 : 25 we read “ not giving up meeting together..”


Church is not a place to make innovation, Church is a body of Christ. Church is a place to admire and encouraging each other. Some people get a wrong idea and prospective of Church. Church is a holy place that the power of God exist. So Where the power is? Of course is within you. How you can release it? By meeting together. In Matthew 18 : 20 says “ For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” There is no power in one individual , this passage clearly saying us 2 or 3 for one thing united meet together I will be there. ( do not make mistake with private alone devotions in your room). There is a power gathering together . If you found a church they are not build up each other , or pray for people or not even encouraging each other, you need to consider that am I in church or in a club?

Now you are sit in and lean in a church you are receiving the teaching and word from church and helping you growth you richly of the message of Christ and liberty and wisdom is overflowing .

Meeting together help you to be strong and more united. Church is far beyond more important than teaching and fellowship and the breaking of bread to prayer , it is not about making myself a good guy in my God’s eyes. It is about build up each other so whether this is be done by giving encouraging word or whether this be  done helping someone financially as much as you are part of the body Christ. And you respect and support those they are in charge and doing and setting up all this ‘meeting together’ (Church) and supporting spirituality by giving tithes. If you not feeling acceptance and loving and caring in you local meeting together you should consider. By,  giving your 10 percent of your income you are saying my possession is not mine , it is a blessing from Him , it is a sound of I am not belonging of this world. It is , that , I believe to Miracle and have faith that God will do amazing things in me and other people life.

Think about that how you can you be involved in your meeting together(Church) . If Church hurts you somehow in someway please do not blame God for it . Please do not be tired of meeting your fellowship believers. Find a away how you can see the things from God. His grace is sufficient for every things. That is a medicine for every sick soul.  Let the peace of God rule in your heart which overtakes everything.

This meeting together would be in any place. Your home, your school, your room , in your land.  As much as broken be healed , unity and felt like home and acceptance because you are not the one will mend the wounds and broken , The Holy Spirit will do it. As Paul says to young Timothy in 2 Timothy 4 : 2 “Preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage—with great patience and careful instruction.”

As you are running to get the prize, please keep your eyes on Jesus. There is no perfect human except Himself Jesus. So there is no perfect Church in this world till we all going to be into our original church , Heaven. Go to church show that  I  AM here for the Christ.



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