Thursday Devotion April 2 , 2020 / There is hope


We have a new hope shining upon us every morning. The good news of eternal life with Christ Jesus. Even there is no way, God’s open a door. Faith to unseen things , God is on throne. We can not add or delete anything by worry. But , by having Faith we can change ours , others and things around.

The King is mighty, reigns forever. He is Holy , Hope in the Highest. He can see anything , our mistakes and miserable times are a bridge to reach him. Asking how? Believe and Act. Praise him by lips and work in faith for him in any area of society me and you are in.

Yes , still there is Hope. Darkness can not overcome the Light. Exalt the Lord our God. He has never forgotten us. Sing a new song of praise to Him.

Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

If this spoke to you, can you share it to your loved ones. They may need to read this. Keep safe and healthy.



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