Four things that can help to develop our character in Christ

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Four things that can help us more develop our character in Christ. Are you a leader? Are you a believer? Are you new in faith? Are you old in faith? Are you a non-believer? Or Are you a curious person? Do not go away this post is for everyone.

Have you ever wondered how you can develop your character in Christ? You believed in Jesus; now what? Have you get baptised in the Holy Spirit? Have you been baptised in the water to tell God, ” yes Lord, I died with your Son, Jesus, and now I am alive as He lives ” 

We need many tools and experience to develop our character in Christ. The four below are outstanding developers to enhance our ability to go deeper in our walk with Jesus every day. Perhaps, many old and new Christ-followers are learning and growing in them. The baby steps are great for a start. Do not be discouraged; practice them with a heart willing to get better and closer to God, I am sure you are an overcomer; our God is ready to help on this also. The important question is here; Are we ready yet? 

Let’s read the four’s.

1- Add goodness to your faith ( 2 Peter 1:5)

King James Version tells us, ‘add to your faith virtue, Cambridge Dictionary tells us the meaning of the ‘virtue as ‘ a good moral quality in a person, or the general quality of being morally good.’ How can we add virtue into our life? or if we think we have it, How can we increase it? Good works help us that our calling sure, of course, we have been saved by faith. Here we are adding to our faith, we are not decreasing it at all, but we intend to submit an offer to God in a pleasing way. We need to know that our good works do not save us; these are suppliers, they encourage our faith. If you help the poor, not the poor are blessed, but you are blessed too; your good deeds stir your faith up in Christ. That shows you are taking baby steps to do more for God’s kingdom on earth

2- To know God personally ( 2 Peter 1:5)

Okay, we know the importance of virtue; now, we need to add the knowledge. Knowledge of who? The Living God. You don’t need to get a college or university( of course they are well in their terms) degree; all you need is a ‘heart’ which is ‘willing’ to know God. The Master of heaven and earth is your teacher, to know this teacher, you need to be in His class and learn. The very first step is to hear or read His word. The Master revealed himself in His book. If you buy a bike in a box and want to assemble it, and you do not know where to start, what do you do? You read the Manual. God wants us to read the Manual; what is the Manual? The Holy Bible. Simple as it is. There is power in simple things. Truly, we need to get to know Him; we can not expect the supermarket owner in our street to teach us about Him. But, the first thing is to take and read is the Bible; we pray and study deeply. Let’s be inspired and motivated that God will teach us many things. We learn about the fruits of the Spirit, how to apply them in our life. There is an ocean of new things for each drop of God’s presence. 

3- Learn to add self-control… (2 Peter 1:6 )

To our daily activity and our life. to be honest, I am learning about it; I need it. defined it as ‘control or restraint of oneself or one’s actions, feelings, etc.’ We have a lot of examples in the Bible. Jesus, our saviour, is the best model for us about how to control ourselves. Of course, when the Spirit of God lives in us, He will also lead us. Jesus 40 days was tested in the desert, hungry, thirsty, tired, alone, far away from home – but never lost self-control but quite the opposite, he became more disciplined in his direction of Father’s will. We need to be intentional about our acts and give the right direction to our decisions and feelings. There is no need to be afraid of going the opposite; that is what Jesus did; against all odds, He chooses the narrow door, not the wide and easy one. And guess what? He won.

4- Add godliness and patience (2 Peter 1:6)

These are enormous will add value to our life. Let not the world fool us- Godliness is dead for them. Don’t we know that? brought us this sentence: ” To be wise is to live in godliness, reflecting the nature of the kingdom of God in the course of everyday life.” And indeed, the patience that our world and the world has needed. The real champions are not those in the world’s eyes but those who practice godliness and are patient with the world. This helps us fully in our devotion, and eventually, our character grows in Christ. 

It does not matter, old or new in the faith; we all need godliness and patience, which are the ingredients of our developing character in Christ.

God of all universe, Who once came on earth to rescue us by your Son, Jesus. Please help us take more steps close to you as you are gladly waiting for us to come to you, Lord. God help us to do your will for all four characters above as we grow in you. In Jesus’ Name.

Written by your friend

Dariush Youkhaneh


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