This is really in my heart to share with you my dear friends. As these days I am reading a new book called ” qualified ” by Tony Cooke . As this book really guiding me toward my new book about the serving. I am investigating, Experiencing several years of Serving God . Reading many Books as putting the Bible my main source.

I am talking to Pastors , Mentors , experienced and dedicated God’s people and also out of church environment to get  the real definition of Serving. But all of that I Learnt you have to experience it itself.

Serving is not about a qualified person to do the Specific task , it is other way around a specific task would be done with  a not-qualified person in the eyes of this world. ( Serving the living God By Dariush Youkhaneh)

Love can empowers it. keep you and your family and relationship healthy during this serving. This all comes from The Holy Spirit. Let Him Qualified you for a great commission. It has been rightly said : ” God Does not call the qualified , He qualifies the called . ”

I am writing because I love to write. I serve because I love to serve. Am I trying to get something out of my serving ! No , Never . otherwise you can not call it serving. If my serving not going to be with heart and soul , I am wasting my whole time to satisfy myself and get what I want from God.  Jesus Says ” …I choose you, I appointed you to go and produce lasting fruit..”(John 15:16)


He appointed you to bear fruit , He choses you. He did not call you only, He chosen you to serve his people. He choses you to carry his cross. He choses you as his son and daughter. what would be better then this! You are chosen. He chosen and sent you to filed . It means he will never leave or forsaken you.  He Looks at your Heart. Your heart can not handle all burden of this world , indeed no body by the help of him can handle it. would you allow Him to come and show you the way? The way of serving others is the way of loving him.

Today everything will change if you effectively accept to serve him.

Written By Dariush Youkhaneh





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