Firmly Planted like PT

Hey , eventually Autumn is here in Sydney. The fires and storms came all upon. Virus hitting hard here but getting nothing.

I promise to trust the Lord in this season, no matter what would happen next. I am learning to be in His arms in the wave of uncertainty. I am confident in His Love. The heavenly angels are ready to serve me, protect me.

My ” me” is a combination of Jesus ‘ love and me. Autumn is here. It does not show it all , May it will. No wind , no smell of dry trees. The flower tree in front of our house brought spring to our life, its colour is pink and pink. It is the lady of the road , no one looked after it but only God.

In the storm when it was trembling no one comfort it but it stood strong till the end. I took a photo of it to show you. I don’t know it’s name , but I ve put a name for it ; pinky tree(PT).

Am I not beautiful? My name is PT

PT knows how to survive in the storm. It is its speciality to stand still and make others a smile and a beautoful aroma. PT smiles to every person , child, young , adult , old.. PT looks up and see a clear blue sky and thanking it’s creator for such a day. It sleeps at night in peace even in cold nights.

“And he will be like a tree firmly planted [and fed] by streams of water, Which yields its fruit in its season; Its leaf does not wither; And in whatever he does, he prospers [and comes to maturity].
Psalms 1:3 AMP”

I am certain of this whoever firmly planted , will prosper. Having Faith in the storm is the most difficult task we could ever face , but if like PT we stand still we should see beautiful flower. The fruit of our waiting would be great. Greater than we thought or assumed! God knows our needs, each one of them.

Can you be firmly planted by streams of water ? Yes you can , yes we can.

Let’s practice this together, Let’s Love each other as the Childeren of God.

You are always Loved!

Written By

Dariush Youkhaneh

God still loves you

It doesn’t matter!.. what is significant ? it is your love towards your creator. All these materials around us, tangible and intangible , feelings and seeing , they all will pass away. What really stands forever ,is love. You can see much more better with closed eyes! When you truly connected to the Love of God. To his richness presence and lay down on his green pastures. To grab the passion of heaven in our carnal hearts .

I need to seek his face more. To be his light and I need to enter to his glory with a humble heart and being like a kid.

God , doesn’t need Hero’s. He needs humble hearts. He is the master of fixing crashed spirit for his glory. I wondered, what Mother Teresa said about herself , Always humble and reticent, she continued to repeat with profound conviction  ,” I am nothing “. A woman who wholeheartedly obeyed God’s love and committed entire of her life to do his mission on earth saying ” I am nothing “. She brought smile and love to many.  I wonder what holds you back, I wonder what excuse you have about the love of God.


The Spirit of truth , is you counsellor. He knows what is the best decision in your life. All of us , me and you , need,  is a complete surrender.

” I knew you , before you form in your mother’s womb “. This is God is saying to us. This is Him , Who created and designed all things seen and unseen. Don’t you think that He still loves you? don’t disappear. Be a warrior, you’re born for such a moment. To fall down and rise like a lion. To hold your shield and to be brave like David. Yes , let them say I am weak , because this is , where , my strength comes from! When I am weak than I am strong , let this be your slogan. Let the enemy knows you haven’t finished yet. Let your soul knows you are belongs to Him. Make it louder than any ocean , to the south and to the west , to the north and to the east and to the every corner of your being that I am the child of God. Not my will but his will , His love is not conditional –

I take delight in the Lord, I wait patiently for him.

Change happens when we renew our minds. When we turn from our ways by choosing his way as our main road of destiny.


Written By

Dariush Youkhaneh


Invitation / Join me for 12 days devotion

My dear reader, you are invited!

Join me for 12 days Devotion by Christine Caine hosted at YouVersion App. 🙏

I really love you to join and together we read and Meditate on the word. There will be other friends and fellows. Just simply click on the below link and join and let us enjoy the devotion- fellowship together.

Click on the below link :

Unstoppable By Christine Caine

I’ll see you there.

Much blessings

Dariush Youkhaneh

See, I am doing a new thing!

I walked to our local library , perhaps most of the time I am in the library.

Yep , together we are be encouraged.

For the purpose of this calling , I have opened a new Instagram page. Can you please now go to your Instagram and search for : hhhigh_blog  and follow.

lime-2481358_1920_LI (2)

I am humbled for this calling. Why not? Let’s do this . In this busy world even one word can change my life and your life.

In Isaiah 43 : 19 we read : See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.

God loves to create new things. He loves to renew us. He loves to open the doors of possibilities and healings.


That would be a recovery challenge – A road from sickness to healing . May it is a trip for you . A trip that known for God.

Sometimes a new thing is unexpected but be ready to move on.

What is way? Way is a road to wholeness. It is an experience to know him better. This way might be harsh , might be nice , might be whatever… What is important ? The destination.

The story may look like the lost son but behold my beloved. The Lost son came back Home.


Let us discover new things in 2018 – TOGETHER!



Much Love

Dariush Youkhaneh

Big Love (Loving Large)

I know life is harsh and sometimes we can not even bother ourselves to look back. Last Thursday night I heard a testimony from someone that literally shack my heart. He pronounced dead but how God brought him back to life. His hand was full of someone’s blood, How God not only saved his soul also saved him from a tragedy.

I reckon I can not miss the forecast again in Australia. Very fast , Today was the hottest day in Australian history after 1939. About 47 degree above. My Fan is very tired and working from yesterday , My windows is open also. Right now I am typing this is about 24 which compares to 42 is pretty chill. I know. We are in summer. Most of you experiencing of cold weather. Tell me how is the weather there now? Very COLD?

Okay. In this case take your tea or coffee and keep reading my this post. Intentionally I select Loving big because I felt from the start of 2018 we need to remind ourselves Only LOVE matters everything else are in background. If you tell me someone died for me to give me comfort probably I will say go away and do not joke with me. But there is someone who loved me and died for me. The biggest love I know , The largest love we know. The Love of Jesus.

[ A gently chill-wind slapping my face as I am typing this , How good is cold weather 🙂 ].

I want his endless love be within me that I can love people , I can forgive them that I can give my all to them. I even can not imagine this love. I am not talking about romantic love , I am talking that unconditional heavenly love that covered me and you today. Grace and Love how close they are today. People talks about this amazing love but they had never experienced it before.

As Max Lucado says ” God loves us too much to indulge our every whim”.

He loves us in every area of our life. His Loves is so much that He made us like him , A light in the world , His own children.

I remember, One day I asked God . “Please I can not do this , tell me what is the next step” I said. Immediately within a week. I got my answer. He said to me :” Look outside my  child” I said yes Father I see. ” I kept my nation for 40 years I gave them water food and everything they need but do not think I can keep you here for more than two years? ” Such a love overflowed in me from top to down. The peace and his love changed my attitude , and from  then on , I never complained about anything.

Struggle is there yes , But love of God is higher than anything we face.

I love Matthew 5. The sermon on the Mount. It is one of my fav scripture in the Bible. I can not ask God anymore. He says in verse 14 ” You are the light for the whole world..”  We can show to the whole world the eternal love of Father by lighting them. Telling them the truth, acting our life in peace and truth. He says in verse 13 ” You are the salt for everyone on earth..” We can act wisely and be the salt of this broken world. Not by my strength , we do not have any power , we are human. But by his word.

C.S Lewis says ” Though our feeling come and go, God’s love for us does not” .

Let us love each other big. Let us never underestimate the power of loving each other, helping each other. We are living and loving because his first loved us enough. I am thirsty to see the Love of Christ in me and other people.


