3 Things Every Christian need to know

As I passed a few tough days. Taking dad to hospital and staying with him there and all the way till Friday we backed home. I had this in my heart to share these words earlier but it seems time did not allow me and life full of unexpected things. I know you are agree with me how life sometimes would be full- full of things we are not even planed for. But the very lesson for you and me are how strongly we respond to any obstacle in front. How we can learn from a pain, some bad news and turn it to a good signal in our hearts. I strongly have my devotion before sleep and my little note book to write down all I need and praise to God. I committed from beginning of the 2018 to write down my all things to God before Him and Pray for them consistently – day in and day out, I am proud to myself that I achieve it till now ! Recently God brought me a new prospective to pray for my Job , future wife and family.  I used to write down in my little note a thankful section and prayer section but somehow my heart change it that to only have thankful section! Through thanking God we receive what God’s desire for us! This hugely increase my faith. I took advise from Billy Graham , I listen to my distance mentors like Dr. Charles Stanley and Jentezen Franklin , I read books behind books – Obviously they really helped but none of them helped me like the Holy Bible did!


There was a time I pray for dating! no answer( of course not for dating for marriage itself ) . But later on I understood God’s wisdom was involved in everything! There was a time I prayed for a suitable job – now I see God answered me. There was a time I prayed for Family. I saw some gap within our family! I learned not even one in all those scenarios I had control But truly God was in control – I declared that ‘God I am only a man and limited but you are unlimited and you are able to open up any shot doors. ‘ Sometimes I cried out to God and call Him Father and He always with His loving presence comfort me and saying ” Oh my little child , I am in control , be patient a little bit more “. In the mix of this awe and greatness God gave me three things from 1 Thessalonians 4 : 11-12. The three things that I can live on:

1- Have a Peaceful life

Ambition to learn more lead to have a quiet life. To respect our own decision is a very fist step to reach a Godly peace. When you at peace with yours , you are in best possible situation to be with peace with everybody always ! Before our old ancestors had a load of troubles from war to poverty ( although those still exist ) but now we know that the five letters( p-e-a-c-e) are not magic , it is accessible for us. These days we have inside peace trouble. We can not have a quiet time quality with our creator and thanking Him for what he is given us. the 21 century called it ” Weird”. It is never been strange. Prayer is powerful tool is available for all but who is using it? or some using it wrongly! Paul said it have a peaceful life. Make it your life declaration. Be peace with yourself and others, with strangers and family , with your wife and husband.

2- Mind my own race ( my own business )

The second goal of a good Christian should be mind their own business. Please don’t get me wrong with spreading gospel with anyone. What Paul says here is actually talking about the quality life of believers in Thessalonians. Do not compare your life with others. The very vital step of your blessing is do what God has given you and be faithful to what you have and be in business of God and your own task on this earth. Let it grow.

3- Work with my own hands 

When you are in hands of God – then your hands be used for his kingdom. You are working for his will. He will bless your life in a healthy way- There is a special blessing when we work with our own hands. Not only that , we will bless someone else in our life. respect others by work and progress that what God has given you. The Outside people can see you how you are skilled in your profession.

God given us his only begotten son that me and you can have a life – a full life of praise and greatness.



Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

Author of Heads Held High



    1. That’s great even your comment encouraged me too. I am blessed you read my post and it was a blessing. Love and huge in Jesus Name
      ❤️🙏😊, Peace and love of God shine your way

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  1. Prayers to your father! Prayers ARE answered just not always in the way we think it should. There are reasons for everything. Wonderful post!😀

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Hi Erin, thanks for your comment, True, prayer is a powerful tool for all of us, a waiting room but eventually will be answered. I am blessed. Much love ❤️🙏😊 peace be with you

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  2. Prayer, as you know, is a powerful tool to connect us with God. Writing is a powerful tool to connect us with one another. I will add my prayers to God for you and your father. May His grace bless you both.

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  3. I pray your father is well. I did not finished the post sorry but I do have some problems I m living with bu I have more healing in my life now then I ever had before. Praise the Lord o my soul.

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