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Untapped Light ebook

Hi Friends, It is been awhile that i have published ” Untapped Light” ebook. I hope you had chance to read it. This short e-book will well introduce the hidden wellness of light and bring a bunch of new prospective. Be ready for an… Continue Reading “Untapped Light ebook”

Reading the books | Joy and Adventure

At this age of mine , I’ve never known i would be more loving to read the books. From ordering them online to going bookshops to buy. Still , However  ; I am suffering to have a great bookshop near me. I need to… Continue Reading “Reading the books | Joy and Adventure”

Weeks after Weeks

Like a deer thirst for the water , my soul is thirst weeks after weeks for your presence ,oh Lord. I am thanking God , our Father , for your faith in Him. That you continue grow and be mature in his Love. Like… Continue Reading “Weeks after Weeks”

Untapped Light / Published today

Hi dear ones. Today is the day of Untapped Light. Untapped Light ebook is published today. If you haven’t got your copy yet, you can do so. You can order with one of the below link or iBooks : Order with Amazon Australia Amazon… Continue Reading “Untapped Light / Published today”

Dream Train

On this train of life; be a soul changer, a warrior of goodness grace. Invite somone to breathe life and have a breeze of existence to their dead bones.. Choose you, choose life, choose a life of God’s fill advanture and let your all… Continue Reading “Dream Train”

Moving house / Easter / New ebook

First of all happy Easter to all my dear blog friends and followers. It seems , I have always an excuse to be late. But honestly , I was so full for this Easter. From Moving house to publishing my new ebook. I’ve seen… Continue Reading “Moving house / Easter / New ebook”