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At this age of mine , I’ve never known i would be more loving to read the books. From ordering them online to going bookshops to buy. Still , However  ; I am suffering to have a great bookshop near me. I need to drive at least 40 minutes to reach a good bookshop.

I am saying to myself one day when my library grew , I am going to open a huge bookshop. I was not a booky person at all. Of course i’ve read my schools books. But my issue was that hardly to pick up a book from bookshop and read it.  Newspaper was one of my favorite reading, specially the sport section. My habit was reading newspaper from the end. Choosing the subject of  football and then reaching to the front paper.


But , Oh these days! Books are my number ONE fan. Specially new published books. Those they are in library which has been eaten dust long time are not really my type 🙂 I am telling you this with honest. Recently i found out that from our local library you can borrow it only and read it online , how awesome! my issue with dusting fixed.

Let’s get back to the new published books. Fresh content , fresh paper. When you open the book the smells of beautiful wood ; seriously is like heaven. It will bring me back to my first grade school time. Oh what a joy! What a joy of opening a book and read it. 

The more important thing is reading a book you like and stirring up your heart. I am in it. I can not put the book down until my eyes says please enough. You can find millions of reason why reading a book is important in the internet. I am here to say reading a book is the best part of your life depart of its knowledge and thoughts and lessons you could get. Seriously , some books has life impact effect to you. You can not get it wipe from your brain. As you give food to your mind. Your body reflects it well. What food are your eating these days?  I am here your book club fan , Tell me what have you read! If you have your own book just shoot me a message that i can add it to my line of books.

Are you friends of the books or afraid of them?

As you can find millions of reasons why reading a book is important , i will give you three main reason here:

  • 1- Reading a book can CHANGE  your life
  • 2- Reading a book can SHAPE your mind
  • 3- Reading a book can GIVE you a fresh perspective

Wherever you are , Whoever you might be this will be for you. Lets pick a book and read. You will be encouraged. Whatever book might be looked like – ebook , paper book , choose whichever way you like.

As C.S. Lewis said “You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.”

Yes Jesus loved the reading as well , remember when He was in synagogue and reading the scripture to people. If Jesus loved and read the books then we need to do it also.

Here you go , A post to encourage you all to read. Can you tell me what book are you reading these days? Just comment below.


Written By

Dariush Youkhaneh




  1. Very inspiring post, Dariush! I’m currently reading Tails (YA/Fanasy Ficgtion) by W.J. Scott and would suggest a beautifully illustrated poetry book for you written by Khaled Hosseini (one of my favorite authors)–Sea Prayer. Also, I am an author myselft. Happy reading!

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    1. Hi Bette, Thank you for visiting and reading my post , I am honoured you are here. Thanks for the suggestion , khaled is a good writer. He has couple of other really good one. I haven’t read Sea Prayer , should give it a go , now I am reading “Ordering your private World by George MacDonald ” just started. Happy Writing and reading ❤

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