The Love of CHRIST changes everything in us. My Soul is thirst for Him…

The greatest command of God. Love let it be the first priority of our life. Some of us may doing it already. I am glad you are ahead and obeying God. His Love heals us also. He is the master of healing. I do not know you , But I rely on heavenly Love of Father. I want to be like his Love. I am going to carry the goodness and kindness of him within me. I am going to dream big , love big , live large with an open heart. And I know that I am more than conquerors through him who loved me because NOTHING can separate me from the BIG LOVE of God in Christ Jesus. Amen


What is in your life most matter?

Do you love Him?


Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

John 3: 16

Romans 5:8

Matthew 5

Romans 8:37-39

Galatians 2: 20

1 John 3: 1 

Aiming for 500 Followers!

November 24 2016 I was celebrating 100 Followers. Now I am celebrating 200+ faithful followers. 7 Months may would be a long time- I am aiming for it by the help of my brave followers make it 500 by the end of this year!

Every word is written on this blog are genuine from my heart to you – to speak to you directly. Not playing two faces game. Not joggling and playing with words. But all came from my experience of life and God. I won’t convince you there is a God, I wont push you to believe what I believe but I stand with you and encourage to your best. My Father in heaven wont like to force people either take away their own choice. He made you free and you have a choice to choose!

Because he breathed in you , you made in his image. You can use this potential to make it reality. May the world blame you , but eventually they will realise how much was important the heaven things on the earth and we ignore it. There is no meaning life without God. There is no reality without God. All things made by Him.

+hhhigh on 200+ followers

I am extremely thankful to this God. Thank you to you with your presence make this blog better and useful for others. But please , It is not finished yet! You know this blog speaks to your heart , and you know someone there need to hear and read that. Why not re-blogging – why not give this blog suggestion to your friend , brother , family , sister and whoever need to be here with us. We are a big Family 201 member in one family. The bigger family is , the bigger love we have.

Let’s make it public.

Share it , message it the below link to your loved one!


Am I doing for my boast! Never. Let who boast , boast only in Him.

There is ONE fountain in your life, That is God!

God’s plan are not hidden or a mystery in your life. They all in your day to day life. Rich or poor , strong or weak – all of us be measure with same grace.

One God, One Faith , On hope and One love – So keep your head held high.

Thank you for making this blog your home-blog-reading page.

If you want to contribute with me and like to share your life , faith and experience please let me know( send the form in contact page ). I would love to work with you along side to encourage others.

I look forward to hearing your suggestions , feedback , any comment to make this blog a better one for you.


Your kind

Dariush Youkhaneh


Papa Thank you.

Thanks that you are with me . That in every step of my life , you have gone before me and showed me where to go. Papa , i was lost but you did not give up on me and you sent your Son to rescue me. I was on my way . Still you did not give up.

I am so so loved. Because you have there for me. Papa even i am in this flesh , even i feel nothing , even i feel disappointed , even i feel hopeless, You are there , still there arm opened wide to hug me. I am so so blessed , because you blessed me even i did not feel it, even i am weak. What is your strength Papa? Your love towards me. Papa you are love. You are the only one i can trust. You are the only one i can come and pour out my heart. Because you are not far away . I am not scared of you , because you are my Papa . Not a God of wrath , not that one i am afraid to be punished . I am in middle of the circle of your love.

Now , i am able to call you , a close name : Papa.


And , This closeness making me a new person!

Your promises are strong and never fails. Your spirit refreshes my soul. Your hands will gather my focus and gives my a new heart. My heavenly Papa even i am speechless you give me mouth to take and a heart to follow. Even my all strength gone and have not any to turn but you are there for me and i praise you for this.

I am taking a slow step to know you more. Only through you i am able to do so.

Open up a fire within me, which can cleanse any selfishness in me. I am a clay , you are my potter . Do not allow me to be hardly broken and not to lift up my hands. Your mercy is like a river , do not stop it , Your grace is for everyone i heard. Are you going to have wrath ? Are you going to be quiet still? with all this inequities?  I know how comfort you are .  I know how close you are , to a broken.

Papa , I love you.

See , there is no peace around in any corner of your creations. Smell , there is not a good smell around , all there is ,a smell of sin. Look , what you see , Yes it is real.This is that beautiful world you made at first. Walk Papa , it’s been long time you did not walk with us, Still i remember the Eden. Call , were is the ear can hear you and talk where is the open heart to receive it?

But , still , I honor you. I admire you the only salvation of my heart , I seek you even there is no sign , even there is no miracle , even there is nothing to be praised on the earth , Because i am waiting for that ONE BIG DAY. Papa i wait , i love , i hope , i faith to encounter you face to face one day to show me all and that time i grab answers of my all questions.

I put my Papa everyday in my heart that:

“Wait for the Papa; be strong and take heart and wait for the Papa”. Psalms 27 : 14

Till that day – i want to be so close to you.


Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

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Our Choices | Our Life

Something significant , thoughtful thought touch my heart today. About the choices we make. I know it is a valentines day  and all posts are about this day. And people are attached the love to the beautiful flowers and send them to whom they love. Does not matter short or long time love or even a starter. They make choice unintentionally to love each other and then when they are in love , they have no choice to get out of it. Our human choices are limited and mostly fallen in mistake. They know they ‘choices’ are not long enough to survive. We choose according to our needs and expectations. Our needs and expectations are desire of our flesh and the world. There is no exception if you are christian or non-christian . Choices are for all human. Moral or non-moral choices are part of us. we make it. We take it. We re-make it again.

Interestingly, God’s purposes are stronger than our choices.


If i i make a choice to go to Hawaii for holiday and pay huge amount of money to go there. And than suddenly i want to change my flight and lose money. It is my choice!  And I believe i accept the consequences of losing money. And that choice can effect only a limited of persons. But sometimes are choices effects others too. When you choose to love someone in rest of your life. You choose to be with that person in sickness and healthiness. In bad and good time. You did not choice that only have that person in good times. So , There is a different here, If you make choice according to God’s will and purpose . Your choices will be God’s shape figure. What does that mean? It means the Gods kind of trust would be the fruit of this choice. Against worldly choices creates the fruit of doubt and fall. You join the circle of love of God when you select the things from God’s eyes.There is a lot of story in the Bible about choices and consequences.

Through making choice you can navigate between death and life.

what choice are you making today that can impact nicely your tomorrow ? what is the fruit of it?

God’s choice is perfect and timely. In Him we have peace of mind and heart to make a better choice , a choice that breath freshness into our life.

These verses helps you , meditate on it if you are about to make choice:

Proverbs 16:16: How much better it is to get wisdom than gold! And to get understanding is to be chosen above silver.

Deuteronomy 7:6 :For you are a holy people to the LORD your God; the LORD your God has chosen you to be a people for His own possession out of all the peoples who are on the face of the earth.

Psalm 65:4 : How blessed is the one whom You choose and bring near to You To dwell in Your courts We will be satisfied with the goodness of Your house, Your holy temple.



Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

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When you even can not breath

It is Friday. The last day of the working day. I know maybe you are experiencing Friday now. But here in Australia we are a bit ahead. Oh.Man. I was somehow food poisoned and even i could not get up from bed. I do not know how but i think 2 piece of sausages made my whole last night very hard. If you have ever been food poisoned you know what i am talking about , heavy and bloating stomach , feeling vomiting and tired and loose body…

I could not keep this any more. The weather temperature about +46 degree- oh man. This year summer here in Australia is very very so hot. You can not do anything , stay home till the heatwave clam down. speechless ! Hot! Sick! Tired! I did not touch to any food. About 11 am this morning i emptied this from my stomach and feel really relief. I do not know you had experience this kind of things [ hope you will not ], but you simply could not breath. I know i am living here in Australia but this does not mean any Aussie got a air-conditioner! Seems you are in middle of Sahara desert.


I am going to straight to the Bible , what the scripture saying about me in this situation. Not me only , thousands of people which they are dying in hot weather .  Does God still with us? Does God even care?

