Monday Devotion 6 April 2020 / Untie Your heart, Jesus is coming to Jerusalem of your heart

Jesus was on the way to Mount Olives. He is on colt and People are Praising Him for things he has done. They didn’t know what’s his kingdom about to do. They thought , He is going to establish a kingdom now and they can be free from Romans empire. Jesus established a forever kingdom on earth and heaven. His kingdom is not such a short time perish. He came to untie the world of opportunities , untie a new life with Him forever , untie a faith and hope in Him.

If we are not going to cry out and untie the bondage of this world. Jesus answered, “I tell you, if these were silent, the very stones would cry out.” Please untie your heart to this wonderful God. Praise Him for who He is. If we don’t the stones will. Are we not more precious then stones? Break these stones within and lose your self in His presence. Jesus rod that colt for me and you. Grab the book of Luke and see chapter 19 of it , See how our Lord humbly entered to Jerusalem.

I am going to untie my Jerusalem heart to let him my Jesus control. I will let the king of heaven enter it. Yes ,I give him my all. I am in awe of your beauty Jesus. Please UNLCOK all your treasure within me. You are the peace of this broken boat.

We meant to Praise Him. We meant to seek him. Jesus wept for our heart (Jerusalem). He is going to clean it perfectly. Make it white as snow. Are you ready to truly be changed?

Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

Please follow my devotion daily till 14 April. I am honoured you are here. If any of this post spoken to your heart would you share it to your loved ones ? Let’s share the blessed to others. If you don’t the stones will..



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