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Three things a christ follower won’t do

Yes , there are certain things we need to surrender, we need to be aware of it. Before going deep talk about things a Christ follower won’t do ! We need to understand a few points: – A Chrsit follower make mistake like other… Continue Reading “Three things a christ follower won’t do”

Relax and Promote Your Blog! (2019/20)

Exactly a year ago this time ( Check Here) , I encouraged my dearest bloggers to find friends by introducing their blogs. Hey, this time is up now! We got a chance to know more about each other and your writings! Now we passed… Continue Reading “Relax and Promote Your Blog! (2019/20)”

14 days Bible Verse Challenge/ Day 14 , Pray Continually

“pray continually, 1 Thessalonians 5:17 NIV “ Don’t stop Praying. Don’t give up on your dreams. Make the Prayer your habit with open eyes. God hears you even there is no sign of answer ! He is Almighty and knows everything. Let Him be… Continue Reading “14 days Bible Verse Challenge/ Day 14 , Pray Continually”

But Above

Honour your p a s t. Look to the f u t u r e. Even our pains of past might be unthinkable. Look what God’s plan in your life. If you are in middle of passing this pain , I encourage you look… Continue Reading “But Above”


Let not take my eyes off from your goodness good God. You have always been my comforter. I am here to write a new letter to you. I am here to let you know I can not wait to be with you. There ,… Continue Reading “PWU”

3 Things Every Christian need to know

As I passed a few tough days. Taking dad to hospital and staying with him there and all the way till Friday we backed home. I had this in my heart to share these words earlier but it seems time did not allow me… Continue Reading “3 Things Every Christian need to know”

The Story of M.. is the Story of Jesus.

OOOps other way around ! the story of Jesus is the story of Mine.. M M M .. Capital M . ME. The story of Miracle is the story of Jesus. Every one trying to give his/her own idea- If you believe it than… Continue Reading “The Story of M.. is the Story of Jesus.”

Me & God ( a real conversation you may have with God )

Me : Oh I am broken heart , I am just a mess that only you know God. I am crying out to you. I heard and know that you are the God of universe . Why your universe; you just made it hurting… Continue Reading “Me & God ( a real conversation you may have with God )”

Why God loves me?

There are many reasons and aspects why God loves me( put yourself here).  And we need not to make mistake that God have to love me because He made me. Because it is an obligation for God to do so. Sometime we escape of… Continue Reading “Why God loves me?”

Governed by the Spirit

We are human beings. Weather we want or not somehow we are attracted to the seen things. This physical world are fancy and lovely somehow. They make us happy in a short period of time. It seems most family broken is the reason of… Continue Reading “Governed by the Spirit”