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Firmly Planted like PT

Hey , eventually Autumn is here in Sydney. The fires and storms came all upon. Virus hitting hard here but getting nothing. I promise to trust the Lord in this season, no matter what would happen next. I am learning to be in His… Continue Reading “Firmly Planted like PT”

God still loves you

It doesn’t matter!.. what is significant ? it is your love towards your creator. All these materials around us, tangible and intangible , feelings and seeing , they all will pass away. What really stands forever ,is love. You can see much more better… Continue Reading “God still loves you”

Invitation / Join me for 12 days devotion

My dear reader, you are invited! Join me for 12 days Devotion by Christine Caine hosted at YouVersion App. ūüôŹ I really love you to join and together we read and Meditate on the word. There will be other friends and fellows. Just simply… Continue Reading “Invitation / Join me for 12 days devotion”

Inspiring Women

My beloved , I am honoured to speak into our women life through the” When Women Inspire ” website post my message. I am inviting you go and read it. Just click on the below : ¬†I AM WORTHY _ AN inspiring message for… Continue Reading “Inspiring Women”

See, I am doing a new thing!

I walked to our local library , perhaps most of the time I am in the library. Yep , together we are be encouraged. For the purpose of this calling , I¬†have opened a new Instagram page. Can you please now go to your… Continue Reading “See, I am doing a new thing!”

Big Love (Loving Large)

I know life is harsh and sometimes we can not even bother ourselves to look back. Last Thursday night I heard a testimony from someone that literally shack my heart. He pronounced dead but how God brought him back to life. His hand was… Continue Reading “Big Love (Loving Large)”

Aiming for 500 Followers!

November 24 2016 I was celebrating 100 Followers. Now I am celebrating 200+ faithful followers. 7 Months may would be a long time-¬†I am aiming for it by the help of my brave followers make it 500 by the end of this year! Every… Continue Reading “Aiming for 500 Followers!”


Papa Thank you. Thanks that you are with me . That in every step of my life , you have gone before me and showed me where to go. Papa , i was lost but you did not give up on me and you… Continue Reading “Papa”

Our Choices | Our Life

Something significant , thoughtful thought touch my heart today. About the choices we make. I know it is a valentines day ¬†and all posts are about this day. And people are attached the love to the beautiful flowers and send them to whom they… Continue Reading “Our Choices | Our Life”

When you even can not breath

It is Friday. The last day of the working day. I know maybe you are experiencing Friday now. But here in Australia we are a bit ahead. Oh.Man. I was somehow food poisoned and even i could not get up from bed. I do… Continue Reading “When you even can not breath”

Happy Australia Day!

A land of milk and honey .  A land full of adventure and great things .  They named it , we share it with Love.  A land of culture and Kangaroos Living in Australia is one the best experience you would probably have . … Continue Reading “Happy Australia Day!”

Joy in the Holy Spirit

We are NOT left out . Jesus went. The Holy Spirit came. ¬†We have never been alone during the history of humanity , God never left his people , He never forsaken us. We are worry for simple things, we are confused because we… Continue Reading “Joy in the Holy Spirit”

Passion | Basketball | Life

I always say to people around me . what is your passion? Follow it. It is very important to know what you like , what is that you comfortable with it. Yes this is right sometimes( or most times) we do the things are… Continue Reading “Passion | Basketball | Life”

Thursday Devotion

As mission of this blog is to encouraging and reach individuals and inspiring new generation. I ¬†encourage you in your best and worst time take the verse of Bible and declare it over your situation. Even sometimes life hurts so much , you do… Continue Reading “Thursday Devotion”

Ice Cream| Belief | Faith

Ice Cream! Hot Hot Hot , I think i am boiling now! Because is summer and very hot here and I really like ice cream + cone + choc . I bought three of this in McDonald a few days ago , and i… Continue Reading “Ice Cream| Belief | Faith”

Are you in desert?

Originally posted on You are awesome:
God will bless us in the times of desert! We may be sometimes in desert. In desert of losing Jobs, in desert of divorce , in desert of separation , In desert of family , In desert of…

Me & God ( a real conversation you may have with God )

Me : Oh I am broken heart , I am just a mess that only you know God. I am crying out to you. I heard and know that you are the God of universe . Why your universe; you just made it hurting… Continue Reading “Me & God ( a real conversation you may have with God )”


I don’t know where do you live now. But i live here in Australia. Which the seasons and weather are very different. Here , you feel different. My summer is your winter. Now as you may trembling of your cold season ( Winter )… Continue Reading “I AM”

Why God loves me?

There are many reasons and aspects why God loves me( put yourself here). ¬†And we need not to make mistake that God have to love me because He made me. Because it is an obligation for God to do so. Sometime we escape of… Continue Reading “Why God loves me?”

