Thursday Devotion , 9 April 2020 / Rejoice

Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, rejoice.
Philippians 4:4 ESV

This is a full delight to unbroken gladness in the Lord. This kind of delight have Joy in the sorrow too. We are called to rejoice in sadness and happiness. Yes , we cry with those are crying , we smile and laughter with those are happy. We have Joy in the Lord regardless of the circumstances . A full eternal joy within. St.Paul is telling to Philippians, ” always have our heavenly Father divine presence of Joy within you , I am telling you have this joy. And be very glad for his glory.”

2 year ago in my post “keep smiling joy is our portion ” I encouraged all to have Joy season in and out.

When the pain hit us hard and wants to steal our heart, have Joy , in another word St.Paul is saying to us. Mostly Joy comes with peace as Romans 15 : 13 talks about it. We have this great reason to feel joy , and to be very delighted. And no one here on earth can take this away from us. This bundle of Joy is for us as the follower of Christ. We have Joy of the Lord , we have Him , we have whom has created the all things. We have his peace with full assurance of His Glory.

Let’s meditate on this . B e S t i l l and talk to God. Let Him know How much his presence gives you Joy and Peace. Then reJoy’c in it.

Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

Invite your friends to join with us. We are so much happy that Meditating on God’s word can keep our Joy full in Him. I am glad you are here. Truly am. Thank you and Love you.❤

Wednesday Devotion 8 April 2020 / Newness of life

Easter time are my memorable times of the year. The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Cross , the Love his shown to the world and personally to me is truly remarkable. He sealed my heart to His forever heart, when I personally known Him as my saviour. Don’t get me wrong , I am still getting to know Him, looking forward of his Presence. I’ve experienced an unexplainable joy within me. My soul got to fly.

I need to know what’s the Cross mean for me in a deeper level again. For some people is foolish thing , but for us.. the Cross means victory, place were Newness of life was born , a place were God saw how deeply we need and depend to Him.

As we are walking to the Hill were Jesus was crucified , let’s think How this blooded Cross brought Grace and Love to our life. Although the victory is ahead as He rose from death. As Romans 6 : 4 says let’s walk in newness of life. A life that Christ paid a heavy cost on the Cross. Let’s walk into purpose of heaven were Jesus says to Father “ I brought a new life for them , the old has gone , forgive them “.

Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

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Monday Devotion 6 April 2020 / Untie Your heart, Jesus is coming to Jerusalem of your heart

Jesus was on the way to Mount Olives. He is on colt and People are Praising Him for things he has done. They didn’t know what’s his kingdom about to do. They thought , He is going to establish a kingdom now and they can be free from Romans empire. Jesus established a forever kingdom on earth and heaven. His kingdom is not such a short time perish. He came to untie the world of opportunities , untie a new life with Him forever , untie a faith and hope in Him.

If we are not going to cry out and untie the bondage of this world. Jesus answered, “I tell you, if these were silent, the very stones would cry out.” Please untie your heart to this wonderful God. Praise Him for who He is. If we don’t the stones will. Are we not more precious then stones? Break these stones within and lose your self in His presence. Jesus rod that colt for me and you. Grab the book of Luke and see chapter 19 of it , See how our Lord humbly entered to Jerusalem.

I am going to untie my Jerusalem heart to let him my Jesus control. I will let the king of heaven enter it. Yes ,I give him my all. I am in awe of your beauty Jesus. Please UNLCOK all your treasure within me. You are the peace of this broken boat.

We meant to Praise Him. We meant to seek him. Jesus wept for our heart (Jerusalem). He is going to clean it perfectly. Make it white as snow. Are you ready to truly be changed?

Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

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Friday Devotion , 3 April 2020 / Brightness


I am certain of this, God’s open door, would be a way of light into my world. I can confess that I am blind in most things, although I can see with the normal eyes , but my spiritual eyes need to be equipped. Yes , I need spiritual eyes to see the light of things around. My only guidance , Jesus, help me to see the things I need to see. I need Godly sight to be led in a way of Him.

As Jesus said the greatest one among you must be your servant.To be that , my servanthood character need change , need humbleness and requires brightness within me. Not empty word , I need to be bright to my self , learning to make my days bright , in that way I can shine for heaven and earth.

Then, strange things will be put aside. A brave heart must be made within me. A strong Godly peace which came from the Holy Spirit changes me inside out. To be a bright person here , in this time of history. I am His and He is mine.

Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

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Thursday Devotion April 2 , 2020 / There is hope


We have a new hope shining upon us every morning. The good news of eternal life with Christ Jesus. Even there is no way, God’s open a door. Faith to unseen things , God is on throne. We can not add or delete anything by worry. But , by having Faith we can change ours , others and things around.

The King is mighty, reigns forever. He is Holy , Hope in the Highest. He can see anything , our mistakes and miserable times are a bridge to reach him. Asking how? Believe and Act. Praise him by lips and work in faith for him in any area of society me and you are in.

Yes , still there is Hope. Darkness can not overcome the Light. Exalt the Lord our God. He has never forgotten us. Sing a new song of praise to Him.

Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

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