Spring days

Birds are singing, the flowers are smiling and the sky is raining. It is Spring here. And I have such a joy for a new season. Beautiful days ahead. The good news is here, I have hope my new book will be out by mid December, and I believe massively going to bless everyone. A bunch of short true stories to inspire everyone.

God still working in your life. He was working before the creation of the world. We are thinking can do everytjing by our own ability! Does it really work? May for a short time. I’m true God there is a true blessing. There is nothing in your past, present and future can hold you back of this true blessing.

Psalmist says ” I will live in perfect freedom”. In whatever season we might be in.

Have a blessed Wednesday.

Dariush Youkhaneh

You and me live in perfect liberty. In



    1. Thanks Racheal for your curiosity! Have you read my last book? ( you can find it in my book part).
      I have not publicly announced yet! All my books are between non-fiction and fiction. I have my own style of writing. Following passionately God’s heart in my books. My new books basically would be short stories based on true stores happened in my life which of course i elaborate them in a way of story and inspiring readers. I am so excited for that because it will be a great book which impacting many. Hope you can read it. Find my book in all online book ( iBooks < google play , amazon..). Hope this answered your question. Thank you again for your interest.

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      1. That sounds interesting – especially since they are based on real events. It is good that you are following what God/Yah wants you to write. Will check it out.


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