In Isaiah chapter 41 : 10 gives me a huge relief

Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed,

for I am your God;

I will strengthen you,

I will help you,

I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

Every word of this scripture is a promise to me. It is a expectancy . It is about releasing your breath again if you hold it long time. It is mending a wound and being strong and up standing forever. If He is my helper I am brave enough to go ahead. When the heat of the day blow me away i am not forgotten , Because i know He will strengthen me. I will renew my hope in Him and fly like an eagle to where ever i want. I am going to run but won’t be weary i will fly i wont be tired anymore. I am holding to the rope of greatness, To His meekness and righteousness. He won’t let me be thirsty and He will overflow the living water from His fountain to my brokenness and dry-land. Than my desert will turn into pools of water, and the parched ground into springs.


I am grateful, I am humbly thankful for this. I wipe my tears off again and this time will rejoice in my Lord. And I tell everything to my Holy Spirit. I stand again and have joy in my portion. Because , because of Him i can breath again.

Till this , My knowledge is limited But His knowledge is limitless. He is the source of life. And I have freedom in Him. Than i would be able to praise Him in sickness , in joyfulness , in all the time. He cares for me. That is why he sent His begotten son.

Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

Happy Australia Day!

A land of milk and honey . 

A land full of adventure and great things . 

They named it , we share it with Love. 

A land of culture and Kangaroos Living in Australia is one the best experience you would probably have . 

I want to thank you for women and men who died to keep this land safe and alive . We honour you . 

Thank you Lord for so much blessing and beauty around. Thank you Lord to make this land , a Wonderland ! 

Happy big Aussie day to all my Aussies blogger , writer and friend and family . Hope be filled with love and peace . 

Dariush Youkhaneh 

Joy in the Holy Spirit

We are NOT left out . Jesus went. The Holy Spirit came.  We have never been alone during the history of humanity , God never left his people , He never forsaken us. We are worry for simple things, we are confused because we are carnal minded. We mix the things that are not good for our soul. Body may enjoy for a short time but is the long suffering for our soul. God intention was always to keep our soul fresh and away from distraction. But this is our choice to choose short term joy rather than long term. Look at the scripture which is our soul’s feed :

“For the kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking, but of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. ” ( Romans 14 : 17 )

The secret of the joy  is to have spirit-minded . Carnal-mind makes us away of the joy of God. You can be a source of peace in the huge storms around us.  There is nothing in this world gives you more than the Holy Spirit will give you. You can contain whole the stars in your bag  + the whole galaxy ; it would be not better than having a joy in the spirit.

Joy is the one the fruit of the Holy Spirit. If you have a joy , you have assurance , you have security , you have peace within you no matter where you are! ” But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace…” ( Galatians 5 : 22-23)

The Joy of God contain a whole beautiful things together ! It is like package of happiness. Does not matter how much you earn , or what position you have in society , it is the level of your love to your God.


Choose Joy , Choose Peace . Come close to Him , He will come close to you.

As a young people we are open-wild to choose whatever we want! To go wherever we want! To do what ever we feel. I am not denying it at all. You have feeling , You have dreams and desires. But HOW GOOD is that you choose the JOY of the Lord. Commit your life from now on to God. Let Him make you strong. Let Him be your joy.

“The prospect of the righteous is joy,,” ( Proverbs 10 : 28 )

“Joy is the serious business of Heaven. ” ( C.S Lewis ).

Inject Joy in your life – Take the good one and have peace within you. God is faithful.

What joy whose trust is in the Lord. What Joy , Listen to Susan Ashton  and let God touch your heart and be filled again with the Joy of the Lord.

One touch of the living God , change your whole life forever. What joy is that! Choose Joy of the Spirit , let heaven be reached to you.

Here ….

Now …


He is God. He is Joy. He is for you…




Written By Dariush Youkhaneh


Passion | Basketball | Life

I always say to people around me . what is your passion? Follow it. It is very important to know what you like , what is that you comfortable with it. Yes this is right sometimes( or most times) we do the things are not our passion. But at least you can spend a few hours a week to follow and satisfied yours with it. The importance thing is here , you need to align your passion with God’s plan in whatever you do. If you like to play piano and have a passion for that. Go ahead and learn more and play for people who are thirsty and use it to bring more people to kingdom of God. If you have a passion to fix cars , go for it and have faith through your job God’s be glorified.

Jesus had one Passion . Do the  W I L L of Father!

Here , Now , my passion is to encourage you most to know how you are valuable in the kingdom of God. My ultimate goal is glorify the Father. I am trying to love you more through my writing and let you know in everything you do IF YOU HAVE FAITH AND PASSION then know that God is in control. Does not matter what industry you are in working or even may you will be a mum or a full time minister. God want you gives a new passion in His Name. It was the Christ’s Passion that i have courage to inspire you now . Because His Passion saved us . Do your passion help others as well?

If your  P A S S I O N is not line with God’s  W I L L , may you need to re-align it again.

I pray God talk to you through this , And bring a new Passion to serve Him most.

Bible says : “Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men”. Take a moment and focus on this , have a deep breath now. Know that it is not late anyway! I do not want to speak high-spiritually.  I do not want talk about the things we can not reach there. I am talking about a passion for life and people and God you may have. If we only know the meaning of the passion of Christ for us than we may realise what is the meaning of the passion for life and people around us. I love to have passion. I love to motivate my life and people around me. I know sometimes i am not there yet. But i will try to do so.  They said in Christianity, the Passion (translation of Greek πάσχειν paschein, ‘to suffer’) is the short final period in the life of Jesus covering his visit to Jerusalem and leading to his execution by crucifixion, an event central to Christian beliefs.But it is not the only thing – whole bible there are a lot of people with Passion  but the ultimate one highlighted in Christ job on the cross.

What is your Passion!

Passion is Life , Life is a Passion to follow. I am not here to write a systematic way of Passion you can follow on.  I am here to stir up your spirit to find what is in your heart with God. It is right to say that having passion for God is doing what he says.

Some of the things help you to find your passion:

1- Pray constantly and consistently.

To know your passion is to know what God’s will in your life. The only way to spend time with him in prayer. Have a close relationship, That is it. Telling to myself too.

2-  Be still and know that He is God.

Take heart. Slow down. keep away so much distractions around you and have a moment of meditation on His word. Find out what is God is telling you in the storm of life. He does not want us be drawn to our own world .

3- Know what you like and what you do not!

Sometimes you have to know what is that you most like and enjoy doing it! peruse it even maybe 1 day a week! I don’t know what you like. There is somethings in life motivates you ( in a right way i am talking about) .  Maybe some sports ! Maybe music! Maybe helping others! Maybe your career!… When all eventually reach to glorify God, why not? It is time to take action. In God’s eye moment you can see better.

4- Life is beautiful and you can make it more beautiful

Do not listen to lies of enemy , Life is beautiful and with your passion you can make it even more beautiful than before. You have victory inside so you have victory outside too. when your soul is fed, well, you are filled better outside. That helps you out to know what is your passion in life.

5- Purpose and plan

The Double P’s help you to have a better view and tell to God that ” I have these on my hands Lord , would you please help me to establish it? ” . When God sees you have a right heart than definitely He will give you passion to continue to do it.

People always looking for the best , But i am telling you , you can find the best in the worst! In the worst moment you have opportunity to do your best , that is the time of flourish of your Faith and Passion in God. You cannot jump up the ladder , you need to go step by step up.

Galatians 5:24 “And those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires.”


Written By Dariush Youkhaneh


Thursday Devotion

As mission of this blog is to encouraging and reach individuals and inspiring new generation. I  encourage you in your best and worst time take the verse of Bible and declare it over your situation. Even sometimes life hurts so much , you do not even can think and read anything about. Let the word of God refill you with the goodness and kindness and calm your storm and melt down all your worries under the cross and gives you joy instead.

