Be Active , Be Brave , Be Life

Be Brave. Today that can impact in people’s life around you. Life is full , in today’s busy life what we can do for others? Isn’t enough for me? Can I put away all my selfish thing in a selfy-world.  What I need today , Is not to submit myself to be better when I interact with others?! What I need today is more of God, More the Spirit of true God and change me and others forever. Oh , My dreams – still looking and seeking . The job I am desiring to have , The house I want to buy , The family I want to gather, The travel I want to go. What is important today? Why am I mixing the priorities ? The priority is being in peace with God – then I truly can find my self in enormous rushy-world. There is nothing can satisfy me – except the real love of my creator.

Is there an opportunity  did I  miss? It does not matter.  It won t matter my dear friend. Take a pen and paper. And write from the start-

” I am living in a blessed life, this is my life “


Be positive , be active , be brave – you are living in a blessed life already! You are in right place , just move forward and trust God and see how He is going to establish your steps. You will be amazed of his presence , You will be greatly blessed the year in and the year out. Just look at the trees outside. Look at the garden around you- See , How God is working in your life.

” When God is in Control , enemy is panicking – it looks we are weary but truly we are victorious ” 

Love is active , enormously kind anything comes against. What is the very first thing – Be right to your self ! Accept your place in God- As your name is written on His heart. In your workplace – in your home- in your car – in your school. Let God moves in and see how your prospective changes! Regret will pass away – The doubt I have right now – it wont itch my destiny with God. It wont my friend ! Let them take my everything , But what they  can not take is my future in God. They can not truly. Because My God is Greater. If I live in foolish life in the eyes of this world – because I am getting to live in eternal life. It might half of my own people won’t get it- Because me and you are chosen for a destiny. I am going to put right my heart in the right place . I am going to build my house on the rock even the enemy laugh at me. Even I miss the Opportunity. Even I don’t, I wont, have what I wanted to have! It is never late.

I sit down on my old likeable chair and write that big :

” My God is Great “


It is okay – even the clock is against me. It is okay if ‘ Mr wrong ‘ / ” Ms worng” came  and mess my life on this earth. Because I know I am loved , Because I know I am the child of the most high. The God of whole universe sent his only begotten Son to save me of this selfish life- Why am I trusting my self? I will never do that. I am looking of God’s son – I am above all troubles like eagle look down – How small are they!

” When my God is Big- The problems are so weak “

Who needs my smile today – to be encouraged! I am going to be brave enough to inspire someone – even I might be in pain of the journey.




Written by Heart for heart.

– By Dariush Youkhaneh

Author of Heads Held High


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