This is unending life

Almost my all posts in this blog are to encourage you that you are loved and know your valued and identity in Christ. You are not defined by the world either by other people ideas. You are not product of your parents but  our heavenly Father planed and cared before creation of the world for you.

Nothing can stand against you and nothing can change this. No mistake , No power , No present and No past and not future make more or make less about YOU . This life want to replace the grace of God to the bitter favor of world. Relax , everything is going to be alright you need a little bit faith to inject it and Rest , everything coming together.

I want you to read the book of Jude. In this short letter Jude  encourage us to have faith and take it easy.  But how we can keep faith ? Jude says : ” But you, dear friends, carefully build yourselves up in this most holy faith by praying in the Holy Spirit, staying right at the center of God’s love ”



You need to stay in the centre of God’s love , not in the corner , not in the right and left , you have to stay in the middle . Praying in the Holy Spirit and move forward to keep faith.

Ready for the mercy of our master Jesus , His mercy and love is unending. His tender and loving kindness never fail you. Your destiny is in Him. Your identity is in Him. His heart beating in you. There is no condition for his love. As Jude says in his letter , i say to you my dear friends : “I have dropped everything to write you about this life of salvation “.

Live a life of free . You are free in Him. You are not bound in the role of this world , You are in the world but you are not of the world. Christ himself died for you to pay all our wrongdoing things. Do not feel guilty , do not feel you have been wrong . Yes , you are already confessed to your sins once , you are born again. Some of us , we already forgiven by Him , but we are saying ‘ God please forgive me ‘ . You are forgiven and free. Why are you troubling yourself?

God will take care of you. Do what is right, Do what is noble. Follow the Christ’s path , carry your own cross with open eyes, not be soft to sin. Look ahead and keep your head held high. Love others , speak life , be alive in Jesus either spiritually and physically on the earth. Bring everything into light and live in the light because you are child of light , be away of the dark things . Follow the right way that Spirit shows you not the path is high and wide and easy and remember the path of follower of truth is not easy  but He is with you. Your life just started with Him and in Him , You are waiting for a better life ,  So live as a joyful person with hymns and songs of heaven . Your home is there . You have unending life with Him, no matter you be in this flesh or not. You are created for Him and in Him.

Fight with all you have in You. Our one and only master Jesus Christ will be with you.


Written by Dariush Youkhaneh

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