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Life is harsh sometimes. I feel everyday I am stepping to live eternity with Christ. I am living in it – a life of vision and dreams. When I try to walk in the tunnel of dreams – it is getting tougher. Because I know those finding the door of visions are a few- everybody walking a wide open and easy door. Everybody swimming with the flow. Suddenly when you fight – when you tell the truth – when you go right way ( in the eyes of the world wrong way) everybody looking at you – ha what he is doing? …

This World is not the way I will go . The way I will go is his way. He fills my potential love in me- He directs me and couches me the way I should go. If the world put me in dead end I try to do my best and trust in the Lord who strengthen me. Before I was on my way. Now I am living in Him. I am flowing my self to a way I have never been before. I am taking the risk of being who he wants me to be does not matter what others will think about me – it does not matter what the world will think about me. I will sing with all my being – the sing of victory and praise.

If life cry me out – I bow down to my God. If life laugh me out – ah … I sit in the peace of my Jesus – at His feet I receive grace and love .


I do not know how does it look like for you today. But when your feelings storming your life- stay calm and listen to your heart and follow your dreams even you can not see any progress at the moment. Be YOU. Being others is like walking one the corroded bridge- anytime you may fall. But when you walk by the decision that God has put in your heart is the best ever life you would have possibly have. It is like you are walking on the Iron bridge . It is like you built your house on the rock. It is like a soldier ready for a war. It is like a farmer harvesting the best crop on the land- It is sweeter than any honey on the planet.

I see my self in three angles :

1- Like soldier

2- like a sports man

3- Like a farmer

I am like a soldier – need to be ready for a fight. Taking my weapon of grace in Christ. A good soldier of Him. Ready to endure the sufferings on the way.

“Soldiers don’t get tied up in the affairs of civilian life, for then they cannot please the officer who enlisted them.”[ 2 Timothy 2 : 4]

If only realise that..

I love to win the prize. In fact who does not! But winning the win demanding to follow the rules…

“And athletes cannot win the prize unless they follow the rules.” [ 2 Timothy 2 : 5]

My grandpa was a farmer – I am proud of that . I learnt many things as a farmer do on the land. And I always remember the best part of it- when we are enjoying the cultivate of it ..

“And hardworking farmers should be the first to enjoy the fruit of their labor.” [ 2 Timothy 2 : 5]



Written By Dariush Youkhaneh


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