During past few weeks i wrote a lot about Faith. Having Faith allow you to have joy in the crisis. Let the Faith be on your boat(soul) and move you to a level of possibility. It will take you to the land of unseen things. You have hope enough to stay on the ground firmly and be still know that everything is fine and right because you gave it to God. Perfect timing of God is over you and He is watching over you and your life.

Now , Meditate on this verse deeply :


What do you need to have Faith for? Tell to God and let your mind and heart and soul be ready for the Holy Spirit to talk to you.

Read again the verse.

What do you need to surrender to Him in accordance to back to your primary Faith?

What is meaning of Faith for you?

What do you expect to be done by Faith ?

Act it. Trust Him. Go for it.


Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

Ice Cream| Belief | Faith

Ice Cream!

Hot Hot Hot , I think i am boiling now!

Because is summer and very hot here and I really like ice cream + cone + choc .


I bought three of this in McDonald a few days ago , and i was alone in car , i do not know what i thought and how can i keep three soft cone and drive ! Although home was about 1 kilometer away . Do not ask me! three traffic light , all three was red ! and the soft cones was melting like candle and turning to milk and all my dress was milky ,. By the time i arrived my car was a mess. I know! Do not tell me.

Okay.. anyway


It was maybe many years ago . I had an conversation with one of my old friend about the Spirit and the paradise and the hell. After many hours and talking about different aspect of the spirit we could not reach to any point . My friend was a Muslim friend which i really respect Him in any way.  But He opened his mouth as said : ” I am an atheist “. I thought he is Muslim but he was an atheist.  because he did not believe to any . He said everything would be finished in here. I talked to Him and with love about what i believe and experience but he was staying on his words firmly.


You may have many people in your life which they basically do not believe in anything. They will not believe to simple framework our belief! When you think about this , you say how come this people even live ! do they have any hope?

So , Yes they do have hope , but not the hope we have , they have hope to seen things , but we do hope to unseen things. We believe to a new world that God will provide for his lovers. We believe in spirit . Oh Yes we believe in heaven and hell.

Faith !

Sometime my Faith get lose and needed to remind myself time by time that God is in control , even in healthy time which would help me in crisis. There are many story in the Bible. But last night i was reading the faith of a Centurion. I was amazed . I was overwhelmed by this believe . I said God. Of Father , create in me this kind of Faith which i can only say and your will be done. The reason i am lacking today is because of faith . My faith need to be increase . About a year ago i was in a prayer meeting and a person prophesied over me and said : ” Your Faith is going to be increased “. This is Faith can calm the storm . This is Faith can clear the way and rescue us from this flesh world. When Noah was building the Ark , no one believed in Him, but according to His experience and believe , he has faith in God even if no one could believe in Noah. But He had Faith. َ


Abraham had Faith in God. The Centurion had Faith in God. The paralyzed had Faith in God. Paul had Faith . Mother Teresa had Faith . Martin Luther King had Faith. C.S Lewis had Faith( Later on).

“But without Faith it is impossible to please him”. If you want to restore your Faith In Him , You need simply put the earthly things away and have more time to spend with God and ask Him that God please restore in me a new heart to know you more. May most of us getting cold and /or repeating the same everyday and it seems a little bored. This is back to us , because a really healthy relationship is never bored. It is same as any relationship. Are you investing more in this?   Others tried many many years they have never been bored. They have been people ( ordinary one) like us.

Faith is the heart of our life. It is a MUST have for our soul.

Hebrews 12:2 says Jesus the author and finisher of our FAITH. 

Walk by Faith not by Sight. In hard times , In easy times.

Oh i have a lot to write for you. but let me leave it for next time. Hold what you believe and maintain your Faith in Jesus Christ that will be a benefit in you.Thank Jesus will say ” “Truly, I tell you, with no one in my nation have I found such faith.”

Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

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Are you in desert?

Remember that again and again God is in Control. Be blessed again

You are awesome

God will bless us in the times of desert! We may be sometimes in desert. In desert of losing Jobs, in desert of divorce , in desert of separation , In desert of family , In desert of health , in desert of your kids, in desert of relationship..

I want to tell you what the Lord says ” I know you are in desert , I watch over your journey through this vast desert “.

Forty years the nation of God lived in desert- and they lacked nothing.

Today the Lord is saying – you spent enough wondering around and confusing – Now turn to a new way I will show you.

You are about to pass your vast desert land!

The vast desert are not permanent in your life. Whatever is your desert now. You are about to pass it. The Lord says : ” I will bless…

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Me & God ( a real conversation you may have with God )

Me :

Oh I am broken heart , I am just a mess that only you know God. I am crying out to you. I heard and know that you are the God of universe . Why your universe; you just made it hurting me? Your image human killing and slaving each other for power for nothing! I kneel before you and humbly asking to guide me and direct me toward the real truth that you only know!

Is this fair? give some more grace , give some less! I know there is no question on your sovereignty. I know you are mighty and you are presence in the time of need. But Jesus look at around! When your heart-followers are waiting for your return. But you are counting are days less to your days. I am asking till that day let your kingdom come. I am asking to fill my thirsty soul of your presence. I am human . I have doubt . I have fear and feelings. I have ambition. You called me child of light. But how come my light hardly brightening on my own way. You called me to be salt of this world . But how can i be when myself have no salt to offer. I humbly want you to be near to me. I kindly want you to lead me to a place that i can stay with you forever. Which there is no tears and sorrows.

You said when you are weak than you are strong ! but let not stuck or die in my weaknesses and let not enemy abuse it for nothing. Than I can come to you and ask for your grateful love and mercy forever. I am weak and faint-heart . I make mistakes terribly. My enemies were waiting for those moments that they could take advantage . My eyes were always above but my heart still was beating- fast!

God :

I know you are going deeply down and down and may nobody ever understands you in anyway. One inch , Only one inch close to completely fall you down. But wait!  can you trust me? I did not want you to be in this situation nor want to test how strong you are. Can you trust me even in your worst time?

I put my love in you. No doubt that i would never stop loving you. Even you see me millions of kilometers away; I am so close to you. My heart is in you. I am in love with you. Just wait for me. I did not send my begotten son from my arm to you because put burden on you. My Jesus came to take your heavy lift on himself. When you are still weak , I am there for you. When you have been still in sin ; I came for you. Can you trust me for your future plan? Can you leave it to me and i am going to think about it? Can you hold on my hand? I have great things to show you!


Do you know how hungry i am to see your face every time you come to me? I want to walk with you , you are my holy one. I am chosen you to be with you. I am so proud of you. My dear kid , look at my son Jesus.

I died for you so you can live for me!

I accepted your shame and condemnation that you can live free. I reconciled you with Father that you can go to His presence. I give you peace , love , trust and grace to handle it. obedience is a process.  Obey me and i show you more. My love is never change toward you. I want you to know , your feelings , your outward physical world not going to change my mind and heart for you.I want you to know , I am here for you. I fight for you , just follow me. Look at me. focus on me and walk on the water of your storm of life. Pray in my presence. Trust me. You will find me right i stand for you. Come to me and I heal you and i mend all your bonds . I breath a fresh new of me in you. You were and you are always in my heart every moment.

I’ll meet you in prayer spot!


Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

( I wrote this for those who are struggling to be honest with themselves and God , It does not matter how hard is. Be honest to yourself and God )



I don’t know where do you live now. But i live here in Australia. Which the seasons and weather are very different. Here , you feel different. My summer is your winter. Now as you may trembling of your cold season ( Winter ) , I am looking for a fan for my room . 36- 42 is the average temperature , Hot Hot Hot.

This is me now:


I know , I know. May your side is snow – But here is so very hot!

Okay – as i am sweating now – lets go back to topic . I am going to share you something that God put in my heart last night.

In three things God responding you in this year. In book of Joel chapter 2 : 18 – 22 we read this.