360¬į Understanding

Believers are wishing for their resolution and other calling it ‘reflecting’ in this year. As i am reading through most of the blogs , they all looking for answer behind answer. What are goals and ambitions we have this year? Some of us CAN… Continue Reading “360¬į Understanding”

Sydney New Year Fireworks

You know , Australia is fifth country in the world that celebrates New Year ahead of other countries. Here in Sydney we have many fireworks ( from west to east and north to south), but two main ones run in City-Sydney . One is… Continue Reading “Sydney New Year Fireworks”

Happy New Year 2017

In Australia we celebrate the New Year ahead of most countries : ) ¬†. We are fifth in the ranking ‘ to observe the new year ‘ table. So That is why i am going ahead and saying Happy New Year and CHEERS everyone.… Continue Reading “Happy New Year 2017”

2017 – He Will Make a WAY

I know you had a hard year. But this does not mean you are going to have the same year as past. God knows your heart and He searches it. The framework of Christianity is; we believe a God He is alive and active… Continue Reading “2017 – He Will Make a WAY”

What I need to know for New Year.

In my spiritual journey what i need to know in the year come ahead. What are my responsibility as a Christ-life center lifestyle. My previous year was very weary , although i hadn’t started very well but i am going to finish it strong.… Continue Reading “What I need to know for New Year.”

Governed by the Spirit

We are human beings. Weather we want or not somehow we are attracted to the seen things. This physical world are fancy and lovely somehow. They make us happy in a short period of time. It seems most family broken is the reason of… Continue Reading “Governed by the Spirit”

For to us a child is born

For to us a child is born, ¬†¬†¬†¬†to us a son is given, ¬†¬†¬†¬†and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called ¬†¬†¬†¬†Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God, ¬†¬†¬†¬†Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. (Isaiah 9 : 6 ). We celebrate Born of… Continue Reading “For to us a child is born”

Going to be released tonight!

Going to be released by tonight.. It is available at : Apple (operates iBooks stores in 51 countries), Barnes & Noble (US and UK), Scribd, Oyster, Kobo, Yuzu, Blio and Inktera (formerly Page Foundry). OverDrive (world’s largest library ebook platform serving 20,000+ libraries), …… Continue Reading “Going to be released tonight!”

Count the Countless Blessings

This Christmas is a good time to tell all your needs to Jesus. For us , as a new generation in 21st century boys and girls how hard is to tell our needs , even bring it to the lips. The fight of machine… Continue Reading “Count the Countless Blessings”

Pre-Order Your BOOK

‘ 7 things for your soul’ is ready to pre-order now only for $0.99. If you are my follower here , please send me an email on¬†to¬†get¬†your copy for free. Did you ever have a vaccine for your soul? Do you know that… Continue Reading “Pre-Order Your BOOK”

Guided By His Grace.

It is a good time talk about Christmas. As we are going fast to reach to Christmas Day. Some countries are in war and horror. Some are thirsty and hungry . Some are in¬†desperate physical need of this world and in another stage some… Continue Reading “Guided By His Grace.”

7 Things for your SOUL!

7 Things for your SOUL ( Christmas ‘Vaccination)¬†is a short ebook that will fresh your soul at this Christmas. What will make you unique it is not that you are ordinary and simple, but you are attractive in an extraordinary way! It is going… Continue Reading “7 Things for your SOUL!”

New Book for Christmas

Good news. These¬†past weeks¬†, I stopped my pervious writings¬†and I¬†was writing a new book for Christmas ( as you see slowing on my blogging) ¬†, which hopefully by the grace of God going to be published before Christmas time. This book is free of… Continue Reading “New Book for Christmas”

Thursday Devotion

‚ÄúEarth‚Äôs troubles fade in the light of heaven‚Äôs hope.‚ÄĚ Billy Graham said. This heaven’s hope does not disappoint us. Our hope is real and eternal. Because , Jesus Christ the only saviour of the world is coming soon and we are waiting for Him… Continue Reading “Thursday Devotion”

I will not die! BUT LIVE

The resurrection power of Jesus Christ is over us .¬†We do not die , Nah .¬†We are alive in Him forever. There is no death , no darkness , no power here and there can take it away this from us. We¬†will live forever.… Continue Reading “I will not die! BUT LIVE”

Thursday Devotion

And praying, do not use vain repetitions like the pagans, for they think that in their many words they will be heard. Our prayer starts with praise with authority of the everlasting king. And we finishes with humbly respect and thanksgiving. We seek our… Continue Reading “Thursday Devotion”

Two boats!

[Luke 5 : 1-11] Mostly , we are looking to the problems rather than to solutions. Simon one of Jesus disciple was a fisherman . The night before he and his partners tried all night to catch fish. But they have been unsuccessful.¬† They… Continue Reading “Two boats!”