Tag: Be brave

Take Courage

Unfortunately, the world going in the wrong way. As time goes pass by, we see this is a reality. I am not here to tell us how worse things are but to remind us how beautiful things can be. Indeed, things change, human change,… Continue Reading “Take Courage”

The Garden Of Our Ways!

These days are very special for me. As I am praying for a company change from God. He did answer in the right time with his special way of answering. In our terms and conditions we may see the things good for us. But… Continue Reading “The Garden Of Our Ways!”

Be Best | Be Blest

Life is harsh sometimes. I feel everyday I am stepping to live eternity with Christ. I am living in it – a life of vision and dreams. When I try to walk in the tunnel of dreams – it is getting tougher. Because I… Continue Reading “Be Best | Be Blest”

That’s what we made for

We made for life. We made to try . We made to live a life of legacy. How can it be? Just give it ago. I know sometimes its hard , I know sometime seems its impossible, but it is not! Not at all.… Continue Reading “That’s what we made for”