Do something..

Don’t disappear, find something you love to do, do something can change you. Don’t worry about what other people thinks. You are already phenomenal. You have been born this way. Why are you stopping? Why are you casting down your soul within you ?

Hold on. Hold on what s right and truth.

Cry if you need to.

Stream if you want to.

Laguter when there is a pain

Love no need reason. No need ” a why”. No need” a condition”. Make a chance by a choice ! Do something!

Need a pair of wing to fly ? Than find it somewhere.

Need a ladder to go to heaven? Than search it till to fund it.

Just look up and keep your heads held high , you are worthy. Pull out the truth within you and proof your self you can, you deserve it.

Let see what God says about you :

You are fearfully and wonderfully made;

You can not control everything, but He can. God works are wonderful,
(I know that full well.)

You are not defined by the world but by the measure of only God whom put Love in you and created it unimaginably. You have not been out of His plan , even one inch.

Now , you can sing Hallehuja.

Hallehuja , that you are an overcomer.

Hallehuja , that you are loved.

Hallehuja that you have a God bigger than your thoughts.

You can do something, you can love Him more. Even with a small version of it.

Emmanuel , God is with us ! That is why we celebrate Christmas ! God truly is with you. Jesus born revealed Fathers love to us. This is massive my friend. If you only say and believe Him in your heart , He will come and changes everything in you.

You can believe again!

Behold Emmanual is with us.

Do somerhing.

You are beautiful.

Written By

Dariush Youkhaneh



  1. Mmmm… that waffle cone looks wonderful. What’s its filling?? I am happy to receive the reassurance that “[I am] not defined by the world but by the measure of only God [Who] put Love in [me] and created it unimaginably.” I am happy to be reminded that I “…have not been out of His plan, even one inch.” Praise God!

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