Thursday Devotion

As mission of this blog is to encouraging and reach individuals and inspiring new generation. I  encourage you in your best and worst time take the verse of Bible and declare it over your situation. Even sometimes life hurts so much , you do not even can think and read anything about. Let the word of God refill you with the goodness and kindness and calm your storm and melt down all your worries under the cross and gives you joy instead.

During past few weeks i wrote a lot about Faith. Having Faith allow you to have joy in the crisis. Let the Faith be on your boat(soul) and move you to a level of possibility. It will take you to the land of unseen things. You have hope enough to stay on the ground firmly and be still know that everything is fine and right because you gave it to God. Perfect timing of God is over you and He is watching over you and your life.

Now , Meditate on this verse deeply :


What do you need to have Faith for? Tell to God and let your mind and heart and soul be ready for the Holy Spirit to talk to you.

Read again the verse.

What do you need to surrender to Him in accordance to back to your primary Faith?

What is meaning of Faith for you?

What do you expect to be done by Faith ?

Act it. Trust Him. Go for it.


Written By Dariush Youkhaneh


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