the most inspirational Christian blogs of 2020 / updated

Hi dears , This post is continue of Part 2 post . The intention was to brought to you 200 the most inspirational Christian blogs of 2020 , however I trust with the help of you this list will be completed. We have a lot of bloggers just simply ” like the post ” rather than comment their blog. I urged my fellow beloved bloggers to comment their blogs that i know i can bring them in and have a visit.

Anyway , Here we have our precious , 22 the most Christian blogs of 2020 so far :

However the mission continues to fulfill the goal .

If you know your blog inspire people and you – and you are not in the list just leave me a comment here and I’ll have a visit and add you in.

1- Pure Glory –
2- Karina’s thought –
3- Beholding him ministries –
4- My Journey by Grace –
5- Cynthia’s War Room –
6- From the darkness into the light-
7- The God Minute –
8- Robertlain –
9- Biblesrudentblog –
10- Mukti –
11- MY words of hope –
12- Dracul Van Helsing –
13- Tangie T.Woods –
14- GodChild –
15- Lighten the load –
16- Maria de-boss lady –
17- Stephen Baragwanath –
18- Sophiea witt-
19- Royal Dainties –
20- David daily dose –

21- Shifting My Perspective by Calire –
22- Sophia Loren abenjamin –

Check them out and find out why they are so inspiring blogs.

With love

Dariush Youkhaneh

12 Comments on “the most inspirational Christian blogs of 2020 / updated

  1. When you have a chance, check out my Christian or faith-based blog I believe it might resonate with you as a believer. I chose the name Leap from the Pages because I want the faith…the strength…the obedience of those in the Word to not just be stories to us, but to leap from the pages of the Bible and become real in our lives.

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    • Good to see your comment and specially you in the world of bloggers as you are sharing the truth , I am so glad you are here. Great blog , keep posting and inspiring. Thank you for being you and sharing your heart. Peace be with you ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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