Papa Thank you.

Thanks that you are with me . That in every step of my life , you have gone before me and showed me where to go. Papa , i was lost but you did not give up on me and you sent your Son to rescue me. I was on my way . Still you did not give up.

I am so so loved. Because you have there for me. Papa even i am in this flesh , even i feel nothing , even i feel disappointed , even i feel hopeless, You are there , still there arm opened wide to hug me. I am so so blessed , because you blessed me even i did not feel it, even i am weak. What is your strength Papa? Your love towards me. Papa you are love. You are the only one i can trust. You are the only one i can come and pour out my heart. Because you are not far away . I am not scared of you , because you are my Papa . Not a God of wrath , not that one i am afraid to be punished . I am in middle of the circle of your love.

Now , i am able to call you , a close name : Papa.


And , This closeness making me a new person!

Your promises are strong and never fails. Your spirit refreshes my soul. Your hands will gather my focus and gives my a new heart. My heavenly Papa even i am speechless you give me mouth to take and a heart to follow. Even my all strength gone and have not any to turn but you are there for me and i praise you for this.

I am taking a slow step to know you more. Only through you i am able to do so.

Open up a fire within me, which can cleanse any selfishness in me. I am a clay , you are my potter . Do not allow me to be hardly broken and not to lift up my hands. Your mercy is like a river , do not stop it , Your grace is for everyone i heard. Are you going to have wrath ? Are you going to be quiet still? with all this inequities?  I know how comfort you are .  I know how close you are , to a broken.

Papa , I love you.

See , there is no peace around in any corner of your creations. Smell , there is not a good smell around , all there is ,a smell of sin. Look , what you see , Yes it is real.This is that beautiful world you made at first. Walk Papa , it’s been long time you did not walk with us, Still i remember the Eden. Call , were is the ear can hear you and talk where is the open heart to receive it?

But , still , I honor you. I admire you the only salvation of my heart , I seek you even there is no sign , even there is no miracle , even there is nothing to be praised on the earth , Because i am waiting for that ONE BIG DAY. Papa i wait , i love , i hope , i faith to encounter you face to face one day to show me all and that time i grab answers of my all questions.

I put my Papa everyday in my heart that:

“Wait for the Papa; be strong and take heart and wait for the Papa”. Psalms 27 : 14

Till that day – i want to be so close to you.


Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

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