Wrap your cloak around you and follow me!

What would you be feeling when an angel tells you: ” Quick get up, put on your clothes and sandals, wrap your cloak around you and follow me ”

This is what happened to Apostle Peter in Prison. He did not expect that, but he assuredly slept and know the God he serves got this. How does he know that? I think apostle Peter was walking with the Lord every day and his fellow believers also prayed for him. He was a leader and well know. But, totally not because of his ability and leadership but of obedience.

Apostle Peter was familar with the sound of “follow me” as Jesus had invited him before.

This message is for today’s life. The moment the angel of the Lord said “Quick get up” the chains fell off Peter’s wrists.

One voice of God can give us a breakthrough and break the chain of darkness. If you are experiencing and feel you are in the chain, I have good news for you, your chain not going to cling to your wrist forever! Soon, and very soon the Lord will tell you ” Quick, get up” and then your chain will fall my friend.

When you are free from all the heavy stuff of this world. Then, the time is to follow him. You know the way now. Your heart is truly in free mode. And as the Lord led Peter, he will lead you and direct you to the right path. Trust him, follow him to the end.

Jesus is with you. Freedom is near, prepare your cloak and follow his way.

Read: Book of Acts chapter 12.

Your friend

Dariush Y


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