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I Obey You God

Kind David written beautifully his heart desire to God. Remember your word to your servant,     for you have given me hope. My comfort in my suffering is this:     Your promise preserves my life. The arrogant mock me unmercifully,     but I do not turn from… Continue Reading “I Obey You God”

Ziba ( a true story )

” King David said to Ziba , ” Are you Ziba? ” When God had given victory to David over his enemies.  Now everything was peace and King David thought ” why not I do kindness to my friend Jonathan’s family ?” , We… Continue Reading “Ziba ( a true story )”

Ask! What shall I give you

Book : 1 King 3 King Solomon with all his power and wisdom , says ‘ I am a little child ‘. In Gibeon God came in the dream to Solomon. God Said to Solomon : ” Ask! What shall I give you? ” God asking… Continue Reading “Ask! What shall I give you”

Get up again!

We choose to choose the things , truly in freedom there is no have to choose the things , there is always want to choose  the things. Today I want to encourage you. I want to shift your eyes to the things better .… Continue Reading “Get up again!”