One Day

I recently started to read more books about the Holy Spirit. I bought a book by Reinhard Bonnke called ‘ Are We Flammable or Fireproof? ‘. I borrowed a book from our local library written by Rick Warren to company my devotion times. In my ups and downs walk in God, Still, I have zero knowledge of Him. I reached this point, that, I need more of God. I need more Bible verses to be injected into my veins. I need more Jesus-Words to change my perspective and give me a good sound-minding decision. As Bonnke said ” The power of the Holy Spirit does not come as a reward. ” God’s gifts are many, and the gift of the Holy Spirit is one of the special One.

Where would I be, when God calls me? Am I in waving circumstances of this life? Or busying myself with the things of this world? I learned that time with God is an essential walk in the spiritual journey, be emptied of this world – be filled with heaven’s Spirit. Returning to Him, Confession and obedience all are part of the journey again and again! God knows we are human. He knows we are not perfect! That is the reason He sent the Perfecter. He knows we can not walk and continue the journey of life without living water. That is the reason he made available the living water to us. 

The war, the injustice, the fight, the sin, the bad stuff – all It will vanish one day. One day He comes with His Throne. His chosen Ones will be with Him forever. His rich wisdom removes all the doubts. He makes it all white and shiny. One day you can see the Living-Water with your own eyes. Oh, How He loves us. One Day all our pains and sorrows will be replaced with His glorious presence, and space will be filled with the spring white flower.

Who said, we are not belonging to heaven?  Who said, we are not loved by Jesus? Who said, we are not Jesus lovers? 

We are God’s chosen people. In the weakest time, we boast and in the poorest time, we are rich. It does not matter how many doors closed. It does not matter if everything seems falling apart. It does not if we need this and that. It does not matter if this and that is late. It does not – All the matter is CHRIST. Who can changes us/things in the blink of eyes! What it matters is – to worship him, to near Him, Be with Him. Then our Souls will fly – Indeed freed. One Day we will touch this truth. One Day is coming.

Written by

Dariush Youkhaneh

Inspired by the Holy Spirit

Whisper of God’s Love

April is here. It seems Corona calmed down in our towns and all restrictions gone with the winds. People back to work as usual with trains , buses and their own cars. The environments had a breathe for a year of rest, the jungles , the trees , the greens and the rivers, all had a year of restoration. The bad people got back to their own wicked way and the good people continue their charity and ministry to the world. Not only that we back to our business of Love, to love people, to love one another.

The sun is brighter these days. It doesn’t bother the skin any more. The guitar man playing his instrument in a better way. The world still does not have the power of unity. In Kolkata poor kids still looking for the foods. But there is Hope. Which just Christ brought us a few days ago by coming out of grace alive. If our greatest achievement measured in this world , we are missing the point. To seek Him , to find Him. As St.Augustine of Hippo said “To fall in love with God is the greatest romance; to seek him the greatest adventure; to find him, the greatest human achievement.

We miss the point if put all our Hope in our human achievement! Difinitly , we enjoy God’s victory he has given us here , on earth ! But, not our ultimate hope! Our greatest hope and love is in Christ alone. It doesn’t matter how look like for others. Caralyn Collar says in her latest video ‘I am Free” as she has given her testimony of recovering from anorexia. God changes lives. He is the master of all seasons. From opening the red sea to calming the river on a boat. From rescuing a nation of slavery to rescuing whole world through His Son Jesus. “I have come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” John 10:10b.

War isn’t stopped yet ! Injustice isn’t stopped yet ! Peace is far reach for the nations to come. But Christ is calling for a life more abundantly. A life full of eternal hope for all nations. Can we hear his whisper call of life? We all equal in his Love, no one is less! Everyone of us got His attention. He looks at us such a way of incredible and unexplainable Love. That is why He adopted us to his family. God is not going to change his Mind. So ,I am here with my everything within me , inside out , to proclaim his goodness. His faithfulness has reached to far and farest nation. I am wiping my tears when I write this to you that How much he loves you!? I am not tired to say this to you my dear friend! Yes , to you , are reading this. He loves you so so much. Where ever you are! He is there with you. He is ” a calling ” away. He is “a prayer ” away!

I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.
John 10:11 NIV

With my everything 🧡

Dariush Youkhaneh

In the beginning ..

In the beginning everything was perfect and flawless. A full garden of beauty and life without death and sin. There has been no fear, doubt. Today , yesterday and tomorrow all were in glorious NOW.

“In the beginning was the Word..”

In the beginning was the Love. And the Love was with God.

He was Love. And Love was with God. The same unbelievable beauty and glory , an unimaginable light in the garden became flesh and made his way to rescue us. Everything made by Love. The heart of God, which we call Him , Jesus. In this Love, was not even a smallest and tiniest darkness. God gave his Love to us in a way we can know His. Within this Love; was life , and this life came and lived among us. And continues to shine every corner of ” after beginning “.

When this Love came in ! We didn’t know it , we were confused and demented , living in a world of confusion and lost. We didn’t know Love is the way ! We own things , we subbtoaged them , and destroy the image of God on earth. We tried everything to be away of Him, But we did not know this Love is dwelled within us. What was needed? A Believe.

If I tell you this Love worn flesh and was with us, you wouldn’t believe it! God gave part of His, that we can be part of Him. A Love ; full of grace and truth. We’ve been created by this Love. We’ve been loved by this Love , all right in the beginning which everything was perfect and right.