1- God is jealous ( I AM jealous )

The Jealousy of God is good for you because when He is jealous for you it means He is counting on you. It means you are included not excluded from plan of God. He is not jealous because He wants or He needs something rather because He is in love with you. If the jealousy of God is my benefit let it be. Why not? As i am talking about a godly jealousy which is right to say it. Being Jealous is not sin when desiring something that belongs to you ( opposite of this is sin). We are belong to God , so than , He has right to be jealous for us.

So , Yes , He is so jealous for you. Because He loves you. That is why God go into action to get his people back. If you are far from Him , Still He is jealous for you. Still you are in a circle of love in Him.

2- God is compassion ( I  Am compassion )

God’s compassion freely given . Yahweh boldly declares, “I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion” ( Exodus 33:19 ). ” He took pity on His people ” . He is remembering you that you are human and vulnerable in most ways. It was God’s compassion that He sent His begotten Son . He will cover you this year ahead. Yes, His Compassion will be sufficient. Even you are in hardest and difficult time , He will remember you. In deep down His Compassion will heal you.


“Just as a father has compassion on his children, So the LORD has compassion on those who fear Him. For He Himself knows our frame; He is mindful that we are but dust. As for man, his days are like grass; As a flower of the field, so he flourishes”

Psalm 103:13-18


3- God answered ( I Am the answer)

He is your answer for this year with all challenges and ups and downs. He is the Lion. No one is like Him. He listens to you. He does not listen to the lie of enemy . He is on your side. He is your God. He is the answer of all your unanswered questions.  It is a new season, a season of new beginning. Le the old-me-gone and Le the new-me-come!

Before they call I will answer; while they are still speaking I will hear. ( Isaiah 65:24 )

We Say : I need an answer!

God says : I am your answer!

We say : It is difficult

God says : I am the answer

We say : I can not do it

God says : I am the answer ( I am able)

Whatever is your situation looks like , He is the answer. Do not be discouraged because your God is STRONG . Do not go anywhere to search for the answer . Go to Him , He is the source of all the answers.

In all scenarios  He says ” I AM “.


Written By Dariush Youkhaneh


Why God loves me?

There are many reasons and aspects why God loves me( put yourself here).  And we need not to make mistake that God have to love me because He made me. Because it is an obligation for God to do so. Sometime we escape of this love but His love totally is free. The fortune news for all of us is He already took first step of love by Christ.  I am not going state about what the love of God means , but i am going to expand  about why He loves me. I am sure it is going to bless you and me . ( I am using ‘ the me ‘ word for more intimate the sentence.)

I bring some reasons ( not all) according to my view and experience of God.

Let me start with this quote from Brother Lawrence of The Practice of the Presence of God’s book “We ought not to be weary of doing little things for the love of God, who regards not the greatness of the work, but the love with which it is performed.”

In Bible we see the very key words that need to be known for us . But lets look at what people been searching ( data according in 2012 from , Look at the below table :

Love is the most keyword search. People are desperately looking for love. What is this love that every human being need it? What is the source of it? The deep down of any of us screaming for it and without that means no life. Love and Life are equal somehow. It is like water ; your life depends on it.

In another search attempt on google , we see our search result :


We are surprised by the numbers. Although you might say there are not pure love. We excluded the assume of the pure and/or impure , I have look at it the desire of any human of looking for love, so till now we reach the importance of the love . I am going to root of love .

God breathed His image which is love , to us. So we read this in book of Genesis 2 : 7 that  “Then the LORD God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.” As i said life and love are equal . God reflected His love within us. Why He did that? Because He is Love. His personality is love. He , Himself is the source and root of love. Now His love not going to end by one breath into us. Nah! He continuous to love me not because i would be a good person or i am going to do couple of good things for my life. Because His sovereignty gives me love to endure for a long run. He loves me because He wants to love me more not less. Many people are escaping and ignoring His love , Because they’re thinking His love is heavy and have some rule or regulations. Right or wrong you make that decision . God do not want to enter by force into your heart ( although He is able so) but by free-choice of You. There are good things in love of God which the world are not having them at all. The pleasure of being pleased today not offering you a long love for a big prize which is provided by God. God loves me because he wants to have a long and eternal relationship with Him. Not a kind of love that the earthly world offers me. which is would be like feelings comes and goes.

God’s love is like the highest mountain , I am at the bottom of it.

His love heals me too. “But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on him, and by his wounds we are healed.(Isaiah 53:5). By his love i am healed. I am healed from my sin and there is a new-born things in me whether spiritually or physically. Also we read this; He says in Exodus 15:26b, “I am the LORD who heals you,” .

The words of Alister McGrath in Mystery of the Cross (Zondervan, 1990) are well said:

“Experience cannot be allowed to have the final word—it must be judged and shown up as deceptive and misleading. The theology of the Cross draws our attention to the sheer unreliability of experience as a guide to the presence and activity of God. God is active and present in his world, quite independently of whether we experience him as being so. Experience declared that God was absent from Calvary, only to have its verdict humiliatingly overturned on the third day.”

His love freed me too. The plan of God for me was a free life with Him but this did not go well in the first place when the sin came into our life. That is why His love again in Jesus Christ His son revealed me to set me free and put me where i have been before in His presence.

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.( John 3 : 16 )

And because He offers me eternal life!

Written By Dariush Youkhaneh


360° Understanding

Believers are wishing for their resolution and other calling it ‘reflecting’ in this year. As i am reading through most of the blogs , they all looking for answer behind answer. What are goals and ambitions we have this year? Some of us CAN define and design it  , Some (like me) will find it on the way.

I call this year a year of 360° Understanding . I am looking for 360° view of MIRACLE. May i had 250° in the last year , I am pushing to have a complete degree of understanding . This is not gonna happen till free myself, free of understanding by my own!

May you call it religion. But I call it a relationship with my Father , a deep understanding of who He is than i am able to find who i am . Free myself from a hunter and flying from a trap!  This verse of Solomon i can quote :

Escape from that trap like a deer running from a hunter. Free yourself like a bird flying from a trap. [Proverbs 6 : 5]


360 degree understanding is one of the aspect of being brave! Accepting the challenges and carrying the others along the way.

“we feel sure of better thingsthings that belong to salvation.” 

We read that in the Hebrews letter. A better view , a better understanding , a good wisdom is my reward IF I have patiently waited, obtained the promise. That I have strong encouragement to hold fast to the hope set before me. A whole deep understanding passes all shames and condemnation and turn it to good things for the glory of God. We know that challenges are laid down ahead , victories are on the way , lessons are making us strong and strong. What we just need is understanding .

For , If , I believe Jesus lives forever, So , I have to admit that He is serving me as a Priest(Hbrw 7 : 24-25), when He is my Priest , I am His disciple and learn from His way. As I have a God or a lovely Father who is ready always to help me to understand the life. I passed a year of hard lessons ,I stepped to known , ups and downs of life challenged me But i am now stepping to 360° understanding of God whom strengthen me. Because i know Jesus is intercession to Father.


My little niece telling me , i am soon writing a book called ‘ Be Who You Are ‘. I said where did you get the idea ? She said : from your title of blog : ” YOU ARE AWESOME ”

God call you to be who you are in Him , You can find your greatness in Him. Our human nature loves praise and adoration. But when hard time comes we are run away. God want you stay where you are . Jesus told us Father i am not asking you take them from this world but strength them that they can stay strong in this world.

A 360° understanding trust God. In Joy and grieve. In good and bad time! In the unknown. Jesus saying look at me , I AM all you need for your life. You wanna better view? Look at me. Wanna understanding ? Look at me. Taken to unknown ? Look at me. I am the way , I am the life , I am the truth.

Discover me , See the life different .

