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Wonderful to me

God’s work and act are like a river in my life. Eveything I see around it’s from the source of heaven. A huge blessing that comes from my Father.

I wonder in how the great father of mine keep all this universe hold together for good. A land that many months with no rain; suddenly God poured out his tears and wiped all dryness of our land. Who can measure his Love?

Let this world bring its trouble, we are ready to move on. Because the greater within us is so much bigger than these oppositions.

Hold on the truth , trust me it’s worth till the end. Suddenly God’s breath takes you to the peace land. You will see His hands lights your way. Come and see God’s love will change you forever. As we have been made by His Love. How wonderful is this truth ? Think about it.

Now comment/tell me in this post:

Which one is bigger ?

My trouble or my God !

Encouraged by

Dariush Youkhaneh

Be Active , Be Brave , Be Life

Be Brave. Today that can impact in people’s life around you. Life is full , in today’s busy life what we can do for others? Isn’t enough for me? Can I put away all my selfish thing in a selfy-world.  What I need today , Is not to submit myself to be better when I interact with others?! What I need today is more of God, More the Spirit of true God and change me and others forever. Oh , My dreams – still looking and seeking . The job I am desiring to have , The house I want to buy , The family I want to gather, The travel I want to go. What is important today? Why am I mixing the priorities ? The priority is being in peace with God – then I truly can find my self in enormous rushy-world. There is nothing can satisfy me – except the real love of my creator.

Is there an opportunity  did I  miss? It does not matter.  It won t matter my dear friend. Take a pen and paper. And write from the start-

” I am living in a blessed life, this is my life “


Be positive , be active , be brave – you are living in a blessed life already! You are in right place , just move forward and trust God and see how He is going to establish your steps. You will be amazed of his presence , You will be greatly blessed the year in and the year out. Just look at the trees outside. Look at the garden around you- See , How God is working in your life.

” When God is in Control , enemy is panicking – it looks we are weary but truly we are victorious ” 

Love is active , enormously kind anything comes against. What is the very first thing – Be right to your self ! Accept your place in God- As your name is written on His heart. In your workplace – in your home- in your car – in your school. Let God moves in and see how your prospective changes! Regret will pass away – The doubt I have right now – it wont itch my destiny with God. It wont my friend ! Let them take my everything , But what they  can not take is my future in God. They can not truly. Because My God is Greater. If I live in foolish life in the eyes of this world – because I am getting to live in eternal life. It might half of my own people won’t get it- Because me and you are chosen for a destiny. I am going to put right my heart in the right place . I am going to build my house on the rock even the enemy laugh at me. Even I miss the Opportunity. Even I don’t, I wont, have what I wanted to have! It is never late.

I sit down on my old likeable chair and write that big :

” My God is Great “


It is okay – even the clock is against me. It is okay if ‘ Mr wrong ‘ / ” Ms worng” came  and mess my life on this earth. Because I know I am loved , Because I know I am the child of the most high. The God of whole universe sent his only begotten Son to save me of this selfish life- Why am I trusting my self? I will never do that. I am looking of God’s son – I am above all troubles like eagle look down – How small are they!

” When my God is Big- The problems are so weak “

Who needs my smile today – to be encouraged! I am going to be brave enough to inspire someone – even I might be in pain of the journey.




Written by Heart for heart.

– By Dariush Youkhaneh

Author of Heads Held High


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