My friend , what me and you need today is this Love. Not Love of the world , that we can see God through this Love. That we can be Love here in this broken world. A believe that’s all we need. Believe to this Love and see the world around you will change, the world within you ,will change. This Love, we need for our nation, for our family, for our friends and people around us. We can show them this Love with us. We can show them Jesus. Let’s be that, Let’s walk in that, and whole wall of fear and doubt and confusion will fall down and we can see better , all in this Love.

In the beginning was the Love, and the Love was with God, and the Love was God. Love was with God in the beginning.

Much much Love

Dariush Youkhaneh

” Already” But ” Not Yet “

There is an old proverb says ” A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step ” . Every day is a millennium and millennium tiny step to reach our destiny. What is destiny? A predetermined journey of our life which is written on God’s hands. Our falling and raising can not wipe it out. Our bad and good things cannot scratch it out. That is why saint Paul has written in his letter ” you are chosen people “. And saint Peter continued ” But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood , a holy nation. His own special people..”( 1 Pet.2:9).

David K.Naugle in his ” powered Love , Reordered Lives ” book explained beautifully about the Kingdom of God as both present and future. He said the kingdom of God in present is like university break – like God’s kingdom in Christ right now in the midst of the semester of history, and we have a lot to look forward to. It is not done yet – but already we are experiencing it. We are waiting patiently for Christ’s final victory. That is why as a young man trying to devote my self to God with all weaknesses because I am looking forward to a better place. We have to be thankful what God provides- is for our present and future. George E.Ladd illustrates those aspects of God’s kingdom:

” Our Central thesis is that the kingdom of God is the redemptive reign of God dynamically active to establish His rule among human beings, and that His kingdom which will appear as an apocalyptic act at the end of the age, has already come into human history in the person and mission of Jesus to overcome evil, to deliver people from its power, and to bring them into the blessings of God’s reign . The kingdom of God involves two great moments : fulfilment within history [ already ] , and consummation at the end of history [ not yet ].”

notyetWe are already there, but not yet.

 We are between these two awesome moments : Fulfilment and Consummation. We are striving , We are going , We are coming , We are passing without noticing , We do life , We’ll be upset , We’ll be happy … But the Kingdom of God remains our destiny whether we be on this flesh or we leave it.. One day we know that death will have no power as had not power on Christ’s mission on the earth [ Already]. Do not worry – God is with us until that ” not yet ” – Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you ( John 14 : 27 ). May this life and world and evil slap us with its power. May the theory of evaluation – the big bang try to convince us. They never answered the injustice of this world – they never answered the out of nothing debate. Life and its beauty never dies and love never fails with all bizarre things happing around me. Am I going to lose it ? Never. I would be strong in my faith because I know I am not there yet. I am proclaiming that I am His people and He is my light , my good father. K.Naugle continued we live at the ” hyphen” or “dash” between the ” already” but ” not yet”. We are renewed by the Holy Spirit. The battle have not finished yet..

We are in the water – still not drown yet. We are half way – still not whole way. We received the victory – but not the crown yet. We are in the world, but not of it.

We need his freshness complete us – His spirit to fill us and his blood to wash us over everyday. In that ” not yet ” – there is everlasting life , it is the crown of life waiting for us- that is why saint Paul says in his letter to Romans ” I Consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed [ not yet ] in us. Let His love surrounds us till that day. Let His goodness and kindness cover us. Let us pray with endurance and fruit of his presence fill us. Let us not quit. Let us run till the end.

Written By Dariush Youkhaneh


This is unending life

Almost my all posts in this blog are to encourage you that you are loved and know your valued and identity in Christ. You are not defined by the world either by other people ideas. You are not product of your parents but  our heavenly Father planed and cared before creation of the world for you.

Nothing can stand against you and nothing can change this. No mistake , No power , No present and No past and not future make more or make less about YOU . This life want to replace the grace of God to the bitter favor of world. Relax , everything is going to be alright you need a little bit faith to inject it and Rest , everything coming together.

I want you to read the book of Jude. In this short letter Jude  encourage us to have faith and take it easy.  But how we can keep faith ? Jude says : ” But you, dear friends, carefully build yourselves up in this most holy faith by praying in the Holy Spirit, staying right at the center of God’s love ”



You need to stay in the centre of God’s love , not in the corner , not in the right and left , you have to stay in the middle . Praying in the Holy Spirit and move forward to keep faith.

Ready for the mercy of our master Jesus , His mercy and love is unending. His tender and loving kindness never fail you. Your destiny is in Him. Your identity is in Him. His heart beating in you. There is no condition for his love. As Jude says in his letter , i say to you my dear friends : “I have dropped everything to write you about this life of salvation “.

Live a life of free . You are free in Him. You are not bound in the role of this world , You are in the world but you are not of the world. Christ himself died for you to pay all our wrongdoing things. Do not feel guilty , do not feel you have been wrong . Yes , you are already confessed to your sins once , you are born again. Some of us , we already forgiven by Him , but we are saying ‘ God please forgive me ‘ . You are forgiven and free. Why are you troubling yourself?

God will take care of you. Do what is right, Do what is noble. Follow the Christ’s path , carry your own cross with open eyes, not be soft to sin. Look ahead and keep your head held high. Love others , speak life , be alive in Jesus either spiritually and physically on the earth. Bring everything into light and live in the light because you are child of light , be away of the dark things . Follow the right way that Spirit shows you not the path is high and wide and easy and remember the path of follower of truth is not easy  but He is with you. Your life just started with Him and in Him , You are waiting for a better life ,  So live as a joyful person with hymns and songs of heaven . Your home is there . You have unending life with Him, no matter you be in this flesh or not. You are created for Him and in Him.

Fight with all you have in You. Our one and only master Jesus Christ will be with you.


Written by Dariush Youkhaneh

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