How can you be in the world of chaos? Can you be like Jesus? Can you be in Peace? Can you be in Love?

It was two years ago – we’ve been free of restriction—the world with no wild Covid-19 virus was at least freedom. We could go to Church, and We could go to our schools and workplaces. We could go to restaurants. Now, we almost forget about how and when was the last time we gather as a community! 

Let’s turn off those voices and see what and how can we be like in the chaotic world?

If Jesus was here now- what he would do? Was he able to move around the city by city and preach the gospel of the kingdom of God? 

How can be in this world of unbelief? Everyone looking for their benefit. A country is taking over and goes in a completely wrong direction. The distance is getting more and more between families. How can one be the agent of peace in the world of chaos? 

Being Jesus on earth:

The very step of every human is to be like Jesus. Being like Jesus means to obey what he commands. There is no religious mask over a like-Jesus person. There is no double-minded here and there. They are not perfect but trying to be like Jesus. They are quick confessers and know others win the race is essential, and in the meantime, they keep their race in the eyes of Jesus. They know nothing can satisfy their thirsty souls but Jesus himself. They are living water that flows on drylands on earth. Everyone enjoys their company. They give Love and no expectation to return. They are kind and intelligent – stay alert to destroy the scheme of the enemies. Do you want to be like Jesus on earth?

Jesus said: ” Remain in me as I remain in you.” [John 15:4 ]

Being in Peace with:

If you are in Jesus – then you are the source of peace. You are the agent of peace; everyone wants to know what is the secret of your heart. They watch you secretly and learn from you- the way you speak attracts people and gives the audience wisdom and peace. You are in the centre of God’s will; it seems you are in the right place with the right people at the right time. You are content with your soul. You don’t look for answers; you are the answer! Because Jesus himself is in you. Peace beyond human understanding is in and with you. The only things that come and go into your heart are Light, Love, and Peace. So, you are at peace with everyone everywhere and yourself! 

“Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts.” [Colossians 3:15]

Being in Love with:

Love is not the four letters anymore. It is Love in the act. It is not a private love, but it is public – for everyone. It is for the family, friends, neighbour and nation and any race and tribe. Love does not know the colour! The only thing Love knows – it is softening and changing the hearts! If you are in Love with God – indeed in the right way through Jesus and peace is in you. Love keeps things in peace and changes destiny for the better. Love hold marriages stronger and turn a troubled teen into a loving child for the parents; Love does not know the borders. There is no limitation. 

” Love must be sincere.” [ Romans 12: 9 ]

What is your solution ? What quality can you offer to our broken world?

Written by Dariush Youkhaneh

A Fresh Air

The ugly face of Corona was nothing compares the ugliest face of tyranny on the earth. This earth was made beautiful. And It is beautiful, still! The Spirit of God did not give us the spirit of timid but Power and beauty.

Happy Pentecost day dear! ” You shall receive Power ” ” a fresh air”
I pray that the fresh air of Spirit and His wind of health come and cover whole earth again ! Cleanse our impurity in all degrees , and takes away all injustice in the world.
As the deciples of Christ , WAIT for the power of Holy Spirit , I pray God give us the Spirit of WAIT and patience. I am humble for this.
I pray for a fresh air over all households in any background or region they might be.
The Fresh Air of the Spirit , all we need , for any nation in the world. Yes ,the deciples had waited for this fresh air. It had changed the atmosphere for them, it will change our air today also.

This Fresh Air of Spirit started thousands years ago , now , we can carry and see this everywhere we go , the below are some of the fresh air from Sydney ,Australia ! I am sure there millions like this on earth , find yours nearby you:

These days spotty air need the fresness of the Spirit. The Love of Jesus , the forgiveness of Sin , the Grace to unlash any issue. Let’s breath in the fresh air of Spirit and breath out the muggy air.

Let’s hold on to this Fresh Air of Spirit.

There is salvation into this fresh air.

