Part 2- Gathering 200 the most inspirational christian blogs of 2020 / comment your blog …

Continue of our mission to gather 200 the most inspirational christian blog (ICB) of 2020. In month of May I have posted a blog that we are going to publish our final list soon : read here if you missed it :

However, without your help this list can not be finished, If you have a christian blog and inspiring yours and others, please go ahead and comment your blog here that i can add your blog to my list 🙂 If you know a great blog , comment it here and let them know to come and let me know!

Are you in the list?

As much as i love your ” LIKE ” . If you don’t comment your blog , i wont know your blog 🙂 Go ahead and comment.

The below list need to be completed , if you can not find your blog below please comment:

1- Pure Glory –
2- Karina’s thought –
3- Beholding him ministries –
4- My Journey by Grace –
5- Cynthia’s War Room –
6- From the darkness into the light-
7- The God Minute –
8- Robertlain –
9- Biblesrudentblog –
10- Mukti –
11- MY words of hope –
12- Dracul Van Helsing –
13- Tangie T.Woods –
14- GodChild –
15- Lighten the load –
16- Maria de-boss lady –
17- Stephen Baragwanath –
18- Sophiea witt-
19- Royal Dainties –
20- David daily dose –
21- Sophia Loren abenjamin –

The final list will be published in December!

Look forward to see and read your great blogs 🙂

Happy days ahead.

Heaps of Love❤

Dariush Youkhaneh



    1. Hi Claire , thanks for reminding , I’ll definitely included yours, your blog is so inspiring, loads of encouragement posts. I recommend everyone to have a visit Claire ‘s website. I am learning from your writings. Thanks for being you and your heart blesses many. Keep shining ❤✌


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