Take risk…

I don’t afraid to be ME in the world of changing identity. I look ahead to see the changes in my life. I am living in a society which identity is lost and a big question mark there. People do not know they are man or woman! I am living in an environment that was predicted many many years ago to be like this way. Which we call it prophecy. I need to find a way to know what is the truth. The only and only way I found is in Christ even the community , family , relationships are falling apart . I say on the ground and declare His name. My identity found in Him even I see the wicked thing is such a normal things these days. Love definition is changed. Friend are not looked like friendship in 20 years ago. We call that adoption – adopt to your city ,where you live. But think about what we need todays. I am not saying we need to back days and live like that way. I am saying we( I) need to know what is real love or truth. Let me tell that Love of God is real. It is not playing a game . It is not such a love in this world. It is completely Holy and unique. I said many times in my books. “Love not only changes you, a real love changes people around you in the most caring way. ”

Our streets , our love , our family , our youth , our time , our knowledge … all is for him and his glory only.

How much Grace we need to be injected to us everyday? Is Calvary not enough for us.  Why do we need mix our feelings and emotions and earthly thinking to a real love of God. I truly believe if you have been attached to love of God , you obviously know what is the meaning of life – and why we are here for.  We know what is sin- what break God’s heart because we love to love Him every day – a daily base of grace and mercy into our life. I believe in this with whole my heart. But how can we find this- bring all the philosophies books, bring all ideas and opinions – all wisdom of all nations – gather them around one table . It is not going to be enough – but one book- it will change your life and my life forever- that is Holy Bible. It is true. Inspired with love of God.

Changing is a process but loving is an action to be taken not in word but in act.

I hope you are following me till now – and know what I am saying to you.

Take a risk to an unknown place but a known cause.


This is  a cause keep you going. Cause is a reason to take a risk. A risk is not necessary an uncertainty – it is certain and sure of things. Jesus knew the cause of dying for us. He died to wash all humanity sin- whoever know him by name and believe Him in the heart. Change not going happen without risk. If you are not going to take a risk to drive. You are not going to be a driver. But you took the risk and drive and you saw the change after 5 times being behind the wheel now you are more confident than before. You see, risk pleases to take action , action pleases to take risk , and risk , changes your life.

Risk means trust in the Lord in the middest of overwhelming life and leaning not to your own understanding.

I love this verse when Peter took the risk and step out of the boat. He took the risk and trust in God :

He said, “Come.” So Peter got out of the boat and walked on the water and came to Jesus.

Matthew 14:29

Here we also read : “Danger can never be overcome without taking risks.” — Latin Proverb

Did you read that – Peter got out of the boat and walked on the water.  God says to me and to you , Come. Come with all your pain and suffering – I know what you are going though now. I am with you – You just come. You just trust me . You just follow me and leave all your broken heart to me and I will heal it for you. Come my child. Then Peter stepped out . Then we can step out of our miserable and storms life, Then we can came out of our comfort zone. And Jesus says to me . Come out and walk . I teach you how to walk on the water . I teach you how to walk in fire but not be burnt , I teach you how to forgive , I teach you how to learn to focus on me. I teach you how to be you and me and I teach you how to obey me. You just take the risk and come out of your broken boat.

Jesus is telling us in above scripture that we need to take risk.

There is no Progress when there is no walk!

In whatever situation me and you , are in we CAN come out of our insecurity and step out to a secure and safe place – in the arm of Jesus Christ. He is the best ever person you may every know. There is good cause to go out. Jesus says I know you are afraid but trust me , come to me. If there is no job , Jesus says come and walk with me. If there is a relationship problem Jesus says come and walk with me . If there is a struggling in area of life internally and externally , Jesus says come and walk with me. I teach you how to be wise and strong and brave.

God put everything in order if we be out of that order – we will feel and know that is unnatural and untruth. Where we are now? If you are reading now- please look at to your heart ( not to your mind ) what does it tell you. I need to know how I use my mind and heart and soul in order to please God. what dream and vision God put in your heart? Take the risk and go out of the boat.

What’s definition of Risk from Wikipedia: I brought you here one definition here for more please click here.

” Risk is an uncertain event or condition that, if it occurs, has an effect on at least one [project] objective. “

Pearls don’t lie on the seashore. If you want one, you must dive for it.” — Chinese proverb

What pearls are we looking for it? we can not find it on the seashore , we need to take risk.





  1. Amen! Yes ! Love is a action not merely words. Anyone can say I love you or I love them but is it really shown in action. Jesus is the greatest Man that showed what it was to love and He laid down His life for this world. and as in the Word of God the Lord Jesus does say ” NO greater love is than this to lay down your life for your friend… ”
    Risk ? Living and being obedient to Christ can be risky as we are unaware of the persecution we may come under.. By loving the Lord we should be willing to take risks… Stepping out to the Unknown and having faith in the Lord..
    Sorry for many words . I enjoyed your Post today. God Bless you Brother !!

    Liked by 1 person

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