There is forgiveness into this fresh air.

There is love into this fresh air.

There is Jesus into this fresh air.

There is hope into this fresh air.

There is faith into this fresh air.

There is mercy and just into this fresh air.

There is healing into this fresh air.

Which one are you seeing now? Which, do we need most ?

Oh , how needy we are ! How awesome is God ! How beautiful is Spirit , How great is Jesus !

The Fresh Air of Spirit come upon us.

Much Love

Dariush Youkhaneh

Do something..

Don’t disappear, find something you love to do, do something can change you. Don’t worry about what other people thinks. You are already phenomenal. You have been born this way. Why are you stopping? Why are you casting down your soul within you ?

Hold on. Hold on what s right and truth.

Cry if you need to.

Stream if you want to.

Laguter when there is a pain

Love no need reason. No need ” a why”. No need” a condition”. Make a chance by a choice ! Do something!

Need a pair of wing to fly ? Than find it somewhere.

Need a ladder to go to heaven? Than search it till to fund it.

Just look up and keep your heads held high , you are worthy. Pull out the truth within you and proof your self you can, you deserve it.

Let see what God says about you :

You are fearfully and wonderfully made;

You can not control everything, but He can. God works are wonderful,
(I know that full well.)

You are not defined by the world but by the measure of only God whom put Love in you and created it unimaginably. You have not been out of His plan , even one inch.

Now , you can sing Hallehuja.

Hallehuja , that you are an overcomer.

Hallehuja , that you are loved.

Hallehuja that you have a God bigger than your thoughts.

You can do something, you can love Him more. Even with a small version of it.

Emmanuel , God is with us ! That is why we celebrate Christmas ! God truly is with you. Jesus born revealed Fathers love to us. This is massive my friend. If you only say and believe Him in your heart , He will come and changes everything in you.

You can believe again!

Behold Emmanual is with us.

Do somerhing.

You are beautiful.

Written By

Dariush Youkhaneh

♡Home.♡ a place you live in. Is a place of up and down dreams where you takle the challenges. It is a place of victory , a story of broken lives and mended with a ‘H’ of Healing. Sometimes have a Hoo ..Me.

It is a place we can trust God more. Thanking Him for who we are. It took long to know this Home. Home knows my story but I don’t know home’ story !

I am praying rain for this Home. ‘Me’ story is enough , it is time my home story.

Collecting this promise:
“My people will live in peaceful dwelling places, in secure homes, in undisturbed places of rest.”_Isaiah 32:18

This is what we’ve been waiting and Praying for. To be in this Home and enjoy whatever is in there. We continue to live in it even sometimes is harsh and unacceptable. We are made to be in this Home. Oh such a short time but in a long run.

We can cry in this Home.

We can fly in this Home.

We love this Home.

Dariush Youkhaneh

Photo credit by me
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Unique God | An Ordinary Man

A unique God- An intimacy letter to a lovely Father! from an ordinary man.


I am latterly amazed of this God. He has held the dust of the earth in a basket. I can not understand the mind of the Lord. I cannot measure this even in a second how big He is. He is unbeatable. He is unexampled God. Who can stay against Him, whom created heaven and earth all together with one Word. I Lift my eyes and look to the heavens: who created all these? May I lift my eyes again and look at the big picture. May He allows me to stand next to Him and see the world – How small is this earth? His great power and strength are famous in all the earth. Oh You are nonpareil Lord. With all your majesty and matchless presence , you came in dwell in us. You came and gives strength to the weary and increase the power of the weak. I am praising an incomparable God. The God of universe – seen and unseen.

