Moving house / Easter / New ebook

First of all happy Easter to all my dear blog friends and followers. It seems , I have always an excuse to be late. But honestly , I was so full for this Easter. From Moving house to publishing my new ebook. I’ve seen God’s hands in work in all of my steps. But honestly , I missed you all here!

Jesus Christ Son of God died for me on the cross that I can live today. Today , we are loved! Because he loved us first. You heard this so many times but when we look at this deeply ! We are blessed to have a God that came here to change our life. He showed us Love , He proved us love is not a word only but in act , Truly is True! ohhha! I am so glad for this.

How hard is moving house , Man! If you ask me “wanna move again ?”  I will say ” go away”, let me stay here forever :p ! But praise God , We almost done! cleaning and organising the  things still remains… I said to myself it is a time now to come and be along with my followers in the middle of moving stuff. Easter is a new beginning. It is a need for so many of us to empty ourselves and give our burden to king Jesus.

I also have an announcement. My new ebook ( Untapped Light)  is available on Amazon now ( across the globe ) for pre-order which it will be published on May 17 .

Reserve your copy today. Here is the link , click on the below image :


God is indeed good.  I have hope my new ebook will bless many beyond my expectations. I believe God opens the hearts of people for a new Light of Heaven. The Souls will be saved, The sons and daughters will return to the first Love.  The love commandment of Jesus will be lived by. The Pressure of this world will be ceased and the Heavenly peace will be experienced.

Can you share this good news to your friends and other followers! I know and I really believe God is at work in your life. Just bit by bit , suddenly you’ll see the big change!

Be blessed and know that We are not alone, He is with us till the end!


Much Love

Dariush Youkhaneh



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