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Tuesday Devotion 14 April 2020 / Hold on

Dear beloved friends and followers . Thank you for being with us for 21 days devotions. I am truly blessed to have you here. I am so thankful i was able to share the goodness of our Father and encourage us all. The main… Continue Reading “Tuesday Devotion 14 April 2020 / Hold on”

Take risk…

I don’t afraid to be ME in the world of changing identity. I look ahead to see the changes in my life. I am living in a society which identity is lost and a big question mark there. People do not know they are man or… Continue Reading “Take risk…”

Why am I attending Church

If you have these questions : (Are you tired of church? does the church not treating you well? There is thousands reason why I am not going to church?) If you have facing those questions I am here to help you. I am here… Continue Reading “Why am I attending Church”