Is it true with all you royalty , you came to us? You allowed me to know you and call you Father. You are unrivalled. I am uniquely and wonderfully made by You because you are unique. How miserable I would be when I won’t trust you. As your only thought is to love me. But my only thought is on earthly things. Give me the eyes of heaven and a heart to follow your light. Allow me to look above my problems . They are nothing in your presence. My hope will be in You , Lord .. will you renew my strength again? I am closing to your glory by stepping to unknown. You are the same God that King David was praising , You are the same God rescued your nation Israel , You are the same Father sent your only Son , You are the same majestic Lord , The Name Above all. So Who am I Lord that you are mindful of Him. Oh My Huge beautiful God , Who Am I you care for him. With all my fall shorting and mistakes you hugging me and saying I am with you till the end of the earth. I’ll put my hope on this incomparable God. I will trust him even everything around me looks a mess up completely. The wisest men on the earth are shocked with the work of your fingers. I like to draw your beauty. You are the best of best artist I know .


The paths of the seas are lost without your leading , Lead me to your path. The fish in the sea , the animal on the ground , the moon and the stars and even the stones they know how famous you are. How come some of us not?

You are the treasure in my faintly-heart and a clear light-road to my pathless life.

You ordained my messy things around and changing me to make like yours. Arise and takes away my iniquity with your just and remove any negativity in me. Make me a person with integrity and search my heart with your matchless presence Lord. O Most High , O Righteous God , I am holding your shield to defend my self from the Iron arrows of this world , secure me with your right hand and save me , I am coming to you with the upright in heart. I love you to the depth of my heart . Even my body refuse to worship you , O Lord my soul will praise you. You are unparalleled God.

Awake me and my whole being to know you more. Paint me with your beauty art hand. Here is my life – all yours!




Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

Isaiah 40

Psalms 8

In CHRIST! You are alive

God made you alive with Christ. You are who are used to be. God made you perfect inside but this world filled you with its earthly and fleshy things. You can be born again and be backed to what you supposed to be. Reaching to His fullness and again be filled with His spirit. But this time the Spirit of God whom raised Jesus Christ from died will raise you. You are not anymore bound or circumcised by this world.

You are belong to Him.

Bible says : “having been buried with him in baptism, in which you were also raised with him through your faith in the working of God, who raised him from the dead.” ( Colossians 2 : 12 )

Baptism is not a tradition thing  so, but , rather , it is a symbol of that ‘ you are not belong to the world ‘ , and , shows and declares that ‘ you are belong to Him ‘.

God want you to be in the world and shine to others and display in a proper way that you are belong to Him. But the think is here where we have been still in our own way of selfish doing things. God made you alive with Christ , that time you are able to shine in earthly world. The fortune  is God made a way for us , still , we have time to come back to Him. Still we have time to confess. It is not late. You have a story to tell. You have gone a way that no one experienced before, share it for the glory of God. He forgave you , that is a matter.

You are forgiven.


Paul says your whole self ruled by the flesh was put off when you were circumcised by Christ. it is hard for most of us to put off our whole self things, and it is hard to say sorry , it is hard to say ‘ i was wrong ‘. But by doing that you will be circumcised by Jesus. And that is a key to be alive in Him. Are you following me? You need to put off your earthly mind and grab a new heavenly cloth to wear. Trust is a word that helps you to go forward in this mission.

You need to be an owner in the unseen world.

We all looking for the thing from this world which we can see! Like House , like car , like everything is touchable , because it is more reasonable for us . Because it is more enjoyable for us. But the unseen world it is not something you can touch , rather , you can choose to be there. It is an eternity life not shortly period of time. May you can not touch it now but you are waiting for it to be tangible for you. Before that , you  need wear the Christ . Between , so many , being lost , because they could not wait enough to reach there. Are you with me? You need to wear the light. Your old self need to gone away and a new self need to come .

You are alive in Christ.

These past days were really blessed days for me. May it was not tangible for me , but you feel it , you are blessed. Because you are following to be blessed , you are knocking to be opened, you are pushing to reach there, you are hoping in Christ. Free from any human rules , and having spiritual mind helps you to pass through in the valley of darkness.  Be connected to head ! in CHRIST.


Written By Dariush Youkhaneh