I am amazed to this whatever we use sometimes.” We all sometimes stick to “‘whatever life ‘ “. I am spending a few days in Canberra , the capital of Australia where most people come to visit the parliament house. This is a really cool city with quite street often a few people pass through. This is the second day and I reached to read the book of Titus which Paul is going to give advice to young Titus. In chapter 3 of book of Titus verse 1-11  says ” Be ready to do whatever is good ” . What does “whatever” means to us? “Whatever” covers everything good.  stick to what is good everyday, be away of whatever is bad! in another word stick to whatever is useful, healthy and good for your soul and body.

The next verse he continues ; to be peaceable and considerate. God wants your whatever be good for you. He wants to give you useful and healthy moments . Does not matter where you are, All the earth be created by God  and he is everywhere.  Our hope is eternal , it is not perishable by anything or will be by anyone.

We need to devote ourselves to do whatever is good, this is not only good for ourselves  also are excellent and profitable for everyone!

Our fight is not against whatever is Bad. But to do whatever is good. we know that the foolish fight for the flesh are unprofitable and useless; so why  am I going to waste my time to invest the things that is useless and unprofitable for my eternity. We already been in foolish , disobedient and deceived by thought of this world. when we came to him , He naked all our distrust and covered us with trust and wisdom. He wore us with whatever is good. Time is gold. If the world takes you to an unknown place, you job is shine for him to whatever you do and wherever you go.

Canberra, Australia


I love to show true humility toward all human with all my weaknesses. I know the glory of true God will be revealed when I turn whatever to ” whatever is good”. I encourage you do good . stick to the things please your God in heaven, if you do something and your conscience and heart are not in peace ; avoid to do that so. Let peace of Jesus rule in your heart; Do it with harmony and grace of God.

Titus 3 : 1-11

“Be obedient

Be ready to do whatever is good.

Be peaceable and considerate.

Show true humility toward all human. ”

The obedience brings peace , peace produces patience and patience gives you strength to stand firm in the hurry of this world.

Written by Dariush Youkhaneh

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  1. Great message!
    I love how you’ve used a very commonplace word “whatever” and highlight its essence, its beauty, when we choose to direct it towards only the things that are positive such as goodness, holiness, righteousness, compassionate, and lovely.
    I find this reflective of the way God loves us in our blandness (whatever), and this knowledge of His deep, great and abiding love transforms us into whatever is good, peaceable, compassionate and humble.

    You have a wonderful ministry. Thanks for sharing His word.
    Continue in His awesome blessings!

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