You are living in Spirit , You gave up every detail of your life to God. You are consulting from Him for everything even small things of you life , You are making decision base on what He is saying to you . That is all characteristics of those who has the 360° understanding from God. You have Faith enough to be brave and His grace sufficient for all your circumstances ( telling to myself too).

I am waiting for a great known because my God is known although may it seems like unknown , may it seems impossible now . But i have possible God. I have able God. I have a mighty God .


Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

It is time to raise up and keep the Head Held High.

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Sydney New Year Fireworks

You know , Australia is fifth country in the world that celebrates New Year ahead of other countries. Here in Sydney we have many fireworks ( from west to east and north to south), but two main ones run in City-Sydney . One is 9 pm and another midnight.

Here is some of the City-Sydney 9pm fireworks photos …

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See the Video of fireworks HERE.

Happy New Year 2017

In Australia we celebrate the New Year ahead of most countries : )  . We are fifth in the ranking ‘ to observe the new year ‘ table. So That is why i am going ahead and saying Happy New Year and CHEERS everyone.

Lets read Psalms 75 together :

We give thanks to you, God. Yes, we give thanks!
    Your name is near. Your marvelous deeds are declared.

God says, “When I decide the time is right,
    I will establish justice just so.
 The earth and all its inhabitants will melt,
    but I will keep its pillars steady.” Selah

I said to the arrogant,
    “Don’t be arrogant!”
To the wicked I said,
    “Don’t exalt your strength!
   Don’t exalt your strength so highly.
        Don’t speak so arrogantly against the rock.”
Because what exalts someone
    doesn’t come from the east or west;
    it’s not from the south either.
Rather it is God who is the judge.
    He brings this person down,
        but that person he lifts up.
Indeed, there’s a cup in the Lord’s hand
    full of foaming wine, mixed with spice.
    He will pour it out,
    and all of the earth’s wicked people
    must drink it;
    they must drink every last drop!

But I will rejoice[c] always;
    I will sing praises to Jacob’s God!
God says:
“I will demolish every bit of the wicked’s power,
    but the strength of the righteous will be lifted up.”

I just want to say Happy New Year and have a blessed and prosper year ahead in Jesus Name. Have Joy and fun because the Lord have mercy upon us and we can see His wonderful deeds in our life. 


Thank you for your support and great encouraging comments.

The new year would be a year of blessing , happiness and joy with loads of achievement.

See you in Next Year.

Also you can read the 7 things for your soul here.

Love you so much.

Welcome 2017.

Dariush Youkhaneh

2017 – He Will Make a WAY

I know you had a hard year. But this does not mean you are going to have the same year as past. God knows your heart and He searches it. The framework of Christianity is; we believe a God He is alive and active in His people’s life. It is not for make a frame and hang it on the wall. The Bible is full of promises of God.

Love of God make a way ; even it seems there is no way.

When God opens the door who is able to shut it . When He promises to You, It is yours no one can steal it from you. Have Faith . Still He will make a way for you. A new day coming; a new year’s coming. Just open your mouth and say Thank you Lord. Let your heart shout with thanking God. There is no reason for you to not believe in it. Build your faith in Him and let your heart be full. You are part of God’s plan, Be thirsty to be in His presence and in every step He will show you what to do next.

Have Hope , There is always a new day. Always a way that God can provide for you. The humans may help you , may hurt you , may love you and may hate you. But your creator never leave you or forsake you.


Jesus is praying for you. He is thinking for you. It means He is in love with you. Are you worry about How he is going to accept me? Let HE figure it out for you. You just come and give your burdens to Him. Most of us have a problem to not confessing . we really need to do it . Tell to God from zero to 100. Everything happened and/ or you are worry about to happen for you. And let the sovereign Lord deal with it.  God says “I do not call you a servant , I call you friend “. You are the friend of God. You are His. And He is able of ALL. Don’t worry He knows which way is the best one for you.

He is the Door.

For many reason God will make a way for you. I will give it two reasons for you here ( as we are not dictating Him , His grace cover it all )

1- God is Love

Jesus came on the earth to give us life more and more. He had plan for us before the creation of the world , it means He loved us first. That is why He sent His lover Jesus Christ for us on the earth to establish the Father’s love for us. Are you with me?

He is the love and He is the way.

2- He is in love with you

Yes , Not only the nature and characteristic of God is Love. Also He is in love with you personally. He is going to meet your needs individually. Are you serious? The God of universe and everything in it , coming and meeting my needs personally. This is crazy . This is the story of crazy love. Yes it is , He is in love with you and you , because , you are uniquely and wonderfully made in His image.

So believe it in 2017 God will make a way for you. He will open the new doors of greatness for you. You will be healed . You will be whole and you see the wonders of mighty God and You and your surrendering people will glorify Him. You will get strength in Him. You are blessed and everyday of your life will be full of His presence. Trust in Him and know He is with You.


Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

What I need to know for New Year.

In my spiritual journey what i need to know in the year come ahead. What are my responsibility as a Christ-life center lifestyle. My previous year was very weary , although i hadn’t started very well but i am going to finish it strong. But it seems for the Spirit better to know what is my plan than according that God would establish it for me.

In one thing all humanity , as i know ; are SAME . That is taking breath everyday. Actually , no one will tell you (Hopefully) you are not allowed to breath here! So your first bizarre responsibility is to know ‘take a breath’ in all situation. When you know that you are ready to take other responsibility. Why i am saying this , because most of us we forgot to take a breath in our normal life. Take a breath means to know who you are in God’s eyes.


You need to know you are blessed. 

God’s blessing protect us , It is different . It smells like heaven’s flower. When you are blessed ; you are favored and you feel like you are chosen ( which you are really ). I want draw your attention to this very powerful verse in the Bible :

 “Blessed is the one who does not walk in step with the wicked or stand in the way that sinners take or sit in the company of mockers,
but whose delight is in the law of the LORD, and who meditates on his law day and night.
That person is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither— whatever they do prospers.” ( Psalms 1 : 1- 3)
A tree planted by streams of water is fruitful and brings good ones. Your trust is in Him and you bring in right time , right fruit . In whatever you do ; you prosper is clearly obvious for everyone. You need to know you are that person which delight in the law of the Lord.  Listen to this there is more , when you are blessed all your needs are met By God. All your needs when you are walking in His will.
You need to know you are chosen.
You are chosen one too. Even you do not feel it now ! still you are. You need to know it. Why? because God say so , read this what HE told about YOU:
“But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.” ( 1 Peter 2 : 9 )
You belong to a big picture ! Do not feel you are alone. When you are chosen it means you are belong to someone who is authority is over all everybody and anything. You are God special possession. Not for that only being side of God also declaring the praises of Him. Because you are called into His wonderful light.
R.C. Sproul’s book Chosen by God said “If there is one single molecule in this universe running around loose, totally free of God’s sovereignty, then we have no guarantee that a single promise of God will ever be fulfilled.”
The promise of God is fulfilled because you are chosen as His holy nation. Yes , it is true the chosen people go into hardship ;  You are exceptional because God’s favor is upon you and you have been bought for a price.
You need to know you are Loved.
Does not matter how badly you have been hit by enemy , you have to know you are loved. Because He first loved you. You need to know you are loved from now on. May you had doubt about this before , But there is no place such doubts who is loved.
God already showed his great love toward us by His son , you need to believe it :
John 3:16 – For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.

It is great. It is sufficient. It is awesome plan of God for us. It is eternity.
“You have to stop loving and pursuing Christ in order to sin. When you are pursuing love, running toward Christ, you do not have opportunity to wonder, *Am I doing this right?* or *Did I serve enough this week?* When you are running toward Christ, you are freed up to serve, love, and give thanks without guilt, worry or fear. As long as you are running, you’re safe.”  ― Francis Chan, Crazy Love: Overwhelmed by a Relentless God
Do not go far or run away , know that in Father’s house you are always loved.
Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

Governed by the Spirit

We are human beings. Weather we want or not somehow we are attracted to the seen things. This physical world are fancy and lovely somehow. They make us happy in a short period of time. It seems most family broken is the reason of materialism. Apostle Paul said the why of this? According to His word in Romans 8 : 6 (The mind governed by the flesh is death, but the mind governed by the Spirit is life and peace.) Christianity is death if the mind governed by the flesh , Christianity is alive if the mind governed by the spirit which is life and peace. We celebrate these days ( Christmas )  because of Christ not by Christian traditions or a group of people did a song of Joy or may it would be a pagan roots . We do this because we have the spirit of God . We do this because Immanuel came on the earth. Because the spirit of God is with us.


The Spirit of God has worked through the history of humanity and we see the fingerprint of it easily. We can not deny it. If this generation have low or high faith it is not going to impact what God has plan for us. We read it and we saw it . It is depends and up to us. If I do not have faith enough , I am ruining myself and my life . If I want to think like I am living in a new generation or everything is technology and Now human can cure everything I am making big mistake. The human being can not heal the spirit. Only Him who owns the spirit can bring it to whole.

I am taking you to one step up, You need naked yourself of the things of this world. And need to wear a new mind. To be honest there is no other choice around. Are you belonged to the earthly things ? No , you are not. You are not belong here . You are a guest here. Than how would you be ? Some thinking this is a last station . No! Do not be fool . This is not your end . This is a beginning of a new life for you. A life in Spirit. Let your mind know that. Everything is a temporary here but you have eternity in Him. This  would not be hidden from you , the mind of flesh is against God. If others wanted to cover this truth; they are not honest to you. Because the mind of flesh can not please God. If you are living on your own and you are not thinking and living according the plan of God, You are not belong to Him. Because you have not the mind of Christ.


“And if anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ, they do not belong to Christ. ” ( Romans 8 : 9 ).

Who can have the mind of Christ? Whom accepted Him as Saviour and the King and live according to His will. Salvation is not one thing and finished . You need to work on and grow it. You have not finished yet till your hands on his hand. This is the same Spirit raised Jesus from the dead is living in YOU.

“man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart” (1 Sam. 16:7).”

Discipline your spirit to be guided by God. May I haven’t had before , but I want to be in Spirit in my speech and act . And I know it would be hard to have this which all the world going to opposite me. But I know the Spirit helps us in our weaknesses.

Man, our generation is going all the way around for nothing. They do not have a true and meaning purpose of life. Because they forgot to put HIM first. The smartest person , The strongest person , the weakest and the poorest and richest, ALL ; we need to be guided by His spirit.


To this now , when you do understand doing life with spirit how vital is than you abousltly know that :

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” ( Romans 8 : 28 )

Definitely you have been his chosen one. And I believe you are carrying His goodness and greatness to everywhere you go when you are lead by His Spirit.


Written By Dariush Youkhaneh


For to us a child is born

For to us a child is born,
    to us a son is given,
    and the government will be on his shoulders.
And he will be called
    Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God,
    Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. (Isaiah 9 : 6 ).

We celebrate Born of our Lord Jesus Christ , the only saviour of this broken world.

Peace , Joy and Love be your portion.  A very merry Christmas to ALL. christmas

My pray is his Love and hope be yours. A great whispering of heaven into your life. An heavenly peace into your heart. His presence with you everywhere you . With Knowing His truth you be changed forever. That you may know how much He loves and cares for you. My prayer is you love Him and others . My prayer is you give more . My prayer is blessings for you.

Thank you Jesus. Thank you.


-Dariush Youkhaneh

Going to be released tonight!

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Count the Countless Blessings

This Christmas is a good time to tell all your needs to Jesus. For us , as a new generation in 21st century boys and girls how hard is to tell our needs , even bring it to the lips. The fight of machine and electronic stuff with human seems is endless.  We are in a mood of ourselves . We forgot where we came from.

List all the occasion you were blessed in your life in 2016. Even small thing counts. Remember you have been supported , helped , blessed by someone else or something  supernatural things took place. They are not chance or coincidence. They are a group of countless blessings from above. Even you may not be a believer still you have experienced some of great miracle in your life which you may called it ‘ luck’.


I just want to tell you He hasn’t finished yet. He is got a great things only and uniquely made and designed for you to be taken. Always on time! Start counting how many occasions had happened for you and begin to dreaming how greatly He is going to do from now on. If you can not count it let His angels help you. Keep your head held high and see the ocean of blessings coming to you and It is going to water the desert of your life.

Read this and be encouraged :

Ephesians 1:3 “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in Christ with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places.”

Jesus wants to bless you spiritually and physically. You can count the countless blessings of these two prospective. During the ministry of Jesus on the earth , He healed people’s body and also their souls. We believe in Bible , the only book God can directly speak to you through it. We believe in His Son , Jesus Christ. The only way we can mend the broken relationship with God. Let these beliefs overflow in your heart and your heart and mind and body be ready for the great blessings of Him.“When we lose one blessing, another is often most unexpectedly given in its place.” – C.S Lewis.


God has a new blessing only for you.

He loved you even in your hardship this year past. He watched you. Let people think what ever they want. But you grab the goodness of God. Let them think you are narrow minded. But you be single-minded, only you know that you have the close relationship with God. Let the blessings of God shine on your way. You list them , count them , love them. God’s word is your food.

My dearly Father , I pray for your people whom you loved before the creation. I pray for strengthen their soul , for everything they do . Teach them your  way . Let them be touch by the power of the Holy Spirit. You be their teacher. Father remind them for so much blessings you already given them. The bless of family , the bless of being on the earth even with pain. Lord we do not count it as luck but a blessing from you Oh God. The year we past we had so many blessings we simply thanking for it , we appreciate for your goodness. Still Father we are waiting to great things even more great things happen in our life. What an honour to know you. We trust you.

Would you like to pray for the year past? Would you want to praise Him for the countless blessings in your life? Are you ready to honour him in your life?

Why not now? It is not late. Count the countless blessings in your life and give Him thanks. You see How God be pleased.


Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

Pre-Order Your BOOK

‘ 7 things for your soul’ is ready to pre-order now only for $0.99.

If you are my follower here , please send me an email on to get your copy for free.

Did you ever have a vaccine for your soul? Do you know that your soul need one? So, what is the benefit of this? Before I explain to you why. We need to look at what is our condition now. Parents bring their child to a medical centre to vaccinate them. Probably, we have all had a vaccine in a certain time of our life. At this, we reach to question why? Simply, because to prevent diseases. Like that way , you soul needs too. There is so many diseases they want to bring your soul down. How do you stop them? Do not worry , you are not alone; you have an heavenly father within you. You have someone bigger than any diseases in and out of this world. ‘The 7 things for your soul’ helps to know what vaccine you need to apply? Why do you need them? Make your soul fresh and prepare your heart for a great things that God has stored for you.

Here is my goodreads page:


Guided By His Grace.

It is a good time talk about Christmas. As we are going fast to reach to Christmas Day. Some countries are in war and horror. Some are thirsty and hungry . Some are in desperate physical need of this world and in another stage some people are in spiritual need.

In another view , some are joyfully pleasing in this Christmas and excusing and  are saying we can not do anything.

Specially it seems it is a great Christmas for our family. we have little Joy adding to our family. Now I am uncle again. what a joy! My brother’s son was born right a week before Christmas day. A handsome boy was born.

In the face of brutal world we all somehow needy in a way. That is where we can place Jesus in our life. Jesus Came to declare that ‘ all I want is You ‘. Because my love toward you is real. Jesus is saying I love you , I am for you. Each year we celebrate born of Jesus. But what is meaning of that? Some are not interested as long as is fun. Some loves party and good holiday. Some are neutral. Christmas needs a responds and than fun. Christmas is a reason to know that there is a saviour. it is a chance for you to come to Him.


Maybe this Christmas is a chance to love someone . May this Christmas is a time to reconcile . May this Christmas is a time to join together as family. Jesus Came to join , mend and heal you. “And know that I am with you always; yes, to the end of time.” Jesus Christ.

Read the birth of Jesus : Luke 2:1-20

If we allow Jesus in our small world He is able to fresh our souls and make a new way for us. His Grace covers all your shame and condemnation , It is never let for you to have a new start. Yes , I do not know what you are going through right now but I know our God is bigger than any weaknesses and mistakes and faintly heart. You will need one touch of Him , your life will be changed forever. Why not this Christmas? Why not take one step close to Him?

Tell Him, Be close to Him. Say ‘ God I do not know you  still know me but I am broken completely , If you exist come and help me ‘ If you tell this from the bottom of your heart God will intervene . You do not need to be perfect to have a prayer to Him. You need to come Home . You just been away from Father’s house. It is not a big deal for Him. His love is for you always. He will wash you and clean you by the power of blood of Jesus whom already paid the price for you.

Let His love and grace blown you away.

Let His blood wash you.

Let His hand help you out.

Let His power support you

Let His arms works for you

Let His eye be on you

Let Him have Control.

Dance with Jesus.

Let Him at this Christmas guide you by HIS GRACE.



Written By Dariush Youkhaneh





New Book for Christmas

Good news.

These past weeks , I stopped my pervious writings and I was writing a new book for Christmas ( as you see slowing on my blogging)  , which hopefully by the grace of God going to be published before Christmas time.

This book is free of charge for my followers. If you are following me here . Please email me on , than I will be able to send your copy of book to your email. Also I will be proudly glad if you can give me  your review on this.

As I am writing the last page of the this Ebook. Please send me your request before publishing even you can participate on this.


Why am I writing this book:

I see Christmas behind Christmas , the thirsty of people , how they are passing each year and lose the opportunity of believing something beyond this world that can give them supernatural things. I am motivated to encourage the new generation as I am one of them. Because I see the needs that Jesus was talking about.

About the book

It is about thanking . It is about simply giving . It is about saying sorry and not be ashamed . It is about forgiving and loving . It is about a new start in living and hoping.These 7 things in Christmas are not an immediate cure rather they are like a vaccine going to be applied during the time.

It is covered in 7 chapter . 7 vaccines for your soul. 7 steps to know where you are.

The book starts with a explanation and what was the motives of it . Then straight goes to inject the vaccines to you.

When is going to be published?

Right before  the Christmas day.

Are you my follower here and want to participate ?

I would be happy send you a copy of the book for review. Please send me an email with your request to participation. My email is

Book title?

Christmas ‘Vaccination , 7 things for your soul.


Any question ?

Send me an email.



Dariush Youkhaneh






Thursday Devotion

“Earth’s troubles fade in the light of heaven’s hope.” Billy Graham said. This heaven’s hope does not disappoint us. Our hope is real and eternal. Because , Jesus Christ the only saviour of the world is coming soon and we are waiting for Him and we are going to reign with Him. 

” And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.” Romans 5 : 5

A Christian hope is not to the seen things. It is patience with a faith that has bee given by God. Although the earthly world is ruining with its desires but we have hope in Him. Although it seems everything’s mess up but we are patient because the love of God is in our hearts and we wait  for the promise of God peaceably. Paul says this like extraordinary hope and a future glory. Jeremiah declared this (Jeremiah 4 : 12).

Let our God fill us with His hope and grace again than we can stand strong on the rock.

Thursday Devotions – Dariush Youkhaneh 

I will not die! BUT LIVE

The resurrection power of Jesus Christ is over us . We do not die , Nah . We are alive in Him forever. There is no death , no darkness , no power here and there can take it away this from us.

We will live forever.

We are healed in Jesus ‘Name . We have everlasting life in Him. We are who called the sons and daughters of light. Who? Where? What is able to separate you from this claim? This is the word of almighty God.

The heaven collide earth to meet my needs. Because the resurrection power of Christ is alive in me.


I will not die but live, and will proclaim what the LORD has done[Psalm 118:17].

I won’t add to this . I won’t reduce it. I proclaim it. I shout it out. I cry it out because I have victory in my King and I am an overcomer because He overcomes the world.

This is not a lie  that the serpent said to the woman, “You surely will not die! in the book of Genesis. This is a truth from our God.  You are connected to the source of life. A life that will never die. That will never fade. This is powerful. Do you feel the liberating ? This is supernatural power of God over you. You are stamped for His destiny. Do not allow the little things of the ‘seen’ things make it foggy for you. Be courageous! Do not be afraid. God is with you. Be yourself. Grieve is good for your soul but it is not your destiny .

Your destiny is defined in Him.

Hallelujah. The lamb overcome the world. He finished. He gathered all His nations in one place : the Heaven.


Written by Dariush Youkhaneh

If you have been blessed please send it over to your friends and family. Let’s spread the goodness of God.


Thursday Devotion

And praying, do not use vain repetitions like the pagans, for they think that in their many words they will be heard. Our prayer starts with praise with authority of the everlasting king. And we finishes with humbly respect and thanksgiving. We seek our daily needs. His desires and wishes are first for us and our family and people around us. And we ask for protection over us from anger of this world . We receives blessings from Him. His kingdom come and the earth full of His love and compassion with clear conscious and pure faith from us. You may say your heart with simple prayer as Jesus taught to His disciple :
 “This, then, is how you may pray:
 “ ‘Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name, 
 your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. 
 Give us today our daily bread. 
 And forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors. 
 And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one.’ 
 For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. ” ( Matthew 6 : 9 -14)

Two boats!

[Luke 5 : 1-11]

Mostly , we are looking to the problems rather than to solutions. Simon one of Jesus disciple was a fisherman . The night before he and his partners tried all night to catch fish. But they have been unsuccessful.  They used their all tricks to catch any but still hours and hours spent for nothing. Until morning they came back and they were washing their nets. There were two boats there. Probably they are tired and upset about where are the fish? That was not only for them. This happened to their mates too at another boat.

As Jesus was standing around the lake and people as always crowding around him. He saw the boats and He got into one of them which was belonging to Simon. And Jesus asked him to put out a little from shore.


God asking you to go away a little from shore. A little away from the earth and all their issues . He is asking you to go with Him. He got into your boat of life and He wants you to move away. Although may your boat is a bit old and not a long time move away. But He wants to do the miracle in your life. He will use your old boat to bless others too.

Then, He sat down and taught people from the boat[3].

Are you ready now for a miracle ? Are you prepared to see how God suddenly turn around your situation. When Jesus is on your boat anything could happen. God is with you. He said to you move and you have no reason to be worry . He said go away a little from shore. God can do big things if you are willing to move a little. If you obey Him what he is saying you will see the big things.

“Put out into deep water, and let down the nets for a catch ” Jesus said[4].

When they obeyed Him , They caught such a large number of fish that their nets began to break. Here is the another main thing you need to be aware. And because of huge number of fish they caught, they called another boat to come and help them and that another boat(life) filled with the fish. God not only will fill your boat ( life) with fish ( blessings ) . You also will be a blessing for others. You will bless another boat(life) . The good things about this, is, sometimes we are blessed for others, and it seems Jesus sat down on their boat. But let not this disappoint you because eventually God will bless both boats. He is coming into your boat , be ready that God has blessing with Him for you.

“Don’t be afraid from now on you will catch men”. Jesus said to Simon.

The moment He stepped into your boat , He makes you a leader to guide others. He makes you His disciple to follow. He takes your worry to joy and gives you abundantly blessings.

God is on your boat!


Written By Dariush Youkhaneh