360° Understanding

Believers are wishing for their resolution and other calling it ‘reflecting’ in this year. As i am reading through most of the blogs , they all looking for answer behind answer. What are goals and ambitions we have this year? Some of us CAN define and design it  , Some (like me) will find it on the way.

I call this year a year of 360° Understanding . I am looking for 360° view of MIRACLE. May i had 250° in the last year , I am pushing to have a complete degree of understanding . This is not gonna happen till free myself, free of understanding by my own!

May you call it religion. But I call it a relationship with my Father , a deep understanding of who He is than i am able to find who i am . Free myself from a hunter and flying from a trap!  This verse of Solomon i can quote :

Escape from that trap like a deer running from a hunter. Free yourself like a bird flying from a trap. [Proverbs 6 : 5]


360 degree understanding is one of the aspect of being brave! Accepting the challenges and carrying the others along the way.

“we feel sure of better thingsthings that belong to salvation.” 

We read that in the Hebrews letter. A better view , a better understanding , a good wisdom is my reward IF I have patiently waited, obtained the promise. That I have strong encouragement to hold fast to the hope set before me. A whole deep understanding passes all shames and condemnation and turn it to good things for the glory of God. We know that challenges are laid down ahead , victories are on the way , lessons are making us strong and strong. What we just need is understanding .

For , If , I believe Jesus lives forever, So , I have to admit that He is serving me as a Priest(Hbrw 7 : 24-25), when He is my Priest , I am His disciple and learn from His way. As I have a God or a lovely Father who is ready always to help me to understand the life. I passed a year of hard lessons ,I stepped to known , ups and downs of life challenged me But i am now stepping to 360° understanding of God whom strengthen me. Because i know Jesus is intercession to Father.


My little niece telling me , i am soon writing a book called ‘ Be Who You Are ‘. I said where did you get the idea ? She said : from your title of blog : ” YOU ARE AWESOME ”

God call you to be who you are in Him , You can find your greatness in Him. Our human nature loves praise and adoration. But when hard time comes we are run away. God want you stay where you are . Jesus told us Father i am not asking you take them from this world but strength them that they can stay strong in this world.

A 360° understanding trust God. In Joy and grieve. In good and bad time! In the unknown. Jesus saying look at me , I AM all you need for your life. You wanna better view? Look at me. Wanna understanding ? Look at me. Taken to unknown ? Look at me. I am the way , I am the life , I am the truth.

Discover me , See the life different .

You are living in Spirit , You gave up every detail of your life to God. You are consulting from Him for everything even small things of you life , You are making decision base on what He is saying to you . That is all characteristics of those who has the 360° understanding from God. You have Faith enough to be brave and His grace sufficient for all your circumstances ( telling to myself too).

I am waiting for a great known because my God is known although may it seems like unknown , may it seems impossible now . But i have possible God. I have able God. I have a mighty God .


Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

It is time to raise up and keep the Head Held High.

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  1. Hi there! It is so true! Religion was created by man. Truly believing in the Father has nothing to do with the guidelines sanctioned by man and everything to do with the guidelines sanctioned by the Father. I love the idea of having a 360° understanding of Him….to have that kind of relationship with Him is my life goal! Thank you so much